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A16 -Working Elevator v2


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Place up to 9 floors anywhere you want.

First place a ground floor, that will be floor 1.

Then place shafts on top until you reach the next floor location.

Place a floor, that will be floor 2.

Floors can be as far apart or as close together as you want as long as you have at least 1 shaft block between floors.

Use the number pad 1-9 to move to that floor while standing in the elevator.

Use the call buttons on the outside of each floor to call the elevator.

Now includes a 2x2 lift platform that works the same way, see the new demo for an example


I still have a few things to add and fine tune. Let be know of any issues you come across and I'll try to get them sorted. Make sure you read the known issues.


Download Link - v2.0.5 (A16.2)


v2.0.4 release notes:

  • Removed: All roof blocks and class.
  • Added: Roofs to every block that disappear when you add the next block and reappear if its removed.
  • Added: A 2x2 concrete lift platform that works in the same way. Floor level rotation must be the same as the base.
  • Changed: Floors are now forced instantly on load.
  • Fixed: Ground floor call button would reject the call if any other elevators were already in motion in the area.
  • Fixed: Motor sound and arrows would only work on one elevator if there was more than one in the area.
  • Fixed: It was possible to get a null ref when you selected a floor if you pressed call buttons on multiple elevators at once then logged out right before selecting the floor.
  • Fixed: Motor sound could get stuck on after forcing the floor
  • Fixed: All floors could only be broken from the call button
  • Fixed: You couldn't place blocks directly against the floors.
  • Fixed: You couldn't stack the elevator parts on top of each other if you didn't have at least one block behind it.
  • Fixed: It was possible to misalign the elevator. You can still get the rotation wrong, so be careful when placing it. A fix is coming for that.
  • Fixed: Elevators could be placed anywhere including other players land claims and trader areas.
  • Fixed: Icons were wrong.
  • Added: More xml options for modders, the script is now fully setup so you can use it with your own models, almost every feature can be toggled on or off in the xml and all the object paths can be set there as well. I'll write up some instructions on how its done when I get the chance.


Known Issues:

  • If you break 2 elevators at once and they both need to return to the ground floor only one will move.
  • The force floor number can get mixed up if theres more than one elevator, so don't logout while standing inside if your not on the ground floor.
  • If the block doesn't place correctly the first time the block under it's roof can disappear before the next block has actually been placed.
  • I think if a player is looking at the call button another player would be able to activate it from anywhere, let me know if you get the chance to try this.



Let me know if you find any other issues, bugs or errors.








Older version download links and release notes:



Old Demo video:



v2.0.3 release notes:

  • Fixed number section taking more than 1 button press.
  • Fixed elevator teleporting to other shaft if placed to close together. - See known issues.
  • Fixed floor record folder not getting deleted on block removal.
  • Fixed texture on 1 block shaft was the wrong size.
  • Added click sound to call buttons.
  • Added up and down arrows to LED panels on all floors and inside the elevator.
  • Added doors to the shaft. (I'm having some issues getting the animations to work so they just stay open for now. In the mean time, just dont fall down the shaft.)
  • Added more than 10 xml options that will make it easier for other modders to create their own elevator mods using this class. I left them out of the xml but I put a copy of all the option in the bottom of BlockElevator.cs I'll write up some instructions on how to do this once the script is totally finished.
  • Moved the motor sound from the door animation to script controlled.




Known issues:

There are still some issues when more than 1 elevator is placed too close together, so for now its not recommended for use on servers until I get that sorted. If placed too close together the motor sound and up/down arrows will only work in one of the elevators and the ground floor call button will reject the call if any of the elevators are already in motion.


Download Link v2.0.3


Download Link v2.0.2


Update v2.0.2 release notes:

  • Fixed null ref on destroy.
  • Fixed exiting the game was slow if you had an elevator.
  • Fixed elevator not return to ground if already in motion and headed to a floor at or above the broken floor.
  • Fixed floors that should of been automaticly broken could be left standing if user had turned up the MaxDamage value in the XML's


v2.0.2 Known Issues

There are 2 folders that aren't being deleted, I'll look into that but it doesn't cause any issues.

