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  1. Well , most/nearly all Adults died to the virus.... and the kids just died of starvation or got eaten by the zombies. Simple solution and the most obvious one.
  2. i think, if you want underground base like that, choose a mountain side. So you have already huge amount of natural tiles above you. Still strengthen your ceilings with couple blocks of reinforced concrete. So the easy way is to walk to you and not dig. I have a similar idea for a horde base , plan is to build it at the border of forest and dessert biome (there is a huge mountain range on my map) with entrance from dessert biome (easier to dig for me) and dig down to bedrock and then a huge ramp into the dessert for all 3 sides there.
  3. if the censored word means a Sadist, yes, yes you are... you like us poor people suffer and feed on our tears. 2k hours, playing since alpha 4 .... just started 2 days ago your mod and have the feeling i'm back years ago where the game was actually hard. I'm only on day 3. Food? Char always complaining. Zombies? Night time? I sit quite in my corner with full trousers. Watched the whole Jawoodle series, ,so i now that the worst times are still coming...
  4. stupid question when we talk about defence designs... do we talk about 32 or 64 active zombies? Because that makes a HUGE difference. Designs that work with 32 don't necessary work with 64. I used the kill corridor with hatches for melee like Glock9 or Jawoodle did, but they use 32..... with 64 the zombies come in masses and get pushed in the ceiling, underground, through the walls and appear above/below/behind you. But while running from the zombies, as they overwhelmed me, i noticed that it was easy to fight them in the 1 block escape shaft. So i used this as design. Video shows 100 spawned zombie cops but the 42 horde night went similar. Playing alone i forgot that i need to repair the blade traps so at the end it got a bit stressful, but still not much damage to the base. Would make now a 2x2 drop with 3 sides blade traps for less staking of zombies and more spread damage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQ-pcwXgLv0&feature=youtu.be https://imgur.com/a/0vIQajq
  5. Well, it's not like the request come from nothing... we had the clean windows that could be even opened already in the game. And then *poof* gone..... https://7daystodie.fandom.com/wiki/Paned_Window
  6. i really should start a Nav game again to see the bridge.... just doing everything from my head, 20 alphas back, is not helping :D Another idea... build on each side a wider canyon wall. Pretending it existed before, cobblestone or flagstone blocks. That way the support should reach far enough out. Sure, would take way longer to build, but after day 100 or so there is anyway nothing left to do^^
  7. didn't play Navz for long time... but if i remember correct, even with Metal Trussing it is exactly 1 block too much from both sides. The middle block is the 16th block from each side. And no matter what you do, on 16 blocks it collapses. Only thing you can do is build a pillar up in the middle (which looks meh) .
  8. Exactly that's why... it is simple enough that the lowest potato understands it and survives the crucial first 2h ... the grind comes later Depending how low you set the start, you attract more or less people. All depends how much of the cake you as developer want to sacrifice for your vision of the game. Worse on big companies, as they have to please the shareholders. And you can't compare early 7DTD audience with Valheim audience... in-between are 10 years with hundreds of other similar games (afaik 7DTD was one of the first ones after Minecraft that had not only building or?) so people are kinda feed with that kind of games. Also the gamer that started 7DTD where in a age range that still knew old games where "lol you play bad, you are dead" was the standard. I still think Dark Souls 3 was only that successful because it got hyped like crazy, looking that the first part was sold only a fraction of it.... In my opinion, 7DTD is at the moment (Alpha 19) kinda balanced between "i just want to relax my 40+ year old ass" and "i want to have a hard time"... you can choose with mods your own playstyle (jep, mods are important^^)
  9. while i am against unnecessary time sink, some time sink in the game is actually good. Take wet concrete for example. Do i get now iron, melt it, craft rebar frames or do i go cobblestone -> wet concrete -> waiting for drying -> reinforced concrete? Which is faster? Horde comes in 4h.... Time is the only valuable resource in the game. All the rest (exception maybe brass, but even that via trader jobs -> door nobs or melting coins) is unlimited. So some things, that force you to choose what you do with your little time, are needed.
  10. just wanted to say "thank you" for the modlet.... my ears might finally stop bleeding :)
  11. for the trader hub (4 traders in a nice building), shouldn't there be a limitation how many can spawn per biome? If i read xml correct? I have not that much explored yet and i have found 5. 3 close together and 2 close together. The 2 are not even 200m apart in the desert on same dirt road and from the 3-pack are 2 in forest biome close and 1 in desert close by. As i came again across a nice but strange POI.... is there a way to spawn them in a test world next to each other or a command to spawn them manual? Preferably alphabetic order? I would then do that and take a screenshot of each and make a nice list. Might reduce questions which POI is which
  12. you want to upgrade reinforced concrete? There you need Steel.
  13. nice :) Working elevator is great. Never installed it (just following) , because in my bases for useful elevator it would need X (defined by the one that builds it) flights. But maybe one day that is possible.
  14. ok.. who ever build the "Apaxco Building Material" prefab .... i hate and love you Spend 3 days in that POI .... 1 to clear out and 2 days getting all the good stuff. If i would have played on nightmare, that thing would have given me some for sure.
  15. depends... if i find ore underground i will have nice walls and a lot of upgraded wood frames as support in exactly same blocks distance.. Also different levels (4 high) with wood floor to mine comfortable . In case the ore is direct below the dirt i tend to use open mines, but still dig everything out in a square. My current mine triggers me sooo much. Half of the ore deposit is below the trader, i can't mine it!!!! At least wall is nice straight.
  16. If you might find some time, the HDHQ Spotlight can't be crafted, as it can't be unlocked and doesn't unlock with the normal Spotlight. And also the torch, if you pick it up, it's then still the old one No rush, just so it won't be forgotten.
  17. just wanted to leave a small reminder for wall torches for next update. Would help alot.
  18. just leaving a "thank you" here. I always modded out the dogs , can't stand them. With modlet its even easier. and my second PC is sooo bad, that wolfs/vulture/bear have to go also, as meele on them is impossible due to slow pc. So, thanks again for the modlets.
  19. yes.. more lights, awsome Is it possible as modlet to change brightness/color etc without a .dll ? Like in the mod for the handheld lamps. Or only with .dll?
  20. is it intentional that you can place the Torch on the walls (with the new light radius) but when you pick it up again it becomes a normal Torch? Is there a way to fix it?
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