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  1. Thanks for clarification. The challenges are supposed to be a noob guide, I agree with that. But now imaging a real noob starts a new game: "Harvest honey from tree stumps with a stone axe". Noob harvests honey from a tree stump with a stone axe but challenge still says 0/5. What does noob do? Right, he doesn't understand, thinks either game is bugged or he is too stupid to understand. "Harvest some short iron pipes with a stone axe". Noob harvests iron pipes from different materials but challenge still says 0/10. What does noob do? He thinks he has not enough brain to play this game. "Harvest some scrap polymer with a stone axe". Noob harvests over 100 scrap polymer with a stone axe, even builds his dew collector with that polymer. Challenge still says 20/100, though. What does noob do? Correct, he eventually starts to cry and questions his whole existence. "Harvest some rotting flesh with a bone knife". Noob kills 10 zombie dogs and harvests their rotten flesh with a bone knife. Noob looks at this challenge and it still says 0 rotten flesh harvested. What does noob do? You got it, he goes to university to study 7D2D but even with a diploma he won't understand how those challenges work. Those challenge descriptions even say "you can harvest rotten flesh / leather / pipes / polymer from stuff like bla bla bla but most of the bla bla bla they mention don't actually work. It is just horrific game design and should have never been implemented like that. If this makes it into 1.0 stable I'm running out of words.
  2. To add to the list: Just farmed 4 jars of honey from tree stumps with a stone axe but the according challenge still says 2/5. Amazing.
  3. Haven't played again since I have complained about how they messed up climbing ladders a week ago. Continued my savegame on day 3 now and only a few minutes into the game I really have to wonder how this version can be 1.0 (experimental or not, doesn't matter). How many hours and how many people have tested this version before it went live? No one noticed that ladders are bugged? Did they do a chair circle and agreed on "yep, let us make nights really bright so people can't tell whether it is night or daytime anymore and make anything that produces light completely obsolete". Wtf? The last time this game had real nights was back in Alpha 18 or so. At least add a "darkness at night" slider or something. Nights officially suck now! When they added the different colors and clothes for zombies they agreed on adding a gray fog on all zombie faces as well? They all look like they fell into a grey paint bucket from head to toe. Old zombies looked way better. When they added the new challenge system they didn't notice that being too specific like "you have to gather this material from this very specific item with this very specific tool, if you get the same material from a different item with a different tool it won't count" is a very bad idea? Dozens of mods are doing that WAY better for years. Whole game looks like they have added a gray fog on everything. Might be due to bad lighting or whatever but unless the sun is shining everything is tinted with the same grey / brown / dark mud and adds absolutely nothing to an appealing atmosphere. To be continued... three hours into the new version and I am absolutely disappointed.
  4. Harvested over 100 polymer from various things to craft the dew collector, "harvest polymers" challenge still says "11/50". Killed two zombie dogs and harvested them with a bone knife, "harvest rotting flesh" challenge still says "0/10". Harvested leather from various things, "harvest leather" challenge still says "0/10". Nights are way too bright. No need for head light mod, torch or anything.
  5. To answer this myself: You have to release space bar (jump) in order to stick to the ladder. With space bar still pressed you can't climb a ladder. Has it always been like that? Feels new to me.
  6. Am I too stupid to use ladders now or can't you jump at and hang on them anymore? Only way to climb a ladder for me is to "walk" upwards with a ladder block right in front of me (so Zs can use it as well). I started a small base on a roof top, removed the lowest ladder block as usual but can't reach the ladder anymore myself?! Edit: If I press C (crouch) on ladder impact I can stick to it like it used to be. Without C I always fall down.
  7. Two quick questions: 1) Similar to the broadcasting mod, is there a mod / special chest that allows auto-sorting from my inventory to the correct storage containers? 2) How can I get the mastery books in DF 5.0.1? I know of crafting them and buying from the trader. Is finding them in loot drops still a thing and I am just very unlucky? Other possibilities?
  8. What is the latest DF version and where is the download link to that? Can't find it in the first post but maybe I'm blind. Moreover, is it a good time to start a new DF playthrough or is there a newer version about to be released soon? Have not played DF on A21 yet.
  9. Something else: I have mining tools, automatic weapons, athletics all on level 100 / 100. When I find those books, however, they still show the "closed book" symbol, indicating that I should read it. They should show the "open book" symbol instead.
  10. Thank you, that solved it. I cleared all Zs at the fake trader compound - is that necessary in order to solve the quest? Or would it be enough to visit the fake compound and get back to original trader?
  11. DF 21.1 b16, new huge city map that comes with DF: Opening trader routes quest sends me to a fake trader ("Trader Rekt?"). As there is no trader behind the counter, this quest can't be solved.
  12. Some questions: 1) If you use a crowbar or pickaxe to open a locked chest some of the loot inside will be destroyed, whereas if you lockpick the chest you get more loot. This is what a big 7D2D Youtuber says. Is that correct? 2) If you use a power attack, do tools degrade more compared to a normal attack? Do you get more block damage out of a tool before you have to repair it by using power attacks only? 3) I chopped down an orange tree, it fell on my head and severely hurt me. Is that kind of damage new? And still, orange trees need an extra chop compared to apple trees which is weird and probably a bug. Edit: Forgot to add version: B24
  13. Latest DevB24, brand new gamesave: - When HP of orange trees reach zero they fall over. When HP of apple trees reach zero, however, they keep standing and I have to hit them one more time to chop them down. Not consistent. - Some perks say "no laborer class" and I have selected laborer class. I can still pick those perks and spend skill points on them which doesn't make any sense to me. - I get the attached error message when pressing hotkey "r" (take all) in camp fire.
  14. Thanks a lot for the new update Khaine! - (IDC) Added patch to disable zombie crawling because it's janky, broken and causing players to get hit when they really shouldn't. What does "IDC" stand for? Does that change mean, zombies can't crawl at all anymore? Does that mean they won't crawl in front of hatches and beat through them anymore? That would be awesome. - Added -50% damage to all zombie hand items (not animals, not bosses) when twatting the player in the head, as getting one shot by an attack you can't really dodge due to colliders is no fun. Can you explain the meaning of this change more, please? I don't understand what it does. What are "zombie hand items"? - Removed sewing kits from T5 end loot chests and added workstation tools (like calipers and welding torch) instead. Not sure if we need more workstation tools in the world. In DF A20 I was swimming in welding torches and calipers and even now in A21 I have found three of each around day 16 which feels alright.
  15. I don't know, doesn't look like a good solution to me. Basically I can repair whatever level (> 40) I want as long as I don't fully repair it to 100 %. As soon as I hit 100 % accidentally my item will degrade to level 40. Doesn't make sense. An elegant solution would be workstations not accepting items above level 40 at all OR just don't do anything with any item level above 40.
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