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  1. Yes it happens sometimes when I combat them in close quarters with my sledge. I seem to literally punch them into the ground. Once I had a construction worker guy slammed through a closed door with just the head and stuck there dead, which was really funny and even felt somewhat intended. I wanted to make a screenshot to post it here, but when I had destroyed the blocks next to the door to get the perspective right, he disappeared/was unloaded, sadly. Might be something that's hard to avoid with these exaggerated ragdoll effects that send them flying. But I really like it that way, so I don't see it as an issue, but as a funny feature. Nothing to fix there 👍
  2. You mean on the streets, naked? OOPS HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!
  3. I'm in the same mood as Sinalott every time when I upgrade to a new Windows OS Version.
  4. Suppressors attached to pipe pistols now suppress Suppressors attached to .44 magnums now suppress, a little I love the hidden humor in those patchnotes. Especially because it's listed under "changed" and not under "fixed". Whether suppressors should actually suppress or not is a debatable feature, not a bug
  5. If it stays, the lower hitpoint stuff should at least get its own "flimsy deco stuff tab", or being highlighted/separated somehow else from the regular "full HP stuff". So at least you can't run into accidentally create absolutely non-obvious structural weakness in your base design, just because you just want it to be nice/smooth looking, and wanting to try out all the great new shapes. I guess that's the main point why everybody is complaining about the change. And I don't like it either, although I can see the fact that before you could somewhat "exploit" building by adding thin stuff together to have a nice HP upgrade whilst still having some nice and slim design. (can't see the actual problem with that either btw)
  6. there you go...don't say I didn't warn you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Og1TxhAxuLs
  7. found it for you: Nope, they completely bypass the natural progression that gives the player a feeling of accomplishment. WIthout needs and desires, the game is boring so I had them make them ALL broken. Now when you finally craft one or buy one you feel extremely rewarded instead of meh I'm already at late game tech because I found a trader with all the workstations intact on day 1. @%$# that. still unclear to me what MM meant. Says ALL, but then gives example with trader. I have read it as it was meant "just the ones at traders, because they usually have 'em all together in one place". But now I see it could also mean really every single one on the entire map, so those in POIs too. I would now interpret it as there are supposed to be no working ones at all, and that one that was found in a POI was overlooked. Or maybe caused by corrupted files, like old save/world or similar from A19, from an incomplete wipe before starting over with A20? Can anyone of the staff please specify?
  8. I've been there too, and I agree absolutely. It's so cool it seems to be just a random open space, with some nice and easy access loot boxes, but then... btw the dogs are right behind you 😄
  9. Wow that's a brain twister. faatal will love to sort that one out. madmole will surely award him the "bugbuster of the month badge" if he kills it 😄 You seem to have found the sweet spot between too much performance impact and the feeling of being too lonely and everything is absolutely abandoned. Especially in towns/cities, there's now that great scary feeling that there's always something there, and any moment you can be attacked...and it's not just a feeling 👍 Thx and congrats for all that work, it was absolutely worth the wait. On another note: Can anyone with a decent hardware setup mod it in that screamers do exclusively spawn other screamers, and then upload a vid of them filling up the map?
  10. I guess he meant that he logged out when standing outside of his base, after looting the bags and checking for damages. So he's not inside his base and when the horde is somehow reset after login, and then he's f***ed up. I assume it's because in early game stages the spawn stops before 4AM after so and so many Zeds, but if you relog before 4AM again it's checked "bloodmoon night between 10PM and 4AM, so here we go again"?
  11. Now we're really going the right direction! We came from "too many Zeds on the screen is no good for your framerate". Now we're at "screamers summon screamers summon screamers summon...". I love it, and I don't blame you when my PC goes BOOM because it died on duty (me having fun) 😃
  12. Yes, I guess a 4x4/truck is more fun with all the guys together in one vehicle...thank you for reminding me that I have no friends 😅 Considering speed...well how do you define speed? Highest mph that the vehicle can reach and time to reach destination are two different things of course if your way isn't just a straight flat line. Nevermind, maybe I'm just a bad driver with a steering wheel, I need handlebars. 😉 But I will definitely check out the A20 4x4 now, you all got me curious about its actual behaviour, just in case I happen to find one/the schematics/parts.
  13. is it still stuck immediately when touching a too steep slope with rubble piles of burned wood or alike? still slowed much when touching a tree? much broader than the motorcycle? has a bigger turning circle? is generally more sluggish to maneuver/steer around obstacles? Then my before statement is still valid. I prefer to shortcut crosscountry. The 4x4 sucked when I tried last time. Did it get some love considering offroad ability? If you say its worth a try I will give it a shot, but I guess I will teleport me one via creative mode then, not to waste time and mats. I have the strong feeling that big clumsy thing still doesn't correspond with my driving style. Last time I got that thing permanently stuck against ore deposits, rocks, trees and so on. And it really should be like that if you ask me. Driving such a battleship through a forest and everything is just knocked aside would be fun only for a very short time.
  14. It's a hint for us on how the game development will progress further. there are 37 planned alpha versions, followed by 22 beta versions. adding to whole 60 more years before gold (g-ratio).
