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Trader having a day off


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Nothing new there, trader Rekt just likes trolling you.

If you get close, you can hear him giggle in the background.


Have you tried to open the gate?

Maybe it's just that his neon sign is broken?


Or is it even one of the new "restore power" quests? (haha, I can hear him say that : "restore power for my damn neon sign or just @%$# off"



On a serious side note:

Are you using any mods, or is this random generated world?


If you use mods, then first check if that's causing your problems.

If not, you might supply a proper bug report in the correct spot (not here, not like this).


Otherwise it's just a funny fact that you're being trolled by Rekt.

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29 minutes ago, meganoth said:

It is a mod, he got a stone hammer.



What? Besides the fact that nothing in this screenshot is not vanilla, i have had this happen during A18 in pure vanilla games on maps that were made with the newest version of the game.


Would be good to know if OP uses an older map or not and if any not obvious mods are involved. If everything is vanilla and the map is done with the same version he is playing then a bug report should be done.

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Maybe some mod conflict, or just a funky glitch I have yet to encounter.


I'd just restart the game and take it from there... if that fails and you're just married to this world, you can always install "traders always open" modlet and try to fix it that way.

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I’ve run into that one rarely on vanilla. It’s so uncommon and not reproducible that I’ve never submitted a bug report. Probably happened 3 times in A19. Usually opens again in a few game days but one time it never opened again. Wish I could be more help.

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It’s funny, I just went on a new server yesterday and while the trader was open, Trader Jen I think it was, had dropped through the floor of the trailer so all you could see was her head. Once I had Trader Joel fall through the second floor trader onto the ground and landed in front of the workbench and you had to interact with him there. There’s still some weird trader issues. Vanilla server, no mods.

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