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  1. three08

    Construction Tower

    Its called "ConstructionTower" and the blocks you put around the outside are called "RigBase" Also there are no icons for it atm so its harder to spot in the menu. Are you seeing the mod in DMT's mod list?
  2. three08

    DMT Modding Tool

    Nice work Hal, I finally got the chance to try out A18 tonight and so far all my A17 SDX mods are working with this without any changes. Except my custom icons don't show up anymore, was there a change to how they work?
  3. three08

    Construction Tower

    I've just done a quick test of this on A18 using the version from this thread and it seems to work fine without any changes, you'll need to use DMT Modding Tool instead of SDX. I dont think I ever tried to knock down a house with it but I'll take a look when I get a chance.
  4. I just came here to post this as I just had this problem myself. Heres the link for the 3.5 framework. https://www.microsoft.com/en-au/download/confirmation.aspx?id=22
  5. three08

    Construction Tower

    Use the block called "RigBase" for the track. It cant turn corners so you would need to relocate it when it gets to the end. You can start it without it being finished but it will just keep going if it doesn't hit the tracks so I don't recommend it. If by double wall you mean 2 blocks wide, you just put the tracks down with a 2 block gap in between. I haven't tried ladders but it will be able to place them. The issue will be their rotation as there's no way to adjust it.
  6. three08

    Construction Tower

    Can dig can place floors and walls as it goes! Rig must be placed in the inside corner of the tracks. Dig depth can be adjusted with + and - on the numpad, hold shift to go up or down 10 at a time. Can dig all the way to bed rock. Fuel must be in the 3rd, 4th or 5th last slots of the container. Fuel item and cost can be adjusted in xml. It can place floors and walls as it goes. This can be disabled in xml. To place block put a stack of the blocks you want to place in the last slot for floors and the 2nd last for walls. It will take the blocks from other slots first if you have more than 1 stack but there must be atleast 1 block in that last slot or it will stop placing the block but continue digging. Dig delay and place delay can be changed in xml To open the loot container while the rig is shutdow hold shift while activating. To shutdown the rig hold shift while activating. If debug is on placement and break rules will be ignored. Known issues: If you change the models rotation it will not follow the correct path. I'll do an patch for that as soon as its sorted. If you set the delays too low in xml blocks will not be placed sometimes. I'll hard code the min values once I have them worked out. It can only do basic shapes, but you can get it to do some corners if you get creative. Download Link Demo: [video=youtube_share;ja8zEHjo-jQ]
  7. SDX works great, when you install it correctly. Make sure you follow the steps in the video exactly. This will never be a modlet as it need custom code to run, as a modlet you can only have 2 floors at a preset height.
  8. Take a look at this video, it shows me installing a new copy of SDX and loading this mod. After you do the steps in the video you just have to press SDX's play button to start the game.
  9. I made a little demo video on how to install SDX for anyone who needs it. [video=youtube_share;6EiIJWAMG7E]
  10. This is a SDX mod, it needs to be loaded by SDX and to run on a server the server will need to be running SDX as well as the players. You can get SDX here
  11. Updated to allow unlimited number of floors! Let me know if you come across any issues.
  12. This mod requires SDX Unlimited number of floors. You can restrict the number of floors in xml if you want. Choose a floor number to travel to using the numpad. 999 will take you straight to the control floor without knowing its number, no power is required if its inside your landclaim. Floor numbers are assigned from the bottom up. Target floor will be displayed in activation text, press e to travel to that floor. If you press R while the select floor text is showing you get the floor count at the bottom of the screen. Control floor requires power. This can be disabled in the xml Other floors dont require power unless you enable it in xml, then it will need power to use the call buttons. Floors can be placed both above and bellow the control floor. Floors can be added or removed at any time and can be placed before or after the control floor is placed. Floor numbers will automatically adjust when a floor is added or removed. Control floors are limited to one per position, if one is alrealy in that positions elevator you wont be able to place one until the other is removed. Elevator will move up or down to the next floor when the floor it's at or heading for is removed. There's 4 sizes included, a 3x3 that's just a simple platform & a 5x5 enclosed lift with doors that open and close. A 4x8 platform that will be used for cars and bikes when I get them working with it. And it now has a proper elevator with all the bells and whistles. Download Link Video 1: [video=youtube_share;0cs8ISafr28] Video 2: [video=youtube_share;vP2vgdSJHRA]
  13. Put the folder from the downloaded file into the "Mods" folder of your 7 days to die game folder. If it doesn't have a folder called Mods then you will need to add it. For me its SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods
  14. Took me awhile to spot, but you have an extra / after item, it should be <remove xpath="/items/item[@name='resourceSteelPolish']/property[@name='CreativeMode']" /> You could also just change the value of CreativeMode like this instead of removing it <set xpath="/items/item[@name='resourceSteelPolish']/property[@name='CreativeMode']/@value">Player</set>
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