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  1. Holy moly. Great googly moogly. How do we go about buying you a cup of coffee or just making a donation of appreciation?
  2. I use your AIO, and I've installed the latest revision that you posted to 7daystodiemods. Will restart again, for science.
  3. @War3zuk Hallo! Love the mod and, personally, the virus names you were using before were fine. The new names are more amusing, at least to me. Were you dredging up Star Wars or Warhammer 40k for Krytos? Brainpox I got straight away, since the Cobra bioweapon from "The Cobra Event" is based on the realworld disease that causes the condition. Is it Cerebumous Spattergroit or the rarer but more disgusting Pubicumous Spattergroit? Moving on! Are you planning to adjust (or is it possible to adjust) what gamestage the giant and rad critters start appearing? Running into 2 giant rad vultures within 5 minutes of starting was... exciting?
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