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Hi @n2n1,

I've came back to playing your mod once again, and I found it a bit harder than years ago. Or at least harder than I remember it to be. :D

Which is really cool, don't get me wrong.


Since I like playing games the way authors wanted them to be played I wanted to start with default settings.

And here's my question - are those settings that are not highlighted in yellow when selecting settings, the default settings?

It offers me something like sprint run speed at day, nightmare speed at all other times, combat difficulty called "sensible" and so on. Are those settings the one you would recommend playing with?


Cheers, and thanks for a great mod!

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Hi !
Yes, the mod has become more complicated, but this is not an end in itself. It just happened that way.

In addition, some new features have not yet been adjusted, and this also adds problems to survival.


White color settings - this default.

But. These are not recommended settings - these are the settings on which the mod is balanced for a perfect gameplay.

They are very difficult even for those who have experience playing this mod.


Running speed - in fact, this is the main difficulty setting. You need to strive to play with running zombies.
But if some aspect of complexity causes constant problems and discomfort, it is advisable to reduce them - i don't consider torment as gameplay.


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Hello, this is uragari.
Thanks for taking the time to answer my sudden question on the livestream.


I'm still dying because I'm caught off guard.
Somehow I just survived until the second Horde morning.


I've encountered a bug in the latest version and I'd like to report it.


・The first is a bug that when I try to select the shape of a concrete block, an error occurs and I cannot change the shape, but I can copy the shape and orientation.


・The second one is related to the enhancement of wooden doors that can be obtained by root. The second bug is related to the strengthening of wooden doors that can be obtained by rooting. If you strengthen a door with wood and iron and then try to strengthen it further, it reverts to a minimally strengthened door with wood if you only have wood and iron as strengthening agents, and then to a door with the last two levels of strengthening.
This phenomenon is the same as in the previous version and is not mentioned in all the forum logs.

Sorry if this is intended as a trap to consume the wood and iron you have on hand.
I have made a video of these two so I can privately upload it to Youtube if you want to watch it.


・The third one is also about doors, which unfortunately I don't have a video of.

I tried to break a metal door reinforced with wood and iron in Poi, a house in the forest biome, using a stone axe to destroy the door to its original state before it was reinforced, and then tried to break the last bare iron door, but it was a door that could not be broken any further.

These are the three above.


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Thanks for the bug report!

I found the first two and fixed them.


And the third one has been a mystery to me for many years, and i'm not even sure that this is my bugs.

I am interested in that iron door that cannot be destroy.
Please send an image of that door (not necessarily in the place where you found it, i just need to know what type of door it is).

By the way, i plan to release the next version one of these days, which will be essentially a hotfix, and it will be compatible with the saves from the current version.

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Thanks for the report!
I fixed this and integrated the hotfix into the current version in gitlab.
I also found a similar error in the "ブロック(トタン)" block set, and fixed it!

MOD version UPDATE:

- CSH_v20.6.10 + hotfix






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so this mod does not have a map border yet like in vanilla? allso the bedrock just looks like forest grass ground for me i guess the custom block textures arent working yet.


i allso encountered some situations where the terrain was basicly generated 3 blocks above bedrock wich can lead to some pois giving you the abillity to jump into a hole in the ground where you are forever stuck


otherwise looking really good so far, i like the realism of the mod and i especially love the changed pine forest biome

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In the A20 mod version, the borders of the map are essentially the same as in vanilla. The terrain generator is not currently configurable.

Yes, sometimes the depth of stamps is too large, which leads to such effects. But in general, terrain generation is vanilla, so i'm waiting for the changes that will occur in A21, with the hope that this will be fixed (if you are talking about huge cracks).
But if you are talking about prefabs located at the wrong depth, then this is just my omission, where i did not adjust the height of the prefab. Or you are using a map generated in the previous version of the mod.

Textures for terrain cannot be changed now in a simple way due to reasons unknown to me.

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Some "roadmap":
The transition and refinement of the mod to A21 usually takes a couple of months.
First i release three test versions: "red", "yellow" and "green". They are something like "experimental releases" and are only available as links in similar posts. If everything goes as usual, then the test version comes out after a couple of patches.
After the version exits from test status, it will appear in the mod launcher. I.e. earlier A21.2 there is no point waiting for a release from me.

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