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  1. Experimental has just unlocked, still A18.4 though.
  2. Yes this, no need to wait for horde night or building fortress, just some good old fashioned exploration of the new world would be nice. Shoot and Loot baby.
  3. The fact that POI's like gunshops, hardware stores, pharmacy's, library's and spamway are randomly missing from RWG maps. Probably others too, but I only check the stores in the prefabs.xml. I have made many bug reports on this issue. Even the PREGEN maps are not completely populated with stores.
  4. Thats nice, but the backbone of this game has always been the store POI's. They are non-existant in RWG. I have been bringing it up since you first started using the pregen's: PREGEN01 no bank, no hardware stores and very few of the others; PREGEN02 no gun, no autoparts, very few of the others; PREGEN03 no gun, no book, no bank and very few of the others. As standard RWG map can often have little to no Store POI's. This is why we have resorted to using Nitrogen on our servers. It even gives a good distribution of the skyscrapers which are non-existatant in vanilla. I have no other issues wi
  5. Is the store POI spawning issue going to be fixed? It appears there is a problem with probabilities in RWGMIXER.XML. Random worlds are missing a lot of stores. even the pregens are affected: Pregen01 - No bank, no hardware Pregen02 - no gun, no autoparts Pregen03 - no gun, no book, no bank An indication of if its being looked at would be nice, otherwise great work. A18 is very nice despite only being able to use medium textures. No other issues at all.
  6. 6400+ hours, I have never used the vending machines. Just once looked in to see what was in there, but thats it.
  7. Anyone know why we get quality 6 at intelect 8 instead of 10? The text for intelect 10 says craft flawless but is the same as intelect 8.
  8. App ID 251570 App Type Game Name 7 Days to Die Developer The Fun Pimps Publisher The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC Supported Systems STEAMPLAY Last Record Update about 6 hours ago (January 21, 2019 – 22:30:20 UTC) Last Change Number 5702355 Release Date December 13, 2013 (5 years ago) Steam Store Hub Stats Workshop PCGamingWiki PCGW 78.21% ↑59,576 ↓15,643 11,594 In-Game SteamDB gives a positive 78.21% rating as of today. I don't know where they got the 48% from, out of a lolly wrapper maybe?
  9. I fully agree and with over 6400 hours in this game I believe this is the best reply yet. Well said Oz.
  10. I agree, this was a cool feature (bug?). Please bring it back.
  11. Alpha 17.1 Experimental B9 Is Out! https://7daystodie.com/alpha-17-1-is-out/
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