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  1. Rickachae

    True Survival

    Hi spider (Rickachae), Good to have TS mod back, is the mod intended for any premade maps? at this stage as im getting a ton o prefab errors on loading in the in the console [ about 50 or more... I usualy fix by using a ramdom map gen when i come across it] mods= True Survival and Sphereii core only... clean install all round... A18.4-steam... (also getting rendering shaders not found and reverts back to original)
  2. Look for the wheels on ground or.... -they look like the tyres, use something to destroy and collect.
  3. Anyone familiar wit this error when trying to load a game once Ravenhearst is loaded from loader - that part is all good/loader seems to load the initial game fine: { MissingFieldException: Field 'LiteNetLib.NetManager.MergerEnabled' not found } Stops dead and wont recover... ( Yes have tried refreashing and reloading and trying varying loadouts...) Refreash mods Auto_on EAC_off Update reg_on Direct Download_off Save all to mod_off Run as admin_on Dissable ssl_off Originally downloaded from steam direct for vanilla files... is Ravenhearst 5.1 vanilla text for 17.2 and have high end laptop... UPDATE !! : Turns out when starting to download from the launcher one has to select the version... Idid not know this as i have only played with "Uptodate versions over the yrs... F@#Kius C^$tius... please ignor this post - Lol
  4. Rickachae

    True Survival

    Hey Awsome - thanks for the update... Lookin forwd to see what it ends up like PS: have you thought about a patreon page to help cover server funding? ( Im a supporter of 'HWS" servers from "Empyrion" Game, and combined their up to $500 mthly toward running costs - ?should be ok by fun pimps TOS? as would be for server running cost and the likes
  5. Rickachae

    True Survival

    Hi - been watching in background and had a quick look at your first tester... like whats forming... seen darkstars vids - awsome, Im currently playing on a couple o pvp servers with 7days2die (the bigger ones) will try and swing some of the players over when your ready to roll nb: Is it posible to have a lock breaking mod 4 doors (like vals) incorperated - little mods like that make a huge diff and stood out in his (just leting yas know theres a few of us keeping an eye out otherwise)
  6. Rickachae

    True Survival

    Thanks for info on stuff - trader was just a funny, ill stop scraping the beds around me now Lol, old rifle is a 308 - thought it was an Le Enfield (as in OLD rifle) Lol!, and the good news, Im back up to well/stam 30, but runners are a prob for me - cant get anywhere to get anything and char only in the early teens :\ not alot of options for advancement - However! if you could just fix that trader... i could hit other trading players up and trade as they come in? Lol!
  7. Rickachae

    True Survival

    Trader Station: bullet casings dont work when tradeing - infinit sell - and no $ back - nor level increases though if exploited drinks machine wont work trade stns at traders not working trader still kicks you out at night and wont let you set up base in there or take any important things... old rifle - cant reload ammos - stnd nato and other types... icons missing on some things in menus - eg:hammer head mold... i dont get nails when destroying Wood blocks with hammer (ill try a reload) bed not increasing health - might be me (trying reload) seems to many runners - at least half spawns around are. impossible to get anywhere (with out mini bikes) - Wellness + stamina is main prob if wellness low/lacking theres not enough ways to get welness back up meanwhile... due to runners it needs a lower stam decrease limit or something - with all of this its futile with some of the starting professions otherwise... ..<_/were all screwed while we hide\_>..
  8. Rickachae

    True Survival

    Upd8: like how you can pick up the backpacks n bags to use as containers, Fat ones really do sing when you kill them - the blast radius is huge... Lol.. ouch!, spitters seem too accurate and/or fast - with no warning they hit you every time when in range, cant find nails even with the dif tools - Im assuming there not just made in furnace? lighting in certain buildings seems to drop game down to 10-15fps (larger/long fluro looking lights on the indoor roofs) when the spawning stops for other players (there deaths) seems to be across the board at times? i can run the city with no spawns for a short period till something triggers them in again. not one person has flown over me and waved Drops could be a god send in the game Guns and arms are very scarce - as in none? (almost) have stopped coming across the possessed chickens and rabbits - scorpions are there at times is it possible to get logs from larger trees as well or something else (fuel logs?) as the fire place eats the twigs like a door slammer on a drag strip. (yea ID limits suck) i dont find antibiotics of any sort and the yellow tea drinks way up the lvls in meds skill so dissentry is just kills the game - I'm up over lvl 10 had it, dont want it, but lucky i didnt get it at a lower level it will kill players everytime one way or another. ive never been bitten and given the Z virus in the game yet - even with all the hits and deaths - Normal? (Good if so - not seen it so far) Q: does the player heal/regen when crouching/standing on a sleeping bag for ? time - Freckin Awesome! if so another player found the chard meat wont work in fireplace (all others did with all the items for cooking in fire when i tried - not the chard meat) Lots of logging off n on happening every where... Lol hope you find any/all info useful
  9. Rickachae

