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  1. Teardown. Though I'm more interested in the voxel engine (fully destructible worlds) than the concept of the game itself. [video=youtube_share;XFPVFkM9MpI] [video=youtube_share;2h8vG9HixaE]
  2. Can you double check the modified txt files? I tested it before and it definitely works.
  3. Look for MotorBackwardsSpeed and MotorSidewaysSpeed in the PlayerWalk and PlayerRun txt files in resources.ASSETS. MotorAcceleration 0.12 MotorDamping 0.346 MotorBackwardsSpeed 0.8 MotorSidewaysSpeed 0.8 MotorAirSpeed 0.35 MotorSlopeSpeedUp 0.8 MotorSlopeSpeedDown 1.2 MotorFreeFly False MotorJumpForce 0.13 MotorJumpForceDamping 0.08 MotorJumpForceHold 0.003 MotorJumpForceHoldDamping 0.5 PhysicsForceDamping 0.05 PhysicsPushForce 5 PhysicsGravityModifier 0.2 PhysicsSlopeSlideLimit 60 PhysicsSlopeSlidiness 0.15 PhysicsWallBounce 0 PhysicsWallFriction 0 PhysicsCrouchHeightModifier 0.63 PhysicsHasCollisionTrigger True [/Code]
  4. It doesn't work on a dedi. I started a new game in public mode once though and somebody joined my custom world. So in might work in peer to peer mode or whatever it is, but I'm not sure.
  5. Yes, I think they were for the zombie horde/deathmatch modes.
  6. Best new feature so far! Transition between near and distant water also looks a lot smoother.
  7. Did you start the game without EAC? Random gen is still there, only the world generation preview tool is replaced.
  8. Just to be clear, you don't see this coordinate system appear when pressing shift + g? I checked it again, it's G for moving and shift + g for changing the size of the selection box (with your mouse).
  9. Hmm, did you really overwrite the dll (and reloaded the game)? I just double-checked and it should be working.
  10. You can save the prefab positions by pressing Esc and hitting save. You can't really save changes you made to the terrain of the world unfortunately. I always load up my worlds via the Create World screen (editing tools), so you're always in editing mode. Sorry, it's Ctrl+Shift+G. Shift + G is only for moving the selection box. :-\
  11. I don't know how to edit videos, but there are plenty of good tutorials on Youtube. The Unity terrain editor is quite easy to use.
  12. The terrain was made with the Unity terrain editor and then converted to a heightmap.
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