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  1. Server Tools by Dmustanger and ObsessiveCompulsive is an excellent server manager. Very easy to set up and is local to your server. is right as long as the port is correct, usually it is control panel +2, also you must set the correct permissions for it to work. This is a link to mine, check it out -
  2. Experimental has just unlocked, still A18.4 though.
  3. Yes this, no need to wait for horde night or building fortress, just some good old fashioned exploration of the new world would be nice. Shoot and Loot baby.
  4. The fact that POI's like gunshops, hardware stores, pharmacy's, library's and spamway are randomly missing from RWG maps. Probably others too, but I only check the stores in the prefabs.xml. I have made many bug reports on this issue. Even the PREGEN maps are not completely populated with stores.
  5. Thats nice, but the backbone of this game has always been the store POI's. They are non-existant in RWG. I have been bringing it up since you first started using the pregen's: PREGEN01 no bank, no hardware stores and very few of the others; PREGEN02 no gun, no autoparts, very few of the others; PREGEN03 no gun, no book, no bank and very few of the others. As standard RWG map can often have little to no Store POI's. This is why we have resorted to using Nitrogen on our servers. It even gives a good distribution of the skyscrapers which are non-existatant in vanilla. I have no other issues wi
  6. Is the store POI spawning issue going to be fixed? It appears there is a problem with probabilities in RWGMIXER.XML. Random worlds are missing a lot of stores. even the pregens are affected: Pregen01 - No bank, no hardware Pregen02 - no gun, no autoparts Pregen03 - no gun, no book, no bank An indication of if its being looked at would be nice, otherwise great work. A18 is very nice despite only being able to use medium textures. No other issues at all.
  7. OK, my bad. This only occurs when starting the server with CBSM already activated. Must remember to deactivate CBSM during initial server startup and only activate once stabilised. Does not affect server restarts. All is well with the world.
  8. Hi Alloc, Do the server fixes need an update? Webserver is fine but getting this error on start up when queied by CBSM: 2018-12-18T15:22:12 378.236 INF Executing command 'listplayers' by Telnet from 2018-12-18T15:22:12 378.236 EXC Object reference not set to an instance of an object NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at ConsoleCmdListPlayers.Execute (System.Collections.Generic.List`1 _params, CommandSenderInfo _senderInfo) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at SdtdConsole.executeCommand (System.String _command,
  9. Thanks Alloc, quick response. All server issues resolved at this time. Cheers
  10. Are we getting an update to Alloc's server fixes. The new update is giving an error for the webmap. 2018-12-12T16:13:52 354.224 INF [EAC] Starting EAC server 2018-12-12T16:13:52 354.260 ERR GetString: InvalidCastException LandClaimOfflineDurabilityModifier 2018-12-12T16:13:52 354.261 INF Error in Web.ctor: System.ArgumentException: Path is empty at System.IO.Directory.CreateDirectory (System.String path) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at AllocsFixes.NetConnections.Servers.Web.WebPermissions..ctor () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at AllocsFixes.NetConnections.
  11. OK, I unticked 'Disable SSL' waited for it to respond and it is now showing all the mods. Wierd. All good, sorry to bother you.
  12. It's already set to disable, I have unticked and reticked it, no difference. Actually it will not allow me to untick it, just goes to (Not Responding).
  13. Launcher has stopped loading the mods. I have uninstalled and reloaded the launcher. I have added the mod folder and 7D2D launcher to my anti-virus exception list. This satarted only yesterday. This is the log, any ideas please: INFO 1 _7D2DLauncher.frmMain - ================================================== INFO 1 _7D2DLauncher.frmMain - New Start - 8/09/2018 21:10:29 INFO 1 _7D2DLauncher.frmMain - ================================================== INFO 1 _7D2DLauncher.frmMain - Udating Remote Server list INFO 1 _7D2DLauncher.frmMain - Done reading remote server list. INFO 1 _7D2DL
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