    True Survival

    opening a kitchen cabinet has thrown a "Null Refrence Excption" during the opening part and made game hang with Dev window open, its just rehitting the same ref error each time - everytime/second that the game has retried to fix its hit the nullrefexcpt again (seems to point to object within the cab...) and increases the perk for scavenging each time - its hiking the player levels too, had to alt-F4 in end (didn't seem to be a limit in the hiking ether) ps: ill keep this under my belt if you dont want to fix this one
  10. Rickachae

    True Survival

    Ha - budgies are not flightless birds - its the vultures... the rabbits and chickens seem to do 1-2 damage alright, ya step on a brick and they cant reach you half the time the vultures seem to do about 1/5th damage to health each time they connect (was lvls 1-4) and I seem to hit them relentlessly even with a steel spiked bat i have at mo (player lvl4 doing 16.? dam from bat) Yes Im accurate and yes i can usually side step them well... yep - Head shots! but now the characters running speeds up things like this arnt such a prob anymore though. Yay - im on 20+megs a sec and still get the annoying timebase correction prob - i usually get good latency from most places even when theres alot of hops between - it would explain alot though, most games i play are ok till 220-250ms. (noticed the stones when picking them up take like half a sec sometimes) dont think theres much the Devs can do - i had sim probs when supper modding mincraft never got fixed and Epyrion still has alot of this prob, - caused by somehow leaving players in a separete/previous instance running at same time when crossing playing fields due to latency (not when dieing) and persisted at times even after relogging the game... admins had to do full resets to fix. link was to pic in steam - just the error codes when loading mod in adv setting on modloader. Apology's! - it was Vals Overhaul b4 he was able to upgraded it properly to A16.2, someones update/fix meanwhile put a beaker in place of the clay bowl in the fireplace?, a few other things as well... - it seemed the code was different in A16.2, the mod from A16.1 spat the dummy on people when they tried to update to A16.2 with it - Dah! [fixed it by changing the xml back to the claybowl at my end] - players wondered why it was broke when they tryed to upgrade meanwhile... "fireplace is broke, cant make things, can someone fix it!..." {humor needed here]
  11. Rickachae

    True Survival

    Frist life was fun , you might have to tame down the budgies a bit, had two of those from the sky plus a carnivorous chicken to deal with - all good, their nicely over powered but need way less HP for sure... I don't know if you've played with the Zeds or Dev's did something... but they were hitting from like 2 meters back at times - one bruise, then one more hit - yr F...... thats awsome when theirs help coming from the budgies and Rabbits at same time... had errors on loading - had to reload TrueServ.. in basic/simple mode in mod-loader so errors departed: [ http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1111891321 ] not exactly nullpionters? all running good otherwise and awaiting death ps: the dogs had to many hp earlier as well (6 shotguns to head and still chomping) - the thing about the water bowl being a beaker (in fireplace) - found a beaker and it fixed prob.. (It may have only been a Valmod thing?) Lol! "cant fit my round clay pot in the square beaker thingy, Help its broke!" ill hunt for ??? & errors if I can - as i go Ud8: wish FunPimps would sort their spawning sh*t out - having to log due to horde of runners spawning in with me in middle, yes could see them spawning in too... ;\ its like watching the star-trek teleporter in action, RUN! - Forest cant even run that fast!
  12. Rickachae

    True Survival

    Ok - so born and instantly killed without being able to apply Profession, so lost everything and just played silly experiments after that using lives up (didn't relies ya cant just remake a new character and spawn in... PLEASE CAN YOU RESET MY CHARACTER!! STEAM_0:0:108226457 or " Rickachae " Thanks - i know your kicking in 16.2 in nxt few days... ps: arrived at small tow/city and had no spawns - reloaded, got spawns but they would attack and hump my feet without killing me - could kill and get xp.... reloaded and fixed. pps: like what you've done with your mod since a couple o yrs ago... would love to see the skill books and reading take time to read, start - close and come back to them even, (same as sims3 did) would add a whole new dimension to your mod and make players think, [till you fin reading the book it would be very valuable] also fill in time at night... eg: maybe taking 2-5mins for a basic book / 5-7 med / 7-10 adv, food for thought. can you also make it possible to hide under your vehicles - at the risk of them blowing up and... of coarse Thanks spider and all, look forward to playing the new update too... (thanks also for scaring the SH$! outta my wife wile she watches - she loves the game too, Lol)
  13. Rickachae

    A16 Valmod Pack

    Making Raymond noodles with bowl o water is throwing an exception error... in 16.2 pack [am using 16.1 save game] (close with tab and close the editor at its close button to reverse in game without having to crash game - if you get this)
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