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Racial Concerns


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I am super excited for the new Alpha coming out and have been following very closely. However, with the world outside this game in chaos, I have some concerns about representation in the current game as well as its future. 


Here are my concerns:


The "Bad Guy" is a Native American owner of a casino (stereotyped?). The "Good Guy" is a white guy dressed in white. I doubt (at least I hope not) race was used insensitively on purpose but it does seem a bit...problematic considering the current climate. Secondly, there isn't very much racial diversity in the characters or zombies. This is alienating to individuals of color.


Does anyone else feel this way?

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The fact that the bad guy is a native American builds up the character. His job fits him.


He look like a mysterious guy with a strong personality. 


Being part of a minority makes him more credible that he wants revenge and to dominate.


His race gives the impression he have a more tribal blood in his veins, knowing stuff about people that we, the regular players don't. But the fact he wears a suit makes him a gentleman with good taste. A perfect character that ladies would like.



Now about the zombies.

I don't know why there are only white zeds... Maybe the FunPimps were not thinking about these stuffs.


Why did they chose a white guy in white stuff to be the good guy?

Because it's a classic. 


Finally, this is a zombie game.

You are not here because you wanted to see if it's racial friendly.

You're here to smash zeds with the biggest revolver you can find. That's what the game is all about.

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If you head over to wikipedia for a "List_of_casinos_in_Arizona", you'll find:

"This is a list of casinos in Arizona. All of them are operated as Native American gaming facilities."

Is that against the left-identitaryism? It IS the reality though.

So, if the world is one way and a game repeats it, is the fault in the game or the world?


I'm keeping my rear out of your politics, but having a "Duke's Casino" is smack dab in the middle of the non-political reality.

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3 hours ago, adstol said:

The "Good Guy" is a white guy dressed in white.

It has all been explained better than I could... but who is this white man you are talking about?
I'm not THAT deep on the lore since there is no lore in the game (all out of game with some super minor hints), so I have no idea who you could mean.

Also... I am sorry to say but... don't make stuff about race that isn't. Don't make games political that do not need to be.
I don't want to get mad since you were very timid about asking it, but try not to see race/nationality everywhere. Because that can develop into racism itself.

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Politics is not something we allow in this forum.


You don't know who the bad guy is, because the Duke hasn't been introduced yet. You have only assumptions without fact on his race.


The good guy is whatever you want him to be. That's you, and character customization isn't just some basic white dude.


I can't believe this thread even exists.  Go take your political views somewhere else. 

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