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  1. Yes, when A20 comes out, it'll be a fresh version and the options will work again What ideas do you have in mind for a mod? I'm hardcore myself and almost always play on insane/nightmare/permadeath You can play with options in A19, all you have to do is revert back to 19.4
  2. The boiled egg and grilled/boiled meat stats are the same as vanilla, and I rebalanced bacon and eggs compared vanilla. Canned food is the idea for early game, vending machines take 30 days to restock, vending machines cost double compared to vanilla and the sell value at the trader is halved from vanilla, I figured that was a good balance, maybe your world is filled with vending machines all over the place? You can change options in vanilla and they'll transfer to the mod, I would have to remake most of the mod to get the options menu to work, twitch integration was added and I didn't use xpath so it no longer works. I quickly went and saw the start of your stream, looks like you're using some UI modlets, your inventory is 5 slots smaller 9x5 instead of 10x5
  3. You are playing on 19.5 or 19.6 You won't have access to the options menu in these versions
  4. You can't be encumbered at all, otherwise you can't move. This is to replicate the limited inventory of Resident Evil. In 19.5 you can't access options, but in 19.4 you can. (Alternatively, you can load up vanilla to access options and they'll be applied in the mod) Please read all the information within the quest logs. Be sure you set the daylight length to 0
  5. This is the only game I have played that doesn't auto uncrouch when you sprint (because of sprint crouching). Also, I want to make it clear, most of the time when I get jump scared, I am NOT crouching, and it's the panic that makes me crouch and then I can't run away. (because I press both ctrl and shift by mistake) I don't understand why people are complaining about a simple toggle addition, just because they wouldn't personally use it. Imagine if you were forced to play with nightmare speed all of the time because TFP decided they wanted their zombies to be speed demons? You'd ask for the speed toggle option to come back, right? Remember when you couldn't run while you were aiming? And then TFP made you auto unaim when sprinting?
  6. So basically, unmap the ctrl key? Also, the only time I press C is when I use the gyro, pressing W and C at the same time is not something I've ever done. I'd have to change my muscle memory
  7. I play with nightmare speed, so yes, of course I'm going to panic and tense up when bikers are coming towards me from around the corner, especially rad bikers, they can kill you within a couple of seconds In response to what meganoth said "A disadvantage of the proposed change though is that running while being stealthed is probably a much used mode while traversing medium distances in POIs." My idea is having the toggle option in the settings, so you can enable or disable the auto stand up. A player who likes stealth will have it turned off, while a player like me who rarely uses stealth will have the option turned on
  8. I'd like to see a toggle option added for auto-standing from crouching when you start to sprint. Yes this will mean you can't sprint sneak if you turn this option on, but it'll mean you can run away and survive instead of dying because you're in a panic and accidently crouch while trying to run away. (the sprint and crouch keys are right next to each other after all)
  9. I won't be updating either of my mods for A19, twitch integration breaks the balance changes I've made. You won't have access to the options menu if you play with A19.5 I intend to update both of my mods for A20, for A20 I'll work on balancing integration and see what I can come up with
  10. What can I say, I love a challenge, when it's a FAIR challenge Makes me happy knowing people are enjoying themselves!
  11. My biggest peeve is that sleepers don't have any foot step noise until they've either taken damage, or they've attacked you. Even with the addition of the sleepers making occasional snarls when awake, it's not enough and I've had way too many close calls to unfair deaths because you can't hear a feral/radiated behind you
  12. I haven't touched 7 Days to Die in nearly a month, I'll work on an update when 19.5 goes stable. Looks like I will need to balance twitch integration. 😕 Thank you for your feedback, I'm glad that you're enjoying the challenge so far! The health bars are minimalistic compared to vanilla, it doesn't display the numerical amount of health or the target's name, but they can be disabled if you wish. If you go to: Data>Config>XUi>windows.xml and look for <window name="windowTargetBar" controller="TargetBar" visibility="always"> You can change 'always' to either 'never' or 'godmode'. I nerfed the vending machines to make canned food and candy less abundant, so you can't live off of them. I increased the amount of stock to help compensate. Marking the vending machine locations on the map will help. I made the Dishong Tower a Tier 6 location, so if the tower hasn't spawned in your world, then you won't have access to Tier 6 quests. I built the custom POI myself and wanted it added as an end-game location. It won't have that much of an affect on your playthrough otherwise, you'll just miss out on a new POI to quest.
  13. If you're looking for a harder version, I made a second version called 'Just Die Already', which nerfs everything even further. You do however start with a weapon of your choice to get a little boost in the beginning. I'll look you up on twitch I plan on releasing both this mod and my challenge mod for A20
  14. Now that you know, you can surely speedrun the challenge and succeed in your next attempt!
  15. I'll respond to your original post, if you aren't seeing those options then you haven't got all of the files, at the very least the localization file. This mod doesn't work well on dedicated servers, but it's fine on privately hosted games. The doors bug out on servers, breaking the whole progression of the challenge. Single player is the intended experience.
