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  1. I wish it would be more like the Thief franchise. Thief: The Dark Project did stealth great all the way back in 1998 (so don't tell me that it's too expensive on cpu cycles). The 7DTD UI seems reminiscent of the way the Thief UI worked, so it's a pity that stealth doesn't work similarly. Maybe the whole sleeper volume thing is just a sunk cost fallacy. I get that they are inactive entities until triggered to save on AI calcs, but how hard would it be to add a wakeup check to each of them to see whether they get activated? They could have randomly generated sensitivity modifiers to determine how heavy of a sleeper they are. It seems like the stealth system is there, it's just this whole sleeper volume thing is messing things up. No room or sleeping zed should have a 100% chance of detecting the player. Not even the boss room (although they should be extremely easy to wake up) The problem of simply waking up the whole POI to easily mow them down could be mitigated by making their detection radius relatively small. Maybe include a boolean "chain reaction" value to determine whether the sleeper will wake up if other sleepers around it are triggered. That way there can still be the tsunami of zeds in particular areas if one is awoken.
  2. Want to make farming even harder? Make it so that if the temperature drops below 32 all the crops die. Unless they are close to campfires to keep them warm... But then better watch out for all those screamers that will get attracted! 🥶
  3. Several pages late, but had to pop in to say that I totally agree with Vapid Actions whose name definitely doesn't sound trollish in any way! I'm so mad that I purchased and gifted yet another copy of 7DTD to a coworker while it was on sale! Yeah, take that TFP! There's $17.49 you'll never see! Keep up the great work! That probably won't be the last time I buy an additional copy!
  4. The way they've done it in the past would be A20 experimental releases and then it's several weeks to a month of more bug fixing before stable releases. Usually once stable is out, the next dev diary goes up about the same time. EDIT: Actually just checked and A19 Stable was Aug 20 and the A20 dev diary didn't go up til Oct 28 (2020). So there may be a few months of .x releases before the A21 goes up.
  5. LOL, so true! NONE of the zombies scare me more than the bear or dire wolf! Those are bosses compared to most of the zeds.
  6. Star Citizen has pretty close to 20 Alphas if you count each .1 release in Alpha 3.x. (Currently on 3.15, and at least four releases in the 2.x days) I don't see what the OP is whining about. I kinda doubt the OP is truthful about their professional status because the post is so childish. IF TFP charged money for each new Alpha, he might have a point. But I've been getting free updates since A12 or so. And unlike some early access games (like Star Citizen) each Alpha release is pretty darn stable and perfectly playable. I have paid a lot more for games I've played a lot less. I have nothing to complain about with regards to 7DTD.
  7. The character save file could be edited with a hex editor. The trick is finding the right spot (or spots} to edit. I suppose if you were to look at your characters exact amount of XP and convert it to hex you might be able to find it via a search... I don't think that would get rid of the perks, though. Sounds like a good project for somebody. Problem is the character save file probably goes through big changes with each Alpha, so it would have to be redone with each new Alpha. ...unless the Devs could post a document detailing the save file!
  8. What?! I watched the dev stream! The one where they all made blood oaths that A20 Stable would be out on time for Thanksgiving! They were even standing around a server with every Downfall parody ever made wearing purple fedoras and chanting "Truinternadashadadupressure" Have a great Thanksgiving! I have another game I'm trying to beat before devoting another couple hundred hours to 7DTD anyway.
  9. I wonder if the script isn't doing a stealth check? (Or maybe it is but isn't working?). I would make it so that a room wouldn't wake up if stealth was above the rooms threshold. The stealth required would be based on zombie level. Rooms with higher level Zs would require higher stealth to not wake up. BUT I would also make it so that if the player messes up, there is a good chance the whole POI could wake up. Sneaking deep into a large POI only to have everything wake up toward the end could make for some heart pounding moments, especially for those underground ones with only one way out!
  10. Regarding the numbers on the buildings, will they automatically adjust to the city's grid coordinates so that they work like real addresses and would be useful for us to know where we are, or are they just random?
  11. Yikes. I'd guess we are a minimum of three months out for a public experimental release. The internal bug squashing phase always seems to take a month or two. Add a month or so due to not even being feature locked... 2021 experimental if we are lucky. What are the odds the water rework will slip from A21 to A22? Maybe I'm expecting too much, but I'm looking forward to having some fun with waterworks if water can be used to "flush" zombies!
  12. Hopefully when 7DTD goes gold we can get entire player made maps complete with their own storyline. It would be cool to get some real world and fantasy locales recreated and zombified!
  13. I'd be incredibly surprised. The vibe in the forums is that the hype train is sitting cold and the train crew is at home sleeping. Once we see a dev stream again, the train will start warming up. Once the A20 streaming applications thread goes up, we will probably be a month out. Or they could be keeping it a huge secret and exp will drop Monday. And maybe Elon Musk will show up at my house with a free Cybertruck Plaid.
  14. Interesting point. So essentially A20 is a huge polish pass where the only gameplay changing things being added are the features that have proved difficult, and the rest is simply bringing the game up to 2021 (or perhaps 2022) standards. I do agree, at this point stop making major changes to fundamental gameplay and get the game looking and performing nice and get the rest of the features in. And hopefully with A22 water will finally be fixed and bandits will be in along with story mode.
  15. I suppose they can still be engineering if they are feature locked, but that means they are only engineering features that they have a high degree of confidence they can deliver on for this Alpha. If they aren't feature locked, that means that the door is still open for new features to be added. If they are debugging, that would mean features are locked and engineering is finished or almost finished and all they are doing is getting the already engineered features to work reliably and performantly.
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