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  1. I have had no problem out running anything in game. Jump over cars or any obstacles, so easy. Only time I have died from animal was when I was jumped, cause me to bleed and was stupid and forget to put bandage back on my belt.
  2. You would have to extract it from download files from OP. Probably a ton of work.
  3. I know I have read something about this. But might have been different thread.
  4. How is it not working in Launcher, errors? Haven't played in week, but I did uninstall and reinstall with no issues at that time.
  5. There has been few updates this week, or since weekend. Don't remember number, but will check discord when I get chance for the version. Yes, experimental was updated to V7.1.5 yesterday
  6. I think one of them was War3zuk, and its been a couple weeks, possibly more. Guppycur's might have been another.
  7. He has started turning his changes into modlets, but dont think it has been completely done yet from what I have read. So you would have to look if everything is his file is in mod folder. I use mod launcher as it keeps separate folder for each overhaul mod i like to play for me. Just easier. He has fixed some of these issues. Many mod'rs are hoping A19 will fix this so they dont have to go back in and change it back. You can change this yourself. I have seen how to fix this in other mod threads.
  8. I don't believe it has been updated to A18 since it broke some things that could not be fixed currently. I think its playable, but not with DF A18 update. If you want to try it, you would have create separate game in mod launcher with just Sorcery.
  9. I have had no issues with demolishers. I'm usually higher than they are so its much easier to hit them in head. With metal bars at least 2 blocks out so if attacking my base i have no worries about setting them off, by shooting them from behind. When i do use shotgun turrets, i place them away from my base to shoot incoming Z's.
  10. Well I never had problem with starter crate in the several starts I had to do. Bosses aren't until much higher game stages. Have you found class trader? That was my only issue at first, only having one or 2 on map. Haven't used on a server, but I do use mod launcher. Did you add to client side to? Might do full wipe to start over with new update, and let you know if I find any from creature packs he added. Oh, and you can craft engines but they are loot wrenched also. I never crafted them. Well creature pack entities are in experimental. Found some right after loading in new game. Tried to install stable, but it deleted my saved game. So if the copy you downloaded said beta, its old one.
  11. Have you seen any of entities from creature packs, as those were also added to newest update on 17th.
  12. I see he did change OP since new update, so maybe they are in now. Haven't play new version yet.
  13. Bosses are his uma zombies. No bandits/survivors, yet. He didnt update descriptions to not in v6 or above.
  14. Not bug, its its Wellness. Bring it back up with good food/drink, and you can't spam it. Need to wait for buff to disappear before it will go up again.
  15. He has already stated he hasn't had alot of time to work on it lately. So his supporters have had it and I'm sure they have found many bugs that now need to be fixed. Just like Alphas experimental. When WotW was released for A18, and he did state it was beta, there was couple bug fixes that required new game. You don't want that for bug fixes. So yes, give him time to put out good version.
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