  15. Maybe if you compare them having a race directly next to each other down the road. If you want to take shortcuts, go cross country, over hills and bumpy stuff, between trees, rocks and alike...you will definitely reach your destination much faster with the motorcycle. ...waaaiit a minute...what's happening here? Am I really telling bachgaman how to do things faster in this game? You're trolling me right? 😆
  16. Same, which is sad. madmole stated that ammo is more likely to find at first, and then becomes more scarce later (to like "simulate" it's being used up by other survivors). I think it's a cool idea, it's just too high amounts you have available at first. Well I don't live in the US of A, so I can't tell for sure if it's common for everybody to have their desks, nightstands, and even garbage bags in the barn full of it. But from what I can gather from youtube, it seems legit 😂
  17. Didn't they introduce passender seats just now with A20? So if you complain it's 2 years old then you might complain to the developer of the mod you hooked up? Well I might be wrong cause I built a 4x4 just once (in A17?), discarded it immediately (too slow and likely to get stuck) and since then stayed with the motorcycle. If so, the issue isn't on the list of known issues (though it might be connected to the stuff that's already there...there are lots of "sound breaks when..." thingys) Known issues list for A20: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ctmU1eMhVZYoUXCZtFijnbboLQ2r8FIj_D-Ui6b6YHU/edit#gid=0 So you might want to give a full bugreport?
  18. and vice versa too. Had a bunch of em in some sort of trailer, trying to break the door to get to me, and was able to knock one or two out whilst clipping their arms through the block above/next to the door (they sort of piled up there while attacking) Some "last used" or "favorite" tab would be cool, I support that idea. Stuff like in all common mobile phone messenger app emoji menu.
  19. I had a similar thought because some of the guys (including me) had stated that especially the pipe machinegun is OP (easy and early to craft). And with ammo being so regularly found, that thing is a just too reliable DPS monster. To counter that: What about all pipe guns have a chance to jam and you have to reload to make em work again. Chance to jam could be for example 10% for low/grey quality, decreasing to 2% for high/purple quality. If you ask me they even should have a very low chance (0.5%?) to explode and brake completely (maybe also hurting you) when fired. So there would be a constant need/interest to develop further/buy a better one/invest points or whatever. And - well I know the word realism isn't the thing to bring up, but - guns made of just pipe pieces, glue and wood shouldn't be reliable at all. ...says the guy who is able to construct those, but can't figure out how to make coffee and bacon&eggs without a recipe 😂 edit: I have played a game (can't remeber which) where you had you gun heating up when fired (displayed by a bar filling), and when it overheated it was very likely to jam and had to cool down again before use. That would also do the trick. The poorer the quality, the faster it heats...
  20. So all the fancy stuff they place within their stronghold is just garbage, meant to impress the newly arrived survivor? That would fit for Rekt, but for lovely Jen? 😀 What do you think about this: Traders have functioning workstations, but you're not allowed to use these workstations at first. Maybe the workstations that are functioning are in a locked room, and you get access when you have done lets say 10 or 20 quests for that trader (number could vary with difficulty level). Or they unlock with tier 3/4/5 quest level. I think this would fit more into the "story" that you have to gain some level of "trust" or whatever, you know they wouldn't allow any new stranger, but later... ...except for Rekt, he should permanently deny them to you 😆 So this would bypass the bypass progression problem, and even add to "logic" (I mean traders are the most developed guys in the game with some kind of life standard. Them not having workstations running seems weird to me.
  21. Sorry, I have tried several times, but my mind always gets carried away before i finish to read your far too long statement (more than one line, dude please...) Would you be so kind to highlight the important passages for me, or even copy it into another thread, so I might catch up the rest there? On a serious sidenote: Yep, I guess you're right. Would probably make absoutely no difference. Just one of my lalaland ideas that don't apply correctly irl, forget it.
  22. @Roland Maybe your description of how to clear the install to avoid interference of a20 data with older stuff (in the 1st post of your "a20 official release date" thread) should be copied over to Hated's "alpha 20 experimental" thread. Might avoid some unnecessary bugreports caused by that stuff. And I also think the "a20 known issues" excel sheet in Hated's thread should be highlighted some more, might encourage people a bit more to check first before posting stuff.
  23. 🤣 that should definitely become a perk or a book. Being able to pick up other players and carry them around at least over short distances, maybe even throw/push them away
  24. Right, but those standard settings really seem OP to me. My best finds in second game session (evening of day 1 and first half of day 2): loot stage 5 (can be checked via the player/character statistics screen, I guess that's the lowest stage?) -blue pipe baton (needs one power attack and one regular hit to kill every normal Z) -rad remover mod -machete schematics -drone med aid mod -rotating blade trap schematics I'm rather sure it's not intended that one can find this stuff so early. Or am I just incredibly lucky this time?
  25. just some short impressions I wanted to cummunicate, before stepping back into an evening session...sorry if it has been already adressed or even been fixed. World feels much more immersive/real and "vivid" (don't know a better word, sorry, I know that's not the most fitting term for a postapocalyptic scenario) No fix needed here by the way 😀 great work TFP! boars are now the fierce things they should be, attacking spontaneously instead of just stepping around waiting for the first hit. Love it! (made me poop) some issues/odd things i came upon: doubleswing/unwanted extra attack animation is back with the bone knife Am I really supposed to be able to loot a handful of garbage bags on the streets and then have the mats and being able to craft a pipe MG from my backpack? Also some 7,62ammo was there lying in a small barn (well, leaving out the short episode me being almost killed by wolf inside that barn...made me poop again) So I had a DPS monster available before noon day 1 with almost no effort. Hm. Felt strange. (felt like bachgaman 😀) Thats it for now. Have to settle in that abandoned gas station for the first night, so bye again.
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