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A16 - Unlocking In-Game Prefab Editor (Terrain Tools) [.dll mod]


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For A16.4.

This mod makes TFP's prefab editor and world creation screen accessible.

Create a copy of the game folder and replace the Assembly-CSharp.dll in the 7DaysToDie_Data/Managed folder with this one. (Choose download with browser.)


Click on Editing tools in the main menu and choose a map type, then press Start.


Dlls for older versions:









A15 b104

A15 b94

A15 b88

A15 b83

A15 b78




Little demo:




Z: Draw selection box

J: Clear selection

L: Fill selection with block selected on toolbelt

K: Properties menu (StartPoint, Dynamic Prefabs, EntitySpawnerTriggerArea, EntitySpawner)

E: Change color of selection (not sure if there is more to it)

Press and hold G: Move selection box with mouse or WASD

Press and hold Shift + G: Change size of selection box

Holding Shift while placing a block (LMB) will replace the selected block

Holding Shift while having a block selected on toolbelt and pressing RMB will delete any block

Ctrl + E will toggle any light on and off while clicking on it

Left click red on a prefab with entities checked and hit k to open the spawn triggers menu

Ctr+C - Copy Selection

Ctr+V - Paste Copied Selection

X - Rotate the Selection

Arow keys change "voxel smoothing"

Backspace - diselect area

Ctrl+Right Click on map to teleport

Ctrl+* - freeze zombies

Pressing middle mouse button while pointing at a block will add a stack of the block to the toolbelt

Ctrl + cursor up/down: raises or lowers a voxel


Changes to the terrain of Navezgane can be made by enabling debug mode and disabling the decoration in the debug menu (Esc). The modified terrain files will then be saved at Data\Worlds\Navezgane\Region so any new games started will show the modified terrain.


Thanks to Guppycur, Sorrowthief and DnaJur for figuring out the controls.


Last but not least, thanks to N2n1 for showing me how to use ILSpy!

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Inserting prefabs would be great.

I'm still figuring things out, I'm not able to save a region file with this at the moment. So WIP.

Is this something you found hidden in the files by TFP's or you made this? Either way good find or great work. I sent Hal a link here cause it would be really cool to have the terrain function on his world editor.

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It's in TFP's files, the dll just unlocks it. There's also a deathmatch and horde mode gamemode, not sure if these still work.

Awesome! Keep at it, you may bring us horde mode back before the pimps do. :). Go ahead and unlock that create a world button while you are at it. Maybe they got that in and working hidden in there lol:)

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You can build a prefab and then select it (z):




Then press K and choose Dynamic Prefab. Then select Save Prefab. It will be saved to the default prefab folder.




You can then past it in again by selecting a region, select load in prefab and then replace block/instance.



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Thanks Sorrow, Spider, Alphado and Guppy. I'm not a prefabber so I don't know how most of that works, I'll leave it at that for the moment. I will make an alternative dll to replace the creative mode so that it can be used with the "normal" game folder.

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