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  1. Hi sphereii, I will look into hosting on github. (Your inbox is full.)
  2. herrpohl

    Bomber Zombie

    Cool idea, having these in a late gamestage horde would be really challenging.
  3. Now it worked, I must have done a mistake somewhere. Thanks again!
  4. Sorry to bother you again, but know I'm getting this error when applying the patch: SHA Mismatch on Patched File. Patching Failed. The Merging did not produced the correct hash file. I choose a vanilla resource.ASSETS file as the original and the modified one as the modded file. Do they have to be in the same folder when patching?
  5. Hey SphereII, does the patcher also work when I exchange texture files in the resources.ASSETS? I exchanged the sunlight texture for each biome and created a patch, but it doesn't modify the assets file when I apply it. Here is the patch I made.
  6. Hey SphereII, is it possible to create a patch that modifies two files at once (in this case a dll and an assets file) with your program?
  7. I'm using WinRAR. It's a trial version but I think you can still use it after the trial period ends.
  8. I just saw this post and remembered yours. Did they at least fix the roads layout for the console RWG? I can't remember seeing a town like this in vanilla.
  9. @DerPopo, I have another question. Is there a limit to how many textures in the resources.ASSETS can be changed at a time with UABE? E.g. if I change 10 textures at a time not all of them will be changed. Thanks again for your tool!
  10. Thanks, good to know. I was actually using another program to search the files (Unity Assets Explorer) and then went back to your program.
  11. I second this. Thank you for this tool, Popo. One minor suggestion: the search function could be improved. As it is now it only searches for the exact word and not for files containing the word.
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