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    Touring rock musician for nearly 15 years. Opened for some of the biggest bands out there and had a blast. Now Im married with 3 kids and a beautiful wife. I enjoy being a Dad most of all. I love games and love to mod 7days
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  1. I've been following the tutorials and have managed to do the flag and the gun like you have in the video and make it work in the game. I used to play with Unity a lot when my son was in college for game design and we spent a good part of a year trying to make our own game. Meaning I still have a lot of bought assets laying around that I can use. I was trying to make a new trap but cannot get it to work. I was trying to use the spinning blade trap as a template but I am unsure of what tag I should use for one and animation on my prefab is the other. My hammer trap has a spinning animation attached. How could I get that in the game to work with electricity like the spinning blade trap? So far I keep getting NRE on every attempt so I figure it has to be something with the tags and perhaps the electrical stuff is more complicated? I also notice that the traps all use LOD, does that make a difference? If I am using the xml blade traps as a template for my hammer trap is it looking for all those LOD models?
  2. Can I go change my game to 16.4 and try this out while I wait. I missed a few alphas and would like to see how this was. Does the 16.4 version on the mod launcher still work?
  3. Thanks I got that part now. Do we still have access to the terrain brush that you could make larger ir smaller.? Was great way to make fast mountains or canyons before.
  4. How are you guys inserting the prefabs these days. Back in the day we had the accembly dll we could download and had access to the terrain tools and insert/rotate the prefabs in real time while in game. I've watched the videos on the ungame prefab editor and can use it just fine but I want to be able to go in the game and bring in my prefab, rotate it, raise it lower it and those options don't seem to work for me when I hit k inside the normal game. All I can seem to do is load in a prefab but I can't hit x to rotate or even grab it and move it around. I liked doing it that way. Am I missing something here? Edit: I think I figured it out or some of it. I have never hit the world editor button. Hopefully I can do all I used to in here.
  5. Looks really awesome, can't wait to walk around in these. Great work!
  6. Hey Mortelentus I have been messing with sdx and have had a lot of success adding my own models and things. I'm really trying to figure out a way to make an npc act like a workstation when you click on them. Ideally I would like for them to also wander around. I have tried looking into the settlers mod to try and learn about how you guys did that and modify it to my need with no luck yet. Is there any chance you could get me pointed in the right direction to make this happen, if it's even possible? Thanks, I love everything you have done so far
  7. I have been able to place the triggers for the traders with the editor and place the spawn trader block inside the trigger. When I load the game the trader is there. What I want to happen is to be able to place the trigger with the editor and allow the player to craft and place the trader block. So far it does not work. Anyone got ideas or had success with this?
  8. I like this look and am excited to see it finished and give it a try. Nice work!
  9. Start a new game SP or MP and choose the setting you want. Turn on creative mode. Now back out of that and change the drop down to edit and you will have creative on inside the edit game. Also you can just type cm in the console box to give yourself creative.
  10. Yea I knew that I guess I should have elaborated more. While using the editor I will sometimes see a loot box just sitting all by itself with no poi or anything close to it. Is that perhaps a tree stump or purse? Just wondering as some seem out of place
  11. I love this tool so much. What do the loot forest and others do. The colored boxes?
  12. I got this to work. Its pretty cool. I guess the Biome size only applies to RWG?
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