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    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    Was wondering if you could shrink the health, stamina, about 25% and the food and water about 50%. They take up a lot of space for what they do.
  2. How does one upload the map to a hosting service? How do you get it to use the Nitrogen map?
  3. Jax, I hate to ask this for you do so much for the community but could you please do a trader modlet that is in line with the stone age start please. The trader selling guns and ammo on day 1 sorta breaks what the stone age start is all about.
  4. How do you get an Ink Pin if you used the one you had and didn't get credit for the quest craft a journal? Or even a better option a way to turn off the quests so I don't run into this issue again.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply.
  6. How do you repair without destroying the item? It gets annoying to have to craft a stone axe over and over because I have to keep pulling out the bench.
  7. Same here. I will put it down for now not much fun without zombies.
  8. Pretty much the same issue here. I'm on day 3 and the only zombies I see are sleepers in buildings. The world seems pretty empty playing the latest version.
  9. Does the lock stack button have to be set every time you open the container?
  10. FPS is the issue. I run fine for a few minutes to an hour plus at 100 plus frames then it will drop out of the blue to 10 or less. The only fix is to log all the way out and back in or turn full textures to half. How do I get a log?
  11. Latest expermental still can't run on full textures even with everything on lowest setting and or off. Anyone run an RTX that works?
  12. Greymantle

    HN Christmas Mod

    I loaded your mod and can't find a way to craft these items. How do you get them in the game?
  13. Greymantle

    HN Christmas Mod

    Can you use this on an exsisting save?
  14. Greymantle

    No Traders (A18)

    I would love to see a modlet that lets you control the prices, what they stock and the quality, and how often they get new stock. Thanks for this mod the next best thing.
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