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  1. 20 Zs on a day 56 horde night is extremely low. I'm around day 45 and during my last horde I have killed over 400 Zs and they only stopped to spawn because it was 4:00 AM. Killing hundreds of Zs during a horde night usually leaves me with around 20-25 loot bags in the morning. If you kill 20 Zs you should not expect to get even a single loot bag. Either your settings are weird or your gamestage is low (press i and check) or something is bugged as I'd say a day 56 horde should get you more than 20 Zs.
  2. Have you killed any Zs during the hordes?
  3. The circle closes always after X amount of blocks removed, initially 10 I believe. What you can do is dig 9 blocks deep to look for the supplies, get back on surface and dig 1 more random block for the Zs to spawn. You will be instantly ready. If fighting them on foot is too hard place two cobblestone blocks, stand above and hit down on the Zs. OR, even better, use those big rocks that are scattered around randomly in the world. There is a high chance that one of them is inside your quest radius. Or use something else that is elevated, like sheds or fences if the quest is in a town. OR, my favourite, get out your big guns and go BOOM BOOM. I had to leave the quest area only once. That was when a random wandering horde spawned in, 30+ Zs in total. (mod content)
  4. I think farming is fine currently. Maybe add a new item to the farm plots' recipe, like fertilizer, and make it kind of rare to find. This automatically limits the possible size of your farm. Spending points in Lotl lets you craft fertilizer yourself eventually (should be expensive, lots of nitrate for example so you need to trade your mining time) and increases crops per harvest. Like this farms stay a possibility to solve starvation problems but instead of having to spend a single skill point only you need either luck and time to find enough fertilizer or invest skill points and expensive materials into it. If a self-sustaining farm is something a player has really earned I have no problems with it giving kind of unlimited food supplies.
  5. Sometimes it is as easy as that but not always. When doint a T5 quest in Wasteland or Snow biome, both 3-5 km away from home, I take lots of ammo, medic and food stuff with me in my vehicle. Few days ago I was in the T5 crack-a-book building doing a quest, wanted to go out to my 4x4 fetching more ammo - 4x4 teleported away. I now have the option to either go to my vehicle nontheless and therefore quit the quest or continue the quest without ammo (which is impossible). Sure you will say now "get some ammo from creative menu" and that is what I did, later tossed some ammo out of my vehicle... most of the times there is some kind of workaround but it sucks big times when you have to do that multiple times per session. That is why I am curious to know whether there is a solution already or not. Btw I remember the vehicle teleporting bug from A18. Has been solved there eventually and now it is back but even worse.
  6. Is the vehicle teleport bug already resolved? If yes when will this be fixed for the players? Can't play for a single evening where this does not happen. Now again my gyrocopter has been teleported 5 blocks below sand. Don't even know whether there was a hole there before or the gyrocopter replaced sand blocks. I know "alpha... bugs have to be expected..." but as much as I wonder how such a game breaking bug (same with turrets falling through blocks) can find its way into a "stable" version I'd like to know when this is supposed to be fixed so I might just pause playing 7D2D until then. Or is there a way to prevent that right now? Edit: 21 minutes later next teleportation.
  7. I assume your mission didn't take place in the forest biome? If you are in the Wasteland and make noises at night you might end up with an endless stream of Zombies as you have described. Would not say that night missions there are a "no no" but if you know what to expect they can be an awesome challenge.
  8. This has been added with A20. It is normal but, as Mounty has already stated, does not happen every single time when the circle gets closer to the burried supply. I get Zombie spawns most of the time, though. I have also the feeling that with increasing tier of the burried supply quest the more and stronger Zombies spawn. Maybe other factors contribute to that as well (gamestage...).