  16. Version 1.13 Fixed - some crawlers got stuck in doorways. Fixed - Leather armour pieces can now be scrapped. Removed - Mega crush from vending machine. Added - Mega crush recipe. Added - Newbie coat provides a 10% less stamina drain and boosts Armour by 10 until level 6. Added - Botany book now teaches you how to craft first aid bandages, takes 15 minutes to research. Changed - Rebalanced mega crush buff and duration. Changed - Top row of inventory is a copy of the toolbelt, newly obtained items will NOT go into your toolbelt, unfortunately. Changed - Nerfed bears Health, damage and XP by 25%. Changed - Rebalanced quantity of brass and dukes. Changed - Molotovs need less gas to craft. Changed - You now start with the XP bar half filled.
  17. you need 12 repair kits for each, you are given 25 repair kits in the final room.
  18. V1.12 (**Requires a new game**) Added Assault Shotgun Added crawler variety Stumps always give honey now Lowered health of dead animals by half Increased gamestage needed for iron age to 20 Buffed heavy armour perk to 10% per rank Removed 34% and 67% loot abundance Gave flashlight extra dismember chance +1% normal and +2% power Increased combat knife block damage by 50% Removed starting with lockpick, food and drink Moved lockpick, food and drink to the east safe room Lowered ammo stack size to 5 reloads worth (7.62 stacks to 60) Lowered ammo bulk crafting size to 30 Removed most vanilla journal entries Added 7 written notes as journal entries New recipe, First Aid Kit can be crafted into 3 First Aid Bandages Increase damage bonus from mods to 16.7% Lowered HP of jail doors to 15k for easier wrenching Insulation and armour plating mods can go onto clothing Increased damage bonus from perks to 17% per rank Lowered ranks of combat perks to 3 Destroyed forge must be repaired, gives 45 bullet tips when looted AND MUCH MORE!
  19. V1.11e Content Creator Edition Added - Book of knowledge: Gives 3 points in both Advanced Engineering and Grease Monkey, lowering the minimum level required to win to Level 14. Changed - Glue and Oil are 20% cheaper to craft Changed - Battery requires 1 less Acid to craft Changed - Forest ground has less HP and dirt gives more clay Changed - Crucible, Gyrocopter Chassis and Gyrocopter Accessories are approximately 10% cheaper to craft.
  20. V1.11 (**Requires a new game**) Added - Red Herbs and Blue herbs and all Herb mixing recipes. Added - Anti-venom First Aid Bandage. Added - Poisoned debuff. Snakes and Spider Zombies inflict poison. Added - New enemies. You can find out what they are for yourself. Removed - Infiltrator and Hardcore Parkour perks. Removed - 2 Grenades and 1 Rocket ammo. Removed - Nightvision goggles Changed - Wrench now benefits from Miner 69'er. Changed - Healing items heal a little more. Changed - Lowered the stack sizes of medical items. Changed - Lowered the stack sizes of Throwables and Rocket Frags. Changed - Rebalanced medical loot Changed - Looted Rifles come with 5 rounds of 762 and Machine guns come with 10 rounds of 762. Changed - 762 ammo requires less gunpowder to craft. Changed - Increased required Gamestage for Iron age to 15. Changed - Coffee and Fortbites have a longer duration. AND MUCH MORE! V1.11a and V1.11b Fixed - some localisation text. Fixed - Red Herb and Blue Herb seeds couldn't be unlocked. V1.11c Fixed - more localisation Changed - Slightly increased damage of knives and bullets so that when playing on A, S and S+ difficulty, the final damage inflicted is rounded up 1 more damage. V1.11d Fixed - Mixing Green and Blue herbs was imbalanced, requiring 2 Green Herbs instead of 1. Fixed - Rebalanced the healing amount of Blue Herb Cream and Green+Blue Herb Cream.
  21. V1.10 Does not require a new game: - More Japanese translations. - You can now pick up your traps and electrical blocks with a wrench. - Handgun and Combat Knife are now black by default. - Removed schematic unlock listing on gyrocopter parts to remove false hope of finding the schematic. Requires a new game - Made it more clear on where to place the ladder in the library. - Reduced HP on non-gamestaged shipping crates to 75HP for easier access. - Workbench must be repaired with a claw hammer and 25 repair kits, repair kits are dropped by Tyrant.
  22. It sounds like you deleted the Data folder and pasted the modded Data folder? You have to overwrite the existing Data folder, so all of the files that are modded will overwrite the vanilla files, while leaving the files that are untouched intact. The worlds folder within the Mods folder stays in the Mods folder, no need to put it in the GeneratedWorlds folder. In short, a simple copy/paste/confirm overwrite.
  23. V1.09Reduced food and water drain when you are level 1 through 5 to almost zero.Translated new text to Japanese.Fixed the possibility of the second last quest to bug out and become impossible to complete.Moved the World and Prefabs into the mod folder, for easier installation. (Thanks Chikorina) **You must update**Added two new rules: Loot abundance above 134% and XP above 125% also loses the challenge.
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