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  1. Thanks for that link, that does explain it perfectly. So basically those awards are as usefull as cotton plants in 7D2D.
  2. Hey everyone. Just found out that you can get 7D2D steam awards, there are listed 8 different cards like "Boys night out", "Ladies night" or "Say cheese". Looks like I have got three and now I wonder how to get all of them? Is there a way to unlock them ingame?
  3. This game desparately needs more zombie models and more variation in zombies' abilities. Even a beginner notices after an hour of gameplay that there are the same zombies all over the place and they can't do anything but getting close and swing after you. They don't have to be completely new models from scratch with costly artist work required. Variation in colors, maybe just a variation of faces on the same body, add some scars here and there for variation, different hair, let some zombies spawn with only one arm etc.
  4. Actually that gave me the idea of destroying every block around those bugged blocks. That is what I did and then they collapsed and disappeared. Could not locate the problem but at least I could solve it. Thank you for your help, Roland. Found a solution by simply talking about it 😛
  5. I have 7 of those weird stone blocks in my base and I can place a block above or below all of them. Basically I could completely surround that block by other blocks but not destroy it.
  6. Another quick question in the wrong topic but not worth to open a new one: I have built my base between 30 and 40 blocks below surface (map shows still a height of +19 m though). I came across blocks of stone that cannot be destroyed. There are 4 on the floor and another handful of them in the ceiling (see picture). When I try to get rid of them the "indestructible block" sound appears, like when you hit against the trader's walls. However, there is no trader nearby and I was able to destroy all blocks around them. I have tried to remove land claim block and sleeping bag and then tried again without success. Offline singleplayer randomly generated map. Has anyone already heard of something like this before?
  7. If you want a good looking mine with an entrance, self-made walls etc. you should dig narrow tunnels in different directions. If you mine for the sake of getting materials and you don't care about how your mine looks like just dig out all ressources and enjoy the inevitable collapse that most of the time reveals even more ressources.
  8. Hey guys, just a quick question in the wrong topic: When I activate cheat mode and press Q in-game nothing happens. I have checked hotkeys and Q should activate God mode. Is there anything else I have to do to get it done? U key for cheat build menu works as well as H key for flying around. Newest build A19.
  9. I know I should have gone that way but actually I have abandoned the 8k server and am looking forward to playing on the 16k server for the next weeks. So I tried "all or nothing" there Will repeat the procedure tomorrow but try on the 8k map instead. But I have little hope now.
  10. I have deleted all files inside my local saves folder. World had to be downloaded and minimap to be build up again and I was kind of confident that this "fresh" attempt might help. But... error occured again after 10 minutes of playing on that 16K world server. I'm about to throw in the towel and return to offline savegames instead...
  11. How do I do that and will it affect any existing savegames, online and offline?
  12. So if the error on the 8K map was carried over from the 16K map the 8K server should run without error again if I join it right on computer restart, right? I will try that today.
  13. I get what you are saying about 16K maps. But why did the exact same map work for several days when suddenly and out of nowhere the error appeared and since then occurs every few minutes? Why was I able to play in a public 8K map for a decent amount of time without any bugs and when I join that server now the same error even occurs there as well now? That does not make sense to me as the error obviously is not bound to a specific server. Singleplayer works btw. I could try to deactivate EAC on game start and play on a server with EAC disabled to see whether it is working or not.
  14. Do have an exception for game folder already (whole steam/7D2D folder). Where is my save game folder? I am on LAN and not wifi. Edit: Had virus live protection turned off. Error still occured.
  15. Don't think I have network issues as 7D2D isn't the only thing that needs a working network and I don't have any network issues with anything else. Have verified my files over and over again. Have deleted my mods folder (which was empty anyway). Have repaired my EAC install. Error still occurs.
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