  9. Oh noez, not another topic about farming. As I see it: Either you don't spend skill points on Lotl but still plant and harvest every seed you find when looting. As seed drop rate looks higher than in A19 you get quite a nice amount of harvested fruits that allow for cooking some big meals from time to time. But certainly this isn't your only food ressource, you still rely on food from looting or traders or boiled meat most of the other time. You won't be able to get a self-sustaining farm with unlimited crops like that and it does not make sense to convert your few crops into seeds again. Or you want to be a real farmer and as such you have to spend skill points on Lotl. Therefore you convert your crops into seeds until your farm has a huge size and you never have to worry about food anymore. Compare it with junk turrets: Without skill points in robotics a casual turret is a bit of help here and there but you cannot rely heavily on it. If you want to unleash the full firepower you have to spend skill points on them and finally get to a level where dual junk turret maxed out shred everything.
  10. I have tried to stick to a certain melee weapon per savegame so many times just for the sake of trying something different from time to time. But no matter what, I always end up committing 100 % to either clubs or sledgehammers in the end for obvious reasons. They are by far superior and usually my difficulty settings don't allow me to play with weaker weapons like knives. End-game steel knuckles with skill points invested are very strong as well but I don't like playing around with weak leather wraps or brass knuckles until you get to the fun stuff.
  11. If you are playing with said settings you are definitely amongst the most experienced 7D2D players. If finding food and drinks beyond the first few days would still be challenging even for you what do you think would happen to any player that has bought the game and started his first playthrough? Right, he would constantly struggle to find food, having stamina debuffs all the time and eventually die several times. Not cool. Therefore the game is balanced in a way that it is quite a challenge for newer players to find food and drinks but in a way that is kind of manageable if you put in some effort and thoughts. For very experienced players that know how the game works certainly food and drinks isn't one of the main problems they have to face. If it is too easy for you then create your own scenarios to increase difficulty and say you don't eat canned food / only eat vegetarian food / don't buy any food stuff from traders / only eat what you have cooked yourself / whatever. Also for other survival games out there, even with food spoilage, you eventually reach a level where food becomes available at any time without much effort. And that is a good thing! I don't want to have the same struggles at day 20 like I had at day 1, that would be annoying.
  12. I have asked me that already. How do they make money? Only with 7D2D steam sales? Are so many people constantly buying this game? Players like us that have bought the game long time ago don't bring any money so why even care about what we write here?
  13. Say hello to my GYROPORTER - teleporting whenever it wants to wherever it wants. Completely filled with stuff so of course I cannot simply pick it up...
  14. "Fear of unknown", as meganoth called it, is a pretty good definition of horror I think. The more you play the more you know the less is unknown and therefore the horror gets less and less as well. No music, weather effects or whatever can compensate that. I remember my first playthrough as well. First ingame days, everyday at 22:00, when I sat without any shelter outside under a bush, not a single blink, listening to the Zs nearby in complete darkness (when nighttime was actually dark). Now that was horror! Resulting from me being a noob and everything being new and frightening.
  15. 7D2D has always been challenging for new players and with A20 it might got even more challenging, I agree. But I completely disagree that a challenge will automatically lead to frustration. For me a challenge in a video game equals fun. And player numbers, game ratings etc. indicate that much more players agree with me there. Typical playerbase of a "horde crafting survival loot eat and drink" game is expecting a challenge. Survival has to be a challenge! I don't want to question your skill but as someone who has played this game for years you should know how to approach a bear (hint: not with a 9 mm pistol face to face) and you should know several tactics to defend against 15+ Zs at night. And if you don't then you have learned something new and now there is your challenge of finding a solution to those threats. I'd say this is fun and not frustrating. If your frustration tolerance isn't the best you could always change game difficulty for an easier playthrough as well. Not denying the fact that even with thousands of hours worth of experience you can always get caught off-guard by a bear and die. But again, this is what keeps this game exciting and fun to me again.
