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  1. We already have this in the game (see image). It would be cool to have this as a creatable trap that sets Zombies on fire. I would love it to be added or even if someone could mod it in?
  2. After I get a gun, I find feathers completely useless, this is just me of cause but having the above suggestion would make them useful again.
  3. AaronG85

    Lam's A19 modlets

    Thanks for the reply @CrazyAluminum and @lammetje.
  4. AaronG85

    Lam's A19 modlets

    Hi @lammetje thanks so much for these mods. I recently came back to see if there where any updates or new mods and decided to download Experience Mod Gold Digger Looter Extraordinary Run Speed Mod Speedy Harvet mod Zombie harvest mod Unfortunately when I use these I get the error (shown in image) I'm running 19.2 (B3) Secondly it took me a little bit to figure out which mod folder represented the mod on the first page. Anyway in future you could name the Folders the same as the Forum Post? Again thank you for all your mods.
  5. Why don't they introduce wine as a drink, similar to beer?
  6. That's what we thought @Gouki but she doesn't get any EXP points when the traps kill them, but I do, strange?
  7. Just wondering, me and the wife play 7D2D together and I'm always the builder/mining and she scavengers/farming. This playstyle suits us and we have loved playing 7D2D over the last few years but when it comes to Horde night I seem to power level while she doesn't (even knowing we have shared EXP) I believe its because I have maxed out the 'Advanced Engineering' skill. So my question is When it comes to electronic traps who gets the EXP when the kill - The Person who PLACES the Electric Trap down? - The Person who MAKES the Electronic Trap? - The Person who RUNS ELECTRICITY to the Electronic Trap? She has put enough points in 'Advanced Engineering' to get the initial 20% EXP bonus but never seems to gain EXP on horde night. Also is there anyway to get EXP from spike trap kills?
  8. Just wondering why the Yucca Juice Smoothie is made in the workbench instead of the fire? seems strange as every other food item is made on the fire?
  9. AaronG85

    Lam's A19 modlets

    Hey @lammetje just wondering if you could make a skill that increases forging times? similar to your Exp perk mod but speeds up the forge smelting times?
  10. AaronG85

    Lam's A19 modlets

    @lammetje Thanks so much.
  11. AaronG85

    Lam's A19 modlets

    God I hate NEXUS mods, trying to sign up and wont allow me too. Any chance you could upload directly to the forums?
  12. Argh damn, me and the wife feel like we are missing out on alot of XP with traps but without them we wont survive. Seems strange that a game that is essentially a tower defense game wouldn't allow you to gain EXP from traps.
  13. I know this isnt for everyone but from my research there is a few of us out there that would love to get EXP from our traps killing Zombies and even get group EXP. Can someone please make this into a MOD
  14. @faatalI've noticed the game plays brilliantly for me (personally) but when entering a new area the game stutters a fair chunk for a few minutes then is perfect again. My train of though is because I'm entering a new area the map has to generate/populate/render. If my train of thought is correct is there anyway to fully generate/populate/render before starting the game to make things smoother?
  15. quick question what HUD are you using?
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