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  1. I like the Zombie attack range change helps melee a bit. Thanks for the continue support.
  2. Thank you for your continued support of this mod. For those of us that don't want all the loot in the first few weeks of the game and more of a survival aspect this mod is for you.
  3. Did you do something to antibiotic drops? I have searched over 6 Pop n Pills and have found zero antibiotics.
  4. I love the concept of the mod but after playing a few days all I do is fight zombies. I hardly ever get any rest to do anything else and was wondering if you can give an option how often we get wondering hordes? After day 3 I already had over 200 zombies killed. 0_0
  5. Anyone know if this works with Experimental?
  6. And how does one do this when one can't even get to a menu?
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