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Alpha 19 Developer Stream Series #3

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Hey Survivalists,


On Wednesday June 17th at 9pm CST we will continue our series of behind the scenes interviews with the team that creates all the magic. Lathan will host another round of interviews with members of the Environment Artists & Animators teams. Justin Owens, Yongha Hwang, Hung Pham, and Noe Serrano are the environmental artists and Brian Kowalczyk and Koji Higashi are the animators that will be on hand to answer questions and talk about what they have done to for 7 Days to Die.


If you have any questions or topics you'd like to hear regarding environmental art and animations please post those below.





If you missed any of the past developer streams here they are:


Alpha 19 Developer Stream #1

Alpha 19 Developer Stream #2



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Are you guys planning to add different walk type animations for zombies? How about attack animations, such as biting attacks in addition to their swinging attack? Could make getting an infection more plausible from a bite and would feel immersive seeing zeds try to bite you.


Will ragdoll effects applied to your character keep the camera in 1st person in future alphas rather than revert it to 3rd person? Also will players be subject to falling over when trying to hop over fences like zombies?


Will the punching buff that knocks zombies' teeth out be shown to do it in a future alpha? How about bleeding effects from knives and blunt trauma impacts from clubs and hammers? Would love to see lacerations and pulped zombie faces as you beat them senseless. Bullet holes too from shotgun shells... 


Are more block shapes being added in addition to the new assets shown in the dev diary? Some great ones I can think of are arch inner and outer corners to connect 2 perpendicular archway segments (a bit like what we have for ramps now) and also a pillar 100 type block that has been shifted across by half a block and cut vertically down the middle (so resembles a semicircular cross sectional prism) for aesthetics like inset logs into walls etc.




Might be less relevant but...

For the environment, will the modding community be able to add their own paint and terrain textures without direct altering of the atlas in a future alpha?



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14 hours ago, DanLW said:

Some of the newspapers randomly lying around mention "FLU EPIDEMIC".  Is it too soon to change it to "COVID PANDEMIC"? 




I have always loved those decals, and the other newspaper decals, so I will add this question: Any plans to add more? I think it's a lovely bit of world-building.

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Could you please turn some zombies/sleepers into sorta... hyper skud missiles - eg berserk on initial attack and a hit that gets you first time as most come at you with a Big ars Hollywood pause and swing or get up n pause for the head shot - now n then they should be able to scare the sh!t outa ya and rip ya ars off once in a while : )

that would be Great Thanks !

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