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  1. Your best bet is to post in the mods thread, also post your logs both for the server and the client.
  2. three08

    Neon Signs

    Updated for A19.5 Can now be toggled on/off light a normal light and can be picked up if inside your land claim Edit: I forgot to add the recipe so there will be an update sometime tomorrow. It will be just one recipe and you select the sign you want in the shapes menu. Included Signs Open x 3 Gun Pizza Bowling Chinese Food Download Demo: Just reusing the old demo for now, I'll do a new video with all the signs in it when I get the chance.
  3. You can check the xml files in ConfigsDump of your saved game to make sure it has worked the way you intended
  4. A new version is coming soon. That one should work on 17 if you have the right version of sdx, in fact I think it even loaded on 19.5 with dmt but I might be wrong, I might of made some small changes to get it working
  5. There are 3 styles of windows and 2 styles of the glass doors. Each has a centered and non centered version as well as downgrade blocks. Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/x0nst49ubg06jty/Opening_Windows.rar/file Demo:
  6. three08

    Trash Can

    A trash can that can be used to dispose of your unwanted items. Just place your items in the loot container like normal. When you're ready to empty it just hold shift while activating it and all the contents will be removed. Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/fxas6jtke178kij/Trash_Can_v1.0.rar/file Demo:
  7. Updates the battery bank to automatically shut down the generator when all batteries are fully charged and start it up when they are all flat. Also adds 'Generator Fuel' a barrel that when placed beside the generator you can put gas in it that will be automatically added to your generator when its about to run out of fuel. The generator fuel block must be placed so the pipe sits over the generators gas cap. You can have relays between the generator and battery bank but nothing else or it wont turn it on and off. The changes are made to the original generator and battery banks. If you want to use just the battery bank part or just the refueling part of this mod you can make changes in the config/blocks.xml Let me know if you come across any bugs or other issues. You should only connect 1 battery bank per generator or it wont function correctly. I'll look into fixing this once I have all my other mods updated. Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/q9nu5jzbr4et3ep/Advanced_Generator_v1.0.rar/file Demo:
  8. three08

    Vehicle Lift

    Yeah if the player is on it, it does get jittery on the way up, going down is quite smooth. The jitter is acually related to the speed it travels at, so if I can get the speed just right it can be all but eliminated. As for more floors I'm having issues wit the model going invisible after it moves more than 20-30 blocks, trying to find a solution to this atm. If you use DMT once I get the bugs worked out of my elevator mod you can make those with however many floors you want, at what ever distance apart you want and there will be a vehicle size elevator for it.
  9. The Defence Platform will hide your turrets underground when not powered. For now I've made it so only turrets can be place on top as some other blocks were causing errors. Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/qukvgwso8f8dqh7/DefencePlatform_v1.0.rar/file Demo:
  10. Updated to fix a bug that kept the door open if the relay was destroyed while powered and to add support for my hidden hatches mod Thanks xyth, I'm working on getting most of my old mods back up atm
  11. three08

    Vehicle Lift

    Store your vehicles underground. Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/u732hlwc3p2fo5s/VehicleLift_v1.0.rar/file Demo:
  12. Power Door Relay Adds a block that can placed under a door to connect a second power input. Instructions Vault Door and Garage Doors - place the relay directly under the block that your crosshairs are over when you place the door Hatch - Place the relay in any of the 4 blocks positions that form the opening for the hatch, use only 1 relay per hatch Bridges - Place the relay in the center block position directly bellow the hinge Updated to fix a bug that kept the door open if the relay was destroyed while powered and to add support for my hidden hatches mod Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zbjpo0to8x3mmig/Power_Door_Relay_v1.0.1.rar/file Demo:
  13. three08

    DMT Modding Tool

    Thanks! Took me a minute to work out how Harmony works but I got it all working in the end, its so much easier than patchscripts! I'll post the mod tomorrow sometime.
  14. three08

    DMT Modding Tool

    Can anyone give me an example of a patch script that replaces an existing method with my own code? I'm trying to add my code in BlockPowerDoor.ActivateBlock but it keeps coming up like this, I get basically the same result when trying to add new methods as well, I can create the method but cant put anything in it. // BlockPoweredDoor public override bool ActivateBlock(WorldBase _world, int _cIdx, Vector3i _blockPos, BlockValue _blockValue, bool isOn, bool isPowered) { //IL_0006: Expected I4, but got O return ((BlockPoweredDoorPatchFunctions)/*Error near IL_0006: Stack underflow*/).ActivateBlock_Patch((WorldBase)/*Error near IL_0006: Stack underflow*/, (int)/*Error near IL_0006: Stack underflow*/, (Vector3i)/*Error near IL_0006: Stack underflow*/, (BlockValue)/*Error near IL_0006: Stack underflow*/, (byte)/*Error near IL_0006: Stack underflow*/ != 0, (byte)(int)this != 0); }
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