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  1. Is there anyway to mod in the ability to get XP from zombies that die from Spike traps?
  2. Added another small modlet called 2 Points
  3. AaronG85

    Lam's modlets

    Are these Alpha 19 compatible?
  4. This is awesome and I'll say it again I don't know why @madmole and the team at TFP don't integrate this into Vanilla. Thanks again @kronons the work is greatly appreciated.
  5. works a treat thanks so much
  6. Awesome will try it out now
  7. Hey @kronons just tried this out and it really is a great mod for immersion and was wondering if you could do the same for the other shelves found in the game? or even the cupboards in houses make them open when they are empty and closed when they haven't been looted?
  8. - Ultimate Rock This is a small modlet I modified based on the work of @Claymore. This changes the boulders (ResourceStones) in game to give you a small chance at mining Coal, Potassium Nitrate Powder, Lead, Sand and Clay This also gives you a rare chance of mining Brass, Silver, Gold and Dimond Also gives the ability to mine a small amount of iron from terrestrial stone boulders. The percentages can be changed higher or lower to suit your gaming needs via the blocks.xml. NOTE: This changes all boulders currently, If anyone has any tips on how to make the changes ONLY affect the ResourceStone Boulder, not the specialized boulders, they are very welcome to PM me so I can implement it AaronG85-UltimateRock.7z - 2 Points Just a small modlet that increases the number of skill points you get per level - Customizable by changing the XML file AaronG85-2Points.7z
  9. Awesome QOL Mod, honestly should be in vanilla. Great Work.
  10. I did the above and when I go to build it says (below) but it's OK ill wait for DHT 2, thanks for the reply This Assembly-CSharp.dll file has already been patched by SDX so can not be used as a backup. Reset your game files and try again. Build failed
  11. Any chance you could point me in the right direction of how to patch harmony 2?
  12. Please tell me where as all I can see is Blood Moon Frequency 1-10 days then 14, 20 and 30 Blood Moon Range 1-10 days then 14 and 20 Where is the random option?
  13. any chance of an option for a random blood moon so we dont know when they are coming?
  14. just wondering @faatal can we get experience points for killing zombies while driving?
  15. Start a new thread with a poll and I think most people would vote in favor of it.
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