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  1. I am having fun with the DZ mod too and I feel that what Zilox is doing with progression is neat. I also really like that radiation exposure, that replaces the Infection, is a constant threat and has to be actively monitored and managed.
  2. Glad to see your mod make it to A21! I enjoyed it in A20 and I feel/hope it will help to keep bows relevant in the late-game of A21.
  3. Knives have saved my butt from wandering hordes in cities due to the first two points you mention. My own view on mods for blades is that these are nice to have, rather than being required. By the late-game, I admit that I routinely plug a Rad Remover into my hunting knife or machete. The regen debuff for radiated zeds, in combination with stacked bleed, seems to take them down a little more quickly.
  4. There is the "Get Hammered" magazine but sledgies don't get any love from the perk books.
  5. The balancing for 7Days isn't finalized and unless bladed weapons get pulled, maybe TFP will give knives and machetes something for new players to consider these viable to wield in late-game melee. Maybe it will be refinement, a re-balance, an additional quality, another feature, or whatnot. While it may appear to some that magazines are lacking (even tho we have the "Knife Guy" magazine), we also have the Night Stalker books and there are already some nice weapon mods/plug-ins that are already in-game and have been for several Alphas. I use these in my machetes. A T5 or T6, with some slots filled with goodies, continues to feed my need in A21. I do not normally wield fists, clubs, or spears beyond the first 14 to 21 days. Once I have got my grubby mitts on a decent machete, I routinely stick with it for its speed and fun decapitation strike (fun for me, I don't know about anyone else). Bursting zombie heads makes for a nice change of pace, but my go-to in melee is a decap. Addendum: I almost forgot - knives and machetes can also make for some interesting back-stabs.
  6. I had been firing willy-nilly, when outdoors, thru some alphas. It was not until I had watched Capp00 or Glock9 perform a sneak-attack with a shotgun, that I tried it out, indoors. I was pleasantly surprised when I did not call the whole POI down on myself. This made me consider the heat mechanic a lot more and how it is affected by my weapon choices in combat. Prior to this, I was only thinking of heat in relation to my base. Crouch-firing all the firearms became my normal inside all POIs, ever after. When I am outdoors in the forest and the desert, I tend to RP as Frank from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. In snow, I am more careful, but I still go loud and proud if the area is relatively clear of trees and reasonably flat. The wasteland scares me. It whispers, "Weee are going to eeeat yooour faaace," so I don't use firearms there without a suppressor and when I do, I am crouched.
  7. At least I have a use for all the ANFO now.
  8. We were transitioning away from Jira because the licensing costs. I don't know what my former employer settled on, as I exited before anything was finalized, but I do know that our partners all wished to add all of their software engineers, PM's, UX, and etc. My boss spit out his coffee, and the piece of bagel he was munching, when he found out the requirement to include over four hundred people, from six different automakers, was non-negotiable.
  9. This is true. Before I retired, my last employer used a bug tracker that allowed external viewing so our automotive partners could easily see what issues affected them, and we were able to segregate their view based on which automaker they worked for. As I understand it, all the providers we talked to, before settling on one, offered that capability, and much more besides.
  10. Unscientific, wild-assed guess: Maybe they do so, internally, and the GoogleDoc is only intended for us?
  11. I did a mouse-over of the search bar but a "Records" pull-down did not appear. Which browser are you using? I am using the latest official build of Firefox, but my security preferences and anti-malware extensions may be causing me not to see some buttons and other site features. I can use Chrome, Edge, or Opera for browsing and interacting with the 7Days forum if that is what it takes to be able to view the site as SylenThunder and the other mods do.
  12. Curious to know if you are going loud without suppressors. In my own A21 game, without a suppressor, I get screamers spawning in if I open fire on a large wandering horde, that's caught me by surprise, with my pipe MG; the first screamer usually shows up at about the time I've expended a third magazine. If I've remembered to swap the suppressor in, then the noisy, nosey, super Karen does not show up to demand to see my manager.
  13. I would also like to know the raccoon story. 😄 In exchange, in 2005, my sister and my brother-in-law discovered that the roof of their condo in Seattle, and part of the sheet-rock ceiling above their couch, was particularly weak against squirrels. I will never forget a phone call I got, my sister yelling that something was staring at her from the ceiling. She ran round her place to find a broom, only to drop her cordless phone as she whacked at a large grey squirrel "like a rat-faced, furry chihuahua" with a broom until it squeaked at her and left.
  14. @NekoPawtato - Just felt that it was worth noting which bug list I searched in order to figure out whether "rain falls thru Zelekt bulletproof glass floor and glass skylight" had been logged yet. And it took me to this Google doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13VnmkOdKC9XEOy_neb0Tp34-WPXu-aDw4jfJxcquuvc/edit#gid=0 Which didn't have any such line item last night. If it gets updated to include what Old Crow reported, between the time I type this slowly and when you read it, :shrug: At least it got updated.
  15. Thank you for relaying what you encountered. 😊
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