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  1. I like the Zombie attack range change helps melee a bit. Thanks for the continue support.
  2. Thank you for your continued support of this mod. For those of us that don't want all the loot in the first few weeks of the game and more of a survival aspect this mod is for you.
  3. Did you do something to antibiotic drops? I have searched over 6 Pop n Pills and have found zero antibiotics.
  4. Looks great it's what I have been looking for. Will give this a try.
  5. I love the concept of the mod but after playing a few days all I do is fight zombies. I hardly ever get any rest to do anything else and was wondering if you can give an option how often we get wondering hordes? After day 3 I already had over 200 zombies killed. 0_0
  6. Anyone know if this works with Experimental?
  7. And how does one do this when one can't even get to a menu?
  8. I can't seem to get this mod to work. I get a black screen on startup. I have to end task on it to close it.
  9. This looks good going to give it a shot. Does this come with any of your mods like lockable slots?
  10. I will pass not going to create an account to get this map. Thanks anyway.
  11. Tried to download and says I don't have access rights and the other I have to create an account.
  12. When I use your lock inventory slot mod I get container lag when I close a container. It's like I freeze for a second or two and when I remove the mod it goes away. Update: It seems Vsync was the problem sorry for the post can't delete it.
  13. You made my day! Hope there is a trader balance modlet that would rock. Looking forward to what ever you bring.
  14. Because you have the environment temperature in the desert say it's 125F but with gear / buffs it might be only 80F for you. It's good to know if the environment temperature is going up and or down and be able to keep track of your real temperature at the same time.
  15. Love the new layout it's really well done. I have a few request it would be nice to see your temp and the environment temp on the hud. Would also like to make the stealth bar below the stamana bar and smaller for it has little importance on game-play. If you can't move it at least make it a lot smaller please it shouldn't be bigger than health and stamina which are far more important.
  16. Was wondering if you could shrink the health, stamina, about 25% and the food and water about 50%. They take up a lot of space for what they do.
  17. How does one upload the map to a hosting service? How do you get it to use the Nitrogen map?
  18. Jax, I hate to ask this for you do so much for the community but could you please do a trader modlet that is in line with the stone age start please. The trader selling guns and ammo on day 1 sorta breaks what the stone age start is all about.
  19. How do you get an Ink Pin if you used the one you had and didn't get credit for the quest craft a journal? Or even a better option a way to turn off the quests so I don't run into this issue again.
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