  16. Let's assume a player is the perfect ninja and makes absolutely zero noise and won't trigger any zombies at all. For a "clear Zs quest" that ninja is able to play hide and seek with the Zs, find and kill them all, no? Why would you not open a closet when you know there might be a Z inside you have to kill in order to accomplish your quest goal? Just because you don't trigger the Z to come at you you are still able to check every closet, ceiling and so on. You don't have to abandon the stealth playstyle, do you? When accepting a "find supplies quest" you have to search for those supplies and loot more than just the main stash. When accepting a "clear Zs quest" you have to look for Zs everywhere and take them out, you cannot simply sneak through the POI from bottom to top without a kill. That's how the quests work. I see no problem there.
  17. Eventually there should not be any more bugs and glitches with vehicles. At least that is what I would expect from the game. Therefore this suggestion won't solve any problems in the long term. Moreover, I don't want to miss the fun of building my own garage 🙂
  18. Having all different shapes available from one block and therefore all having the same upgrade path feels convenient to me. In my current savegame I am crafting tons of forged iron since I am used to that for my bars and stuff but as they don't need any forged iron anymore I have most forged iron laying in my storage box without any use 😄
  19. Here are my current player stats. I see that not all are affected by clothing / armor. - What does mobility 76 % mean? Movement speed? Jump height? Something else? Best is 100 % I guess? With a new game and being nearly naked we have 100 %? - What does jump strength 22 % mean? And how is that calculated? What is the best value here? - What does carrying capacity 72 mean? My backpack does not have 72 slots. - Damage 77? - Block damage 83? - Rounds and attacks per minute? I wear 5x steel armor with noise increase +20 % each. Does that mean I make twice as much noise (+100 %) as normal? More noise regarding movement or weapon usage or everything?
  20. T5 crack-a-book tower (skyscraper_02) only offers a few bookshelfs in the "entrance hall" and some crack-a-book boxes around the main loot room. You did not miss something but in terms of actual books there is not much to get from that POI.
  21. Current clothing / armor / mod system is kind of complex and impossible for newer players to understand quickly. Even after >1k hours in the game I still don't know how exactly my choice of clothing / armor affects my stats. Surely I could have tested or read that somewhere here or in the wiki long ago but it should be intuitive and more comfortable. Also there is quite a variety of different pieces of clothing in the game but eventually I end up with actually wearing nearly the same stuff every savegame. Therefore I am sure whatever the devs come up with will be an improvement to the current system.
  22. I'm playing on survivalist with feral sense on day and night. No skill points into stealth or anything related. Like I have said, whenever I kill a Z with my crossbow completely SILENTLY the whole room wakes up. No matter how many other guys saying "this is not true", it definitely is. Yesterday I have cleared the T5 hospital and in every room it was the same, one free kill with the crossbow and the whole gang woke up instantly. If my bolts miss though Zs don't wake up, only if I hit (which always ends in an instant kill). In A19 on same settings (except feral sense of course) and no skill points into stealth neither that was a whole different experience. Clearing a room silently with a bunch of Zs with a crossbow only was possible. Edit: Not saying it is bad. Sneaking around with a bow (without any skill points in stealth) and being able to kill lots of Zs always felt a bit too powerful anyway to me. Either this has changed with A20 or it does not work anymore due to feral sense ON. Or it requires a few skill points which would make sense.
  23. "Surprise spawns" right nearby the player only inside closets or above the ceiling, therefore those spawns don't magically appear in front of the player's eyes but are rather hidden and one would not know whether the zombies have been waiting there forever or just spawned. In A19 it was possible to clear an entire room with a sneaky approach. You could have killed a zombie with a bow / crossbow and another zombie standing right next to it would not wake up. Now the first bow / crossbow kill always wakes up the remaining zombies of that same group.
  24. Just like tons of other things in life your favourite streamer is a matter of taste. Some people like certain jokes and remarks, others don't. Who cares? This topic just shows that the devs did a good job at designing the character "Jen".
  25. Surely it was a direwolf then. Only thing you should do at early game when encountering them is RUN AWAY and pray that you have enough stamina to reach the next garage, house, rock or whatever.
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