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  1. I've noticed, when you attack a zombie, especially fast, their attack completely misses you, even if they are right up in your face. Is this intentional? I just watched a video from Games4Kickz, and he was stabbing a feral Moe with light knife attacks and all of Moe's attacks never connected.
  2. Pump shotgun reload animation, this has always bothered me. I'd like to see a proper reload animation for the pump shotgun, each shell missing extends the reload time by adding more shells being put into the shotgun during the animation. Of course the shells need to be added twice as fast than the current speed. I personally prefer the pump over the auto, and making this change would both nerf the pump a little AND add to the immersion. Also, being able to cancel the reload animation with RMB, so for example, if you wait for 3 shells to load and then cancel, you'll have 3 more shells loaded than before you started reloading. Thoughts?
  3. The white medical cabinets, just axe them after reading the book for a 50% chance
  4. I'm seeing a lot of new players having issues with the forge, because they are trying to craft without first smelting. May I suggest renaming all of the 6 resources to 'Smelted' *resource* - EG: Smelted Iron
  5. Could it be, that some prefabs don't actually have a rally point block? So the game spawns the rally marker at 0,0,0 ? Someone pointed this out to me in A19 with my custom built prefab, because I forgot to place the rally point block for questing.
  6. Wasteland Treasures 3 + destroying medical cabinets = acid acid acid
  7. The reload time needs to be longer as well, it's incredibly fast
  8. Is it intentional that the only primitive item in the entire game with random stats is the pipe machinegun? Or an oversight?
  9. I like to go back into looted POI's eventually and wrench everything apart, so having no zombies means I won't have any risk of getting a bunch of resources. But also, my Resident Evil mod requires you to go back and forth, and I want respawns
  10. I don't know why a lot of people don't know this, but with the acid book, there's a 50% chance of getting acid everytime you break a white medical cabinet. Why do people only think it applies to cars? (it's in the description) Also, green acid barrels have a chance of acid too when wrenched!
  11. Wrench power attacks are great, they don't pause stamina regen. Unsure if changed for A20, but you can even mine with a wrench and get the full harvest amount!
  12. I would like these options separated too, I have loot respawn off but want zombies to respawn. Being able to select between 1-10 days for zombie respawn would be great!
  13. I think the firing rate needs to be roughly 25% slower, and roughly a 33% longer reload time to be more on par with the other pipe guns. Also the stats shouldn't be random, the pipe machinegun is the only primitive item in the entire game with random stats.
  14. The massive amounts of new shapes is amazing! There's always room for more of course! Here's some new shape ideas I have in mind, as I build I'll likely think of new shapes and add them to my list: 1 ) Railings for half steep stairs: we have full stairs with railings, but none for the half steep stairs. 2 ) A pillar that has a 75 square on one end and 50 round on the other: This will connect perfectly with the existing round 50 pillar and allow for a square to connect the ends on top and bottom, or side to side. 3 ) A 2x2 round table: we have a 1x1 round table with a thick centered round leg but not a 2x2 version. 4 ) Double doors: how are double doors not a thing yet? (The cellar doors don't count!) 5 ) Musical instruments: Why aren't there any instruments? Piano, guitar, saxophone, record player, etc etc... 6 ) Grand father clock: The current blocks we have are great for making a tower with a massive clock, but what about one for the living room? 7 ) Candelabra (lit version): The current one can't be lit. 8 ) Jail doors (not static): Please bring these back! 9 ) The new chain link gates need a version that isn't static. EDIT: 10 ) Rugs: various sizes, 1x2, 1x3, 2x3, etc (for more variety than what paint offers) 11 ) Candle Chandelier: There's an electric version, but a candle version would be sweet! What are some shapes/blocks that you wish TFP would add?
  15. There are 2 different type of triggers in POI's that unlock doors: 1) electrical - which opens the door/s and the door/s open and stay locked, this is fine. 2) The house key trigger - which opens the house door, but this trigger should also UNLOCK the door since you literally have the key to that door. I am building/updating my POI and want to use this new mechanic, but players being unable to close doors after they have activated the triggered doors is very undesirable. But also, players that want to move into a vanilla POI with a trigger door will have to destroy the door since they can't close them.
  16. I'm loving the new Prefab mechanic of pressing a button or picking up the house key and it OPENS the door, my complaint is that the door remains LOCKED. Why? Can this please be changed so they get unlocked as well? At the very least, the house door key should unlock the door.
  17. I've tried looking, is there a prefab converter so we can convert our A19 prefabs to A20?
  18. My opinion on farming, you should always get 1 crop per harvest no matter how many points in living off the land, and each level of living off the land unlocks a group of seeds and lowers cost of farm plots. This worked very well in my hardcore vanilla mod. It took time to slowly grow out your farm. Plus I gave snowberries the love they deserved and you could farm them, the assets are already in the game and went unused. Plus I added snowberry juice for that extra touch of love.
  19. New update (A19.4) - Custom icons - Reworked inventory to remove encumbrance
  20. Yes, when A20 comes out, it'll be a fresh version and the options will work again What ideas do you have in mind for a mod? I'm hardcore myself and almost always play on insane/nightmare/permadeath You can play with options in A19, all you have to do is revert back to 19.4
  21. The boiled egg and grilled/boiled meat stats are the same as vanilla, and I rebalanced bacon and eggs compared vanilla. Canned food is the idea for early game, vending machines take 30 days to restock, vending machines cost double compared to vanilla and the sell value at the trader is halved from vanilla, I figured that was a good balance, maybe your world is filled with vending machines all over the place? You can change options in vanilla and they'll transfer to the mod, I would have to remake most of the mod to get the options menu to work, twitch integration was added and I didn't use xpath so it no longer works. I quickly went and saw the start of your stream, looks like you're using some UI modlets, your inventory is 5 slots smaller 9x5 instead of 10x5
  22. You are playing on 19.5 or 19.6 You won't have access to the options menu in these versions
  23. You can't be encumbered at all, otherwise you can't move. This is to replicate the limited inventory of Resident Evil. In 19.5 you can't access options, but in 19.4 you can. (Alternatively, you can load up vanilla to access options and they'll be applied in the mod) Please read all the information within the quest logs. Be sure you set the daylight length to 0
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