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  1. Water sounds kike it will be really tricky. I think there should be infinite source blocks, but they should not be abailable to players in a normal game. They should only be created during the RWG process or in creative mode. It would probably be relatively easy to bake rivers into Navezgane. But getting rivers functioning in RWG wlild probably be a nightmare and would add to the RWG generation time. I think lakes should count as infinite sources. But in terms of water fill, there should be a limit. Ideally water would flow until it reaches sea level, and sea level would be fixed so that it can never rise. I.e. water that makes it to sea level would automatically cancel out at that level. But yeah, there are probably server crashing possibilities out there. Perhaps there could be a server option to limit or turn off flow for larger servers. Internal testing would probably yield interesting results. However, good water has been done... I believe several years ago it was Roland who posted a video of a game where water would drain and fill other areas if the player created a situation where it could happen. Like spice, the water must flow.
  2. @faatal Regarding water, can you share the list of requirements and/or desired behaviors that you will be trying to meet? I'm genuinely curious, and also can't resist the upcoming... wait for it... WATERGATE! Haha, history has come full circle!
  3. Any release notes on A19.1 b8? I'm playing it now but don't see any release notes.
  4. During the Pre-A19 dev streams, which I really hope they do again for A20, they mentioned things they wanted to do in the next couple Alphas. So my understanding is A20 is a given, and probalby an A21. For me, I am really, really, REALLY hoping that water (which was mentioned) will get its rework in A20. Especially if we can get flowing water... would make for some interesting moats and river defense strategies.
  5. +.22 My parents had some neighbors just down the road who had to talk to some other neighbors because the side of their house was getting bullet holes in it. Their response was "But it's just a .22" Idiots.
  6. A longer stone age would work if the map or RWG supported it. Imagine a map like this: The initial spawn point is in a sparsely populated area. (The Duke drove you to the middle of nowhere and left you for dead) POIs are rare in this part of the map, so what you can make is what you got. Stone age lasts a while. To advance to iron/steel, you need to travel to the part of the map where civilization exists. Hopefully you go in the right direction! Also, getting to civilized areas with better loot should involve crossing dangerous areas that should be very difficult for a player in week 1 to cross. This would be agreat concept for a custom map. Getting to the good loot should involve travelling tens of km on foot, or by bike if you get lucky enough to find one. This way a player can spend the stone age getting basic equipment, and must travel to get better equipment. It will be interesting when the game goes gold and custom player made maps become a thing. Creating a map designed to be an epic journey could be fun!
  7. Has the hitler video been put up yet? That is generally a pre-requisite for experimental.
  8. Apparently, nighttime in A1 was like that. I think something like the A1 night sounds would be good, albeit dialed back quite a bit... unless in the wasteland! A1.1 nightime sounds (YouTube)
  9. Initial thoughts on Trader music, and A19 music in general (I know, a little late to the party) While I like having new music, the style doesn't feel right. Mainly the electric guitar sound used in a lot of the clips. I think the reason I feel this way is because somewhere in my brain, it isn't making sense that electric instruments would be common in the apocalypse. My feedback (for A20) is to try some iterations using a fully acoustic set. Traditional guitars, cigar box guitars, banjoes, harmonicas, pianos, flutes/whistles stuff like that. A severely de-tuned honky-tonk piano would be great to use in suspense music. Basically, instruments that would be common in a bluegrass/country setting. Not a country style of music, but those kinds of instruments with a modern post-apocalyptic flair. Kinda like how people are playing modern heavy metal music using only orchestral instruments. Do modern post-apocalyptic music, but try doing it with a strictly acoustic set of instruments that one might imagine they could craft in the apocalypse. Maybe even keep the electric guitar, but record it without an amplifier - put a mic by it and record the sound of the strings without plugging the guitar into anything. In A18, the music did work for me... With A19, some (but not all) of the music just feels out of place.
  10. How hard would it be to add a switch to enable ray tracing? I know it isnt viable today, but I figure I'll still be playing 6 years and several GPU generations from now.
  11. With the advent of biomes affecting game stage multipliers, will there be items/mods/perks that can affect our game stage multiplier? For example, nerdy glasses gives a 10% increase to xp. How about similar items that could affect game stage in a similar way? Maybe I'm overconfident and want to take on a horde at 1.5x current game stage. Or maybe I got wrecked and need to put on a life preserver that gives a .5x game stage multiplier.
  12. I noticed a lack of weather in A18 (bug?). Will we see a return to changing weather patterns in A19 or beyond?
  13. Some of the newspapers randomly lying around mention "FLU EPIDEMIC". Is it too soon to change it to "COVID PANDEMIC"?
  14. I am having a similar issue. When I go to the main 7daystodie.com page and click Forum, my browser goes to a strange and highly suspect page. If I back out and try again, it works fine. this happened on both Windows 10 Chrome and on my Android phone, also using the Chrome browser. Edit: Happens with Edge also. Edit2: Looks like the culprit is something called "win-your-super-prise3.life" It shows up on 7daystodie.com if (in Chrome) you open Developer Tools and look at the Page in the window that comes up. Is this some sort of ad software, or did malicious code find its way into your site?
  15. Um.. I need 18 wheels... ... or is the War Rig not coming with Alpha 18???
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