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  1. Thank you very much for all the fun you have given me this year. Please take good care of yourself next year, and keep up the good work in your mod-making life. 😄
  2. I can no longer collect by holding down the campfire [E] key, is this a spec change?
  3. Sorry for making you spend your precious time, the DL was v21.2.07 CSH. I am happy to report that v21.2.08 worked fine. I forgot about the Discord thing, I didn't know what to do with the link "ttps//discoedapp.com/users/xxxxx", If you could just format it to "ttps://discord.gg/xxxxx" I'd understand...I'm new to Discord. I found the cause of the problem of not being able to dl with Modlaucher. G:\7DTD_Mod\PortableGit\PortableGit\bin\git.exe It clones the mod archive on the web and saves it locally. The location should be "\n2n1\xxxxxxx'", but for some reason, it specified "\\n2n1\xxxxxx" as the save location, and dL failed at this point. I don't know why it does that w.
  4. I'm getting the same menu error as v21.2.07. CSH_v21.2.07.ver is still the same and You forgot to change it to CSH_v21.2.08.ver. I'm using the old mod ranchaer (not Unity) and when I press the [pre-sync] button and try to dl the mod, it gives me an error and stops dl'ing. I don't know what happens with Unity's modLauncher, though.
  5. Sorry for the delay in response. I see what you mean, that's why we have to be careful with animals...I'm learning. N2n 1, this is what you have often mentioned. That when I throw a bone or some other reaction, I can tell if it is harmless or if it is looking for prey... I think I saw a harmless wolf in Taku's live streaming, I had forgotten about it. With this new version, the first time I found the forge blueprints on the second day. The second time, I found a wooden hatch in the ground right next to the spawn location, Inside was a campfire, a sleeping bag, and a forge in the basement. I was able to create a pot using this. When I broke the forge with a stone axe (thinking that I might be able to use a vise), I was only able to collect stones.😭
  6. I have a couple of things that I thought were happening. ・I have attached two images of a zombie vulture attack, with an actual play interval of 1 second or so between the two images. The first blow infected me without any respite from disinfection with alcohol (infection rate indicated 0%). With the next blow, the infection rate immediately skyrocketed to 15%.. If the intention was to express the high infection rate, that's understandable, though. ・I threw a bone to the wolf, but He ignored me. I wonder if he was full? These were the two things that bothered me.
  7. Thanks for the update. v21.2.07 Error opening console from the beginning when starting game output_log ------------------------------------------- 2023-12-16T04:43:27 14.234 ERR [XUi] Failed initializing window group editingTools 2023-12-16T04:43:27 14.237 EXC Object reference not set to an instance of an object Init () [0x00063] in <2fa89239d1f44466ac3f85d44a10e47a>:0 at XUiController.Init () [0x00023] in <2fa89239d1f44466ac3f85d44a10e47a>:0 at XUiWindowGroup.Init () [0x00009] in <2fa89239d1f44466ac3f85d44a10e47a>:0 at XUi+<LoadAsync>d__205.MoveNext () [0x002b6] in <2fa89239d1f44466ac3f85d44a10e47a>:0 UnityEngine.StackTraceUtility:ExtractStringFromException(Object) Log:Exception(Exception) <LoadAsync>d__205:MoveNext() UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine:InvokeMoveNext(IEnumerator, IntPtr) Couldn't create a Convex Mesh from source mesh "Head" within the maximum polygons limit (256). Consider simplifying your mesh. ------------------------------------------------ The {World Editor} button sits on the game screen a little above the center of the game screen (even while playing).
  8. スティールロープはクロスボウ用のModとミニバイクのハンドルバー用部品の2種類あるから混同するよね。 ミニバイクの奴はα21仕様以外の車を解体すればいいって事だね。 実際にさっき古いShamway工場敷地の車を漁ったら一発で出たよ! Twitchの配信者さんはきっとα21仕様の車だけ解体してるから出ないみたいだね。 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm confused because there are two kinds of steel ropes, mods for crossbows and parts for mini bike handlebars. So the mini bike guy just needs to dismantle the car except for the Alpha 21 specs. In fact, I just scavenged the old Shamway factory lot for a car and got it in one shot! I'm sure the Twitch guy is only dismantling Alpha 21 spec cars, so it doesn't seem like it's happening.
  9. I know it's not a big deal, but I'm curious to report it. When I get on and off my bike equipped with a mining helmet with batteries in it so that I can use the headlight. The headlight turns on and off with a sound to turn the headlight on and off. I'm not sure if this vanilla behaves the same way as well, but I'm happy to report it. Without mode, I'm at 37 days, 4.8 life, 5 days to find the pot, and 31 days to read the forge blueprints. I've come this far from 1 life after experiencing zero life a few times in the beginning of the game. Next up is to find the steel wire that the Twitch distributor is also stuck on~. Well, I'm sure I'll find it eventually.
  10. As Nuko-san mentioned above, during the random map generation (Planning Highways) 1154.096 EXC ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added. and it stops. ver 21.2.06 test version DL from the link of ver 21.2.05 above
  11. OK, I hear there are a lot of problems, but I wish you the best. Well, if they like this mod, they will find it and play it no matter where it is downloaded from, or whether it is in the mod launcher or not.
  12. →The problem is that github cannot process files larger than 100mib. I did some research, I don't know the details, but I hope it helps. The following URL shows that GitHub Free can use up to 2GB. https://docs.github.com/en/repositories/working-with-files/managing-large-files/about-git-large-file-storage If you want to use more than 100mb, you need to download and install Git LFS. https://docs.github.com/en/repositories/working-with-files/managing-large-files/installing-git-large-file-storage After installing Git LFS, it says you need to associate it with large files in your repository. Here is the link https://docs.github.com/en/repositories/working-with-files/managing-large-files/configuring-git-large-file-storage Good Luck
  13. When attacking spiders in Samrai Mode, it sometimes freezes at the moment of swinging the sword. I downloaded a new mod (v21.2.03 test) and compared the hash values of my current mod (v21.2.03 test) using 7zip, and the hash values match!
  14. CSH v21.2.02 (test) for A21.2 (b14) exp I played with each mode this time, since there was no problem without mode last time. ・Mode: Samurai: no problem ・Mode: Warrior: As soon as I start the game, the skill up sound goes on continuously until the skill of the melee weapon reaches 100. Next time I hold a weapon on my M60, the firearms skill continues until it reaches 100, same as above. I make and hold a stone axe, the tool skill continues in the same manner until it reaches 100. I make and hold a bow, the bow and bowgun skill continues in the same manner until it reaches 100. M60 does not show up, bullets that you don't have first suddenly appear, you can't fill bullets to hit. ・Mode: nomad, shadow: throws an error and cannot start the game. These are the reports.
  15. Report for now At CSH v21.2.02 (test) Everything I pointed out worked fine.
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