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  1. Not exactly. It just reduced quality, but in A16 quality was 1-600, not 1-6 like is now.
  2. When they done with A19 updates. So probably around 19.3 or 19.4.
  3. Both rabbit and holy handgrenade were available 2 or 3 alphas ago.
  4. Players reach for looting busses I can agree with. Or increase wrenching range to match, your breaking my immersion.😜
  5. The only thing I have heard is Dragon Force is allowing streamers to use their music. Not sure if you like them tho. Believe it was Firespark that mentioned it in one of his videos.
  6. You might like Fractured Veil. Still in development and project manager said could be year till release. They have given out some keys, so they can get feedback on what players would like added while they continue to add features. Its Rust in MMO setting. Safe starting zone and dungeon instances to go with POIs in world. Looks interesting. Only played Rust for 30-40 hours myself.
  7. Because coffee makers are in game like screamers, but screamer needs update. Players adding coffee makers everywhere is big difference than occasional screamer. Unless you are like me and have 6 forges and 2 chem stations going. I dont add deco to my bases tho.
  8. If you think EAC has anything to do with legitimacy in any way, then I truly feel sorry for you.
  9. I can tell you why I have 3500 hours since A15. Its exactly what MM says. M@#'s(the word that shall not be spoken of). I have about 10% of those hours in vanilla and most of that is experimental. The other 90% is M@#'s. So I totally agree with MM when he says M@# it, and I have never demanded a change or setting.
  10. First off I will say, I agree removing nerd poling is waste of time. My question is why do you need support pillars to bedrock? I have built some fairly tall structures and as long as I have solid base, I have had no issues.
  11. Thought that feature was always on. Interesting to hear their is a switch.
  12. At least I'm only type2. Always forget which type is which, and only take pills. Kind of hate needles. When I go in for diabetes checkup, I can't watch needle piercing my skin but love watch blood pouring into vial. Think its more I'm afraid I will flinch.
  13. Sounds like how I had my Texas Sweet Tea. Might be why I am diabetic now.
  14. I believe MM said it probably wouldn't be a thing because of pathing in RWG would just be huge issue with them getting stuck on all kinds of terrain/objects. Just like I have see zombies do.
  15. If you put a plate, it wont allow anything to be placed there anyway. He is showing he want plate to cover all walls on corner. It looks off when putting plates in corners, by not showing look of plates on two of corner walls. Doesn't bother me, as I dont really care about looks, but I understand what he is talking about.
  16. Not exactly. There was quite a few people that hated the one hour death penalty. So they change it. Definitely sounds like a Pimp Dream.
  17. Might want to have Trader Jen take a look. She could probably fix you right up, with your umm...huntsMAN skill. Edit: or Snowdog, your choice.
  18. Haven't look at books and schematics, except for forge and workbench. They were changed to 20% chance. I left it there, as thought it was fine, was just curious. I did change egg chances in nest from 20% to 40%.
  19. Its a bit more time consuming, but if you can identify them, you can comment them out from spawning in new world. Used to be list with pic, not sure if still available.
  20. They do take damage. They have to fall at least 25 blocks and take 33% health damage. My numbers might not be exact, but somewhere around there. There are couple Youtubers that have videos on this.
  21. Complaining about not being able to have bedrock base because of digging zombies is just hogwash. When A19 first dropped I had bedrock base with 5 forges going nonstop for 6 days and no issues. Would have been more, but I got chunk error and proof my base was gone. By then first overhaul was available, so quit that game. Which is what I usually do, as vanilla is boring as hell for me.
  22. Mag has list somewhere in this thread of POIs without sleepers. Remember seeing it in past releases.
  23. Roland Roland Roland, thowing out all the rules.😜 Because this is A19 Dev Diary. As you have stated tho, you wait for MM to say off topic. I'm glad most of request for features and stuff are not considered. Otherwise it will be Ark with over 200g install and 100 pages of settings.
  24. Because he already explained press E was removed when skill tree was added for extra harvest. Or someone else did and he just quoted it saying "and this". Did you play before A17, the extra harvest came from tilling ground and fertilizer. Which were removed. Modders have added it back, but also could not get it to give extra harvest. So live with it. and this is the only voxel game. Conan is really about combat first, Ark is mainly about taming and 7D2D is more about survival even tho it has been toned back some in last few alpha's. I am glad its not Conan or Ark. Love Conan and Ark, but 7D2D is a way better game. Even with all the things your are always complaining about.
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