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  1. Regarding the numbers on the buildings, will they automatically adjust to the city's grid coordinates so that they work like real addresses and would be useful for us to know where we are, or are they just random?
  2. Yikes. I'd guess we are a minimum of three months out for a public experimental release. The internal bug squashing phase always seems to take a month or two. Add a month or so due to not even being feature locked... 2021 experimental if we are lucky. What are the odds the water rework will slip from A21 to A22? Maybe I'm expecting too much, but I'm looking forward to having some fun with waterworks if water can be used to "flush" zombies!
  3. Hopefully when 7DTD goes gold we can get entire player made maps complete with their own storyline. It would be cool to get some real world and fantasy locales recreated and zombified!
  4. I'd be incredibly surprised. The vibe in the forums is that the hype train is sitting cold and the train crew is at home sleeping. Once we see a dev stream again, the train will start warming up. Once the A20 streaming applications thread goes up, we will probably be a month out. Or they could be keeping it a huge secret and exp will drop Monday. And maybe Elon Musk will show up at my house with a free Cybertruck Plaid.
  5. Interesting point. So essentially A20 is a huge polish pass where the only gameplay changing things being added are the features that have proved difficult, and the rest is simply bringing the game up to 2021 (or perhaps 2022) standards. I do agree, at this point stop making major changes to fundamental gameplay and get the game looking and performing nice and get the rest of the features in. And hopefully with A22 water will finally be fixed and bandits will be in along with story mode.
  6. I suppose they can still be engineering if they are feature locked, but that means they are only engineering features that they have a high degree of confidence they can deliver on for this Alpha. If they aren't feature locked, that means that the door is still open for new features to be added. If they are debugging, that would mean features are locked and engineering is finished or almost finished and all they are doing is getting the already engineered features to work reliably and performantly.
  7. Looks like July 1 will be the anniversary of A19 exp. Is A20 still in the engineering phase? Feature locked? Debugging? Not asking if we are there yet, more of a where are we right this moment.
  8. +1 for the radio idea. However, I know TFP already have a plot in mind for the game. But I always thought that having ultra rare parts for a radio would be great for am endgame strategy. Once you get all the parts and are happy with ending the current playthrough, you use the radio to get rescued and the end credits roll. Kinda like Minecraft... You can play forever, but if you want you can kill the Ender dragon and have that sense of accomplishment of having beat the game. Hey, that supply plane has to he coming from somewhere!
  9. Based on past releases, you uave plenty of time. Id be very (pleasantly) suprised if A20exp dropped before April 2021. If it dropped befoee July, Id still he suprised. Especially considering the scope of the given roadmap. Last half of next year seems a safe bet.
  10. Water sounds kike it will be really tricky. I think there should be infinite source blocks, but they should not be abailable to players in a normal game. They should only be created during the RWG process or in creative mode. It would probably be relatively easy to bake rivers into Navezgane. But getting rivers functioning in RWG wlild probably be a nightmare and would add to the RWG generation time. I think lakes should count as infinite sources. But in terms of water fill, there should be a limit. Ideally water would flow until it reaches sea level, and sea level would be fixed so that it can never rise. I.e. water that makes it to sea level would automatically cancel out at that level. But yeah, there are probably server crashing possibilities out there. Perhaps there could be a server option to limit or turn off flow for larger servers. Internal testing would probably yield interesting results. However, good water has been done... I believe several years ago it was Roland who posted a video of a game where water would drain and fill other areas if the player created a situation where it could happen. Like spice, the water must flow.
  11. @faatal Regarding water, can you share the list of requirements and/or desired behaviors that you will be trying to meet? I'm genuinely curious, and also can't resist the upcoming... wait for it... WATERGATE! Haha, history has come full circle!
  12. Any release notes on A19.1 b8? I'm playing it now but don't see any release notes.
  13. +.22 My parents had some neighbors just down the road who had to talk to some other neighbors because the side of their house was getting bullet holes in it. Their response was "But it's just a .22" Idiots.
  14. Has the hitler video been put up yet? That is generally a pre-requisite for experimental.
  15. Apparently, nighttime in A1 was like that. I think something like the A1 night sounds would be good, albeit dialed back quite a bit... unless in the wasteland! A1.1 nightime sounds (YouTube)
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