I also had one time during testing that the elevator wasn't forced to the correct floor but I couldn't make it happen a second time so I'm not sure what causes that, it would be a good idea not to stand in the elevator when logging off unless its on floor 1 just in case.



Update v2.0.1 release notes:

  • Fixed the jittery ride, its smooth sailing all the way now!
  • Added XML settings for up and down speeds, keep them within the noted limits to keep the ride smooth.
  • Added file clean up for all text files on removal.
  • Added auto removal of all floors above a broken floor. *See known issues.
  • Fixed elevator staying at broken floors, if the elevator is at or above a floor that is broken it will now automatically head back to the ground floor.
  • Fixed spammy placement text.
  • Fixed ground floor could be placed on top of existing elevators.
  • Added a class for the roof blocks.
  • Added a new 1 block high shaft.
  • Added upgrades to both shafts that seal the top instead of adding a roof block.
  • Fixed doors opening and re-closing if you hit the floor number twice.
  • Fix elevator doors closing if you hit the call button when the elevator is already at the floor.
  • Fixed elevator would answer call buttons and floor selections when already in motion.
  • Still need to animate the shaft doors to close while in motion and need to add the up and down arrow animations back in.


v2.0.1 Known Issues

The auto floor removal this is still a little buggy, make sure you press a call button (not the ground one) before you destroy it or you'll get a null ref. I'm still trying to workout where its coming from. The v2.0 link will remain up until this is fixed.


Download Link v2.0.1


Know issue:

-If 2 elevators are moved in the same chunk at the same time they both record the same last floor location so one of the elevators will be on the wrong floor if you leave the chunk and return.


-Need to press a few times before your floor number is accepted.


-Call button text is a bit spammy


-Doors close and open if you select the floor the elevator is already on, but I don't think this is causing any issues.


-There could be some issues if you knock one down and try to build another in the same spot, I add some more files that aren't in the clean up yet.


-Scripts need cleaning up, there some unused code in there.


Download Link v2.0



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EDIT: I managed to fix it a browsing the forums a little and finding out that replacing the controls.xml files in the data/XUI folder with the unmodified ones fixed the bugs.


I'm pretty new to modding, and SDX mods especially.

I downloaded SDX 0.7.0, set the game directory, added SDX Mods - Elevator v2.0.4 - Alpha 16 (b129) from the archive to the mods folder that opens when I press the mods button in the SDX Launcher. Reopened the SDX Launcher, pressed build and play after it was done building.

I get stuck at Loading UI when I want to start a new world.

EDIT Btw, it also tells me upon launching that it got a FormatException: Input string was not in the correct format.



I would be really glad about some help here.

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I just did some testing and it looks like you might have a block ID higher than 2047 if your auto assigning block numbers there are more blocks in this mod than are spare at the end of the file.


I just run SDX with the Aquarium, Hal's DLL Fixes ,Halicopter,Working Elevator v2.0.5 and launch 7 days from SDX.How would I go about making it work?

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Check your blocks.xml, if any block ID exceeds 2047 it will not work. You need to set the ID'S in the mods configs file manually before you run the installer if this is the case. If you post a copy of your modded blocks.xml I can confirm if that's whats wrong.

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Server platform.


I play with a friend on my server (A16.3b12), installed this mod on the server and on the PC with the client. The elevator appeared in the creative menu. I have a question, each client needs to install this mod to use the elevator, or my friend will not be able to build them, but will be able to use it?


And yet, can add recipes for the production of parts of the elevator?

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I play with a friend on my server (A16.3b12), installed this mod on the server and on the PC with the client. The elevator appeared in the creative menu. I have a question, each client needs to install this mod to use the elevator, or my friend will not be able to build them, but will be able to use it?


And yet, can add recipes for the production of parts of the elevator?


To run the mod on the server, this mod must be installed on each client. It would be just fine if the developer of the mod could eliminate this inconvenience.


- - - Updated - - -


I've done a search and I've not found a post on how to install this or other SDX mods.


To install this mod, download the program "SDX Tool"



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