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Speculation on the new animals TFP hinted that's coming to A22

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So a couple of weeks ago, TFP shared the new pig model being added back into the game, but also hinted at more animals getting added to A22. So I thought I'd open a post for fun, see what other forums users could guess what they think will be added to the game in A22, and beyond.


So, the game takes place in Arizona, and I personally want to make 2 guesses that we'll get Bighorn Sheep (Snow?) and Giant hairy Scorpion (Desert?)

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7 hours ago, BFT2020 said:

Is it new animals or new models for existing animals?  My takeaway was that they were updating the existing animal models and you might see minor changes (hog instead of boar, etc).

"New animalS coming to A22"

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From the player's perspective, updating existing animals isn't new because they are still playing with the same animals. From the dev perspective, updating existing animals is new since what is in the code now was not what was in the code before. (Think of how the devs see infested quests as new quests....)


That being said, I'm pretty sure the new pig is not replacing the boar but I'm not 100% sure and the artist who is updating the animals did additional animals on his own time which he said could be used for this game or maybe a future game.


So speculation is definitely viable as there may end up being (player perspective) new animals while there definitely will be (dev perspective) new animals.

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33 minutes ago, Dead Wombat said:


As you forage through the bush, you spot something unusual. What is it? Charcoal briquettes? A little strange, since there's no BBQ around...




You move in for a closer look, and a feeling of terror arises. Those aren't charcoal briquettes. You hear a twig snap behind you. It's too late to run now. It's fight or die.




The mythical zombie wombat has chosen you as its prey, and few live to tell the tale.


(Yes, wombats poop cube shaped droppings!)

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