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  1. Hey guys, as this is the only real active place here... anybody able to tell me where I can craft the things I have marked with red arrows?! Or can't they be crafted maybe? Thanks.
  2. Just started a T5 clear mission and got sent into the Shamway factory (factory_lg_01 or something). Remember the kitchen on ground-floor? Looted the 9 cupboards there and found: Shepard's Pie recipe Spaghetti recipe Gumbo stew recipe Vegetable stew recipe Steak n potatoes recipe Day 39 gamestage 110 no skill points into the chef thing. Best meal so far was chili hotdog. How can I have that much luck within 10 seconds? Fantastic
  3. I like the suggestions very much and think they would fit into the game and scenario perfectly. Really well thought out. Don't think any of these will make it into the game, however, and they are a "nice to have" rather than a "can't be a good game without them".
  4. 15 seconds? Must be a joke. SSD Ryzen 5 3600 32 GB RAM Radeon RX 5700 XT I can play on really high settings without any performance issues at all but generating a new map (max size) takes something between 5 and 10 minutes. Always.
  5. Well, you have learned now that this particular base design does not work for horde night. Maybe the design is flawed in general, maybe there is just a small mistake that can easily be fixed to make the Zs take another path next time. For example make the underground stronger than the walls so the Zs will definitely knock against the walls and not start digging. Isn't this trial and error route part of the game? I mean for your case, you build a stronghold with an undefended backdoor into it and then complain when the Zs don't tear down your walls but rather take the ea
  6. What players often tend to forget is that you can take on any role you want even without investing any skill points in anything. You should not see the skill system as a limiting factor for what you can / should do and how you should play the game. Rather more the skill system supports you and the way you play the game to some degree. You can be a master chef by only finding and buying recipes, you don't have to spend any skill point on that. But of course you can spend skill points on that as well to support that playstyle. Want to be the hunter in your team? Make sure
  7. Hi everyone. I have played 7D2D yesterday once again after I had a break for several months from the game. Unlike a few months ago I was unable to play the game without lags, especially when looking on the ground and moving forward I could clearly see the grass "jumping" by. Even lowering my settings drastically to an extent that made the game look ugly and unplayable didn't solve the lag issue. Usually I was able to play on high settings and full HD without any lags at all. Is that a common issue with one of the latest updates? I have not followed the discussion here lately at all
  8. Aaaaaand just died the sixth time to a predator. Passed a dire wolf, thought I could take some meat with me on my way back home but unfortunately one shot from my Q6 Blunderbuss and seven shots from my Q2 pump shotgun were not enough to take it out Not complaining though, I play on difficulty "survivalist" and didn't like the game being too easy.
  9. I have built my base in the snow biome, day 15 currently. This is the first time that I am not playing in the forest biome at an early stage and I have to say that the snow biome is much much much more difficult. Main reason are dire wolfs, bears and especially mountain lions. However, I would not say that they are too strong. Actually I have died 5 times already to different predators (usually I don't die a single time during a savegame) and I absolutely love the new feeling this biome gives me. Blunderbuss is useless against those animals if they can get you. Arrows are useless as well. You'
  10. Could you all please complain about deceiving advertising in food restaurants, travel agencies or cleaning products first before you rant about a bunch of good looking pictures that are not too far away from what the game actually looks like? Thanks 😛
  11. I have never used the word "potato" or anything similar. Your system certainly is powerful for most uses but playing a game like 7D2D on Ultra+ settings is something else. My PC is more powerful than yours and I found out that the game offers best graphic / performance ratio for me on high settings. I could play on ultra but I'd have to lower settings during horde night with increased zombie count, which I don't want to do. All bound to be subjective of course.
  12. The "old" system where you could find any kind of loot on any day was bad. There are a lot of tools / weapons and other stuff that is not meant to be used at an early stage without changing the game completely. The current, more linear system feels much better in my opinion. I'd still call it very frustrating and flawed because finding your 100th stone tool in sealed crates or even weapon safes sucks. The good thing is that TFP are aware of that and promised some changes to loot progression where you are able to get better rewards with more effort invested. Not easy to find the happe medium, t
  13. Your screenshot looks strange, maybe that is a result of setting your options to Ultra+ with a system that is not good enough to handle that?! I am sure that 9/10 casual gamers with a decent enough PC to meet 7D2D's requirements would say "wow that looks amazing" after a first few minutes in game. The longer you play (hundreds+ hours) the more you are bothered about any kind of flaws you find and the more you stick at trifles. Not saying those flaws don't matter but the game is still in development and a lot of things will be improved even more in future.
  14. Skill tree could be much better. I have started a new savegame today and I really wanted to play with another melee weapon than the club. Brass knuckles look fun and cool and that is what I wanted to play with. BUT with the skill tree it is impossible for me to play with brass knuckles unless I decide to not play as good and as effective as possible just for the fun sake. If you ask me that is a pretty bad design. Brass knuckles can be skilled with the fortitude attribute. Usually I don't spend a single skill point there. If I play with the club I have to spend my skill point on st
  15. For vehicles the quality of batteries does not matter, therefore I'd always use the worst one for that purpose. Better batteries either sell for a lot of money to the trader or can be used to generate electricity in a battery bank, where quality matters.
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