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  1. @Outlaw_187, I don´t know. It kinda is. On the other side, if you do the quests a lot you get to know the buildings pretty good after a while and if you wanna go straight for the birds then you can easily hunt them down. You do not even have to complete the whole quest, just start it, go to the roof or the positions you know they will spawn on and sneak kill them. Then leave the building and start a new one until you have enough ressources that cover your needs. Hell you can even stack pile your way up to the roof or windows without having to enter the buildings at all.
  2. I just have the bicycle and I can tell you they got me every time I hoped on it. And I had certain situations where I had no full health because I was fighting zombies outside a building and they simply circled around in the air and did nothing. I even sorted out my inventory after a quest I did and bandaged up from a drop chest I placed outside that building and they didn´t came after me. But as soon as I was on the bicycle they got crazy. I used the bicycle to finally get them down because I wanted to get rid of them. Their sound annoys me a lot. Besides that, I like the birds. I
  3. In A18: The thing with the birds is that they start to attack you immediatly as soon as you get on a vehicle. Before that they often just circle high up in the air and simply do nothing. They just follow you but you are not able to shoot them, because they fligh too high. I do not know if this still the same in A19. But if so, TFP should fix it.
  4. Lets be honest here for a minute. There would be a lot less players in 7 Days to Die if the streamers wouldn´t advertise the game that much as they do. People are interested in chessy gameplay. Nobody wants to see the same stuff over and over again for years. People playing the game and watching youtube for the fun stuff, they simply don´t want the game to be 100% linear. Thats also the reason why mods are popular and welcome. They make the game different every time you play or start a new game. I said it a lot of times before and I say it now again: the Funpimps should stop forci
  5. just craft wooden frames and then change the shape while holding it in hand by pressing the "R" or "T" button. Can´t remember the exact letter, have changed my layout.
  6. I hate the inventory management in this game. And when I say I hate it, I mean it. You got so little space for so many items. And I am not a fan of running a hundred times back and forth just to get neccessary items home, specially not in early game where you don´t have a vehicle yet. I don´t play without certain mods anymore, I have to admit it. Because otherwhise I would go crazy with the game. I always got at least an ui and a bigger backpack/space mod. This also includes vehicle space. All my friends use storage mods in 7dtd. They all say the same when it comes to inventory man
  7. As good as the themes overall may be, after seeing several streams I will definitly turn the music completly off. If I like A19 then I will play it for the next couple of months on a regular basis and I can´t imagine listening to that battlemusic for 2h to 4h a day. That music is simply annoying as f...
  8. I like the idea of adding kind of a supporter. I would prefer a living one though. Maybe a wolve or an npc or something like that. But I can live with a tech drone too. In my opinion the laser doesn´t fit very well into the game. But we will have to see how it looks after its done. Its still a wip and things still can/will change. What sets me off a lot more is that terrible battlemusic. I can´t imagine listening to that music for more then a couple of minutes before I feel like opening my window and jump out just to escape ... 😅
  9. And I am pretty sure you don´t know how to be polite to someone that never had english in school and teached herself over the years all by herself. I feel bad for people like you, I really do.
  10. Trader Jen is Asian. And I like her a lot.
  11. Ryees, in chase you still looking for help to install the mod: the zip/rar comes with a masterfolder. In the masterfolder you find a modsfolder. And in the modsfolder you find the actual FarmLifeV3 mod folder. If you already have a moldsfolder in your 7dtd directory, then the FarmLifeV3 folder goes directly into it. If your 7dtd directory has no modsfolder, then you need to create one first and then put the FarmLifeV3 folder in it or you simply take the modsfolder which has the FarmLifeV3 folder in it from your downloaded zip/rar and you put it in your 7dtd directory.
  12. hey Gopher, I´ve got a question if you don´t mind. Could you add can recipes to your food mod, so we are able to craft the ingame cans of food? That would be awesome. Of course, new cans of food could be added too and then be found in loot or in the vendinmachines to buy with coins. Canned milk *cough 😊
  13. Thank you for the mod. Will try it out. I am sure I will like it. I am a horder when it comes to looting in a survival game. 🤓
  14. Will try out the "no recipe challenge". This is something I was looking for. Thank you!
  15. They also could bind the new feature to a special goggle or other accessory or make a new mod for it. Therefore no xml editing would be required, just an ingame choice to wear/use it or not.
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