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  1. I enjoyed reading the release notes for alpha 19 (recently posted here: https://7daystodie.com/a19-official-release-notes/ ) but there were a few things I have questions about. So, if anyone knows the answers to any of these, please share! So, would it be true to say that the game difficulty choice now affects ONLY zombie toughness/hit points? Or are there other effects? Is that only for bicycles, or do you get extra hungry when cruising in the 4x4, too? Any chance we could get a publicly-posted preview copy of serv
  2. 1) In a now-locked, 18 page thread on the steam forums here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/251570/discussions/0/2444839901098741365/ a vigorous discussion has been had about the anticipated game analytics being deployed in A19. The primary questions the community seems to want answered include: 1a - May we please, please, please have an opt-out checkbox thing to disable all the new analytics stuff? There are some users (not me, but a not-insignificant fraction of those in the above discussion) who won't even feel comfortable running the game unless they can turn it off. 1b - If
  3. I have always loved those decals, and the other newspaper decals, so I will add this question: Any plans to add more? I think it's a lovely bit of world-building.
  4. I've been typing 'sg landclaimcount 99' just after dismissing my Noah note and noob quest when starting a new game, that works as well. So the "before loading the game" part isn't required. And the value seems to get saved in the save file, so you only ever have to do it once per game (edit: pardon the messed up quote, attribution is canadianbluebeer, two posts up. )
  5. I was about to embark upon a retcon war with you, but.... not tonight. Hehe. Thanks for the laugh.
  6. Fixed that for you (new lighting system yay!) and yeah, I should try zombies walking at night some time. And by torchlight. Fun suggestions!
  7. I would really like that, my current desktop background is essentially a burnt/snow boundary area. Will depend on my ability to tolerate the ambient noises, though, not sure if any changes have been made but some past alphas have included small, brief, but intollerable-anyway bits of noise in some biomes. It's always something I consider when selecting where to live. Burnt and Wasteland were the culprits in that respect in the past.
  8. Could we get an updated Biker zed with maybe half the vest torn off? Hmm...? Always reminded me of Khal Drogo or whatever his name was from game of thrones, the rapist-turned-love-interest (what an icky plotline!) but wow, that chest. I'm not usually super attracted to men, but there is definite potential in our biker friend. Edit: Well, I mean putting aside the zombification etc. Heh.
  9. If you think that is off-topic, here, you haven't been reading this thread too terribly long. 😛 My experience with 2 hour cycles and 10 day weeks has been good for me. I have not been sharing that game with any friends so I can't comment on co-op dynamics. Most of my other settings are vanilla and it's been just... good. I like it. I can't recall what gamestage I was at for my first horde or things like that at this moment. Sorry so vague.
  10. Ah, but my default settings (in single player, not on my co-op server) are 120 minute cycles, 10th day hordes. Going slower almost isn't an option. Heh. On your second point, it seems then we are almost equivalent in how we do that bit, then.
  11. Yay backstories! Those are all fun! I have tried on many occasions to make up backstories before play, and then stick to them during play, in 7 days to die. And for some reason, that hasn't worked well and I think it is related to my play style in that I tend to react very strongly and circumstantially to the loot I find in the first couple game-days. If I get the book that lets me sneak-sprint with no stamina use? That's going to be a stealth build. If I find a cigar on day 1, and nerdy glasses day 2? Intellect. And so what I've ended up doing, in a somewhat fatalistic
  12. First of all, thank you for your story I really enjoyed it. Amnesia is, after all this time, still on my to-play list despite having been in my library, and my intense enjoyment of bits and pieces of the soundtrack. But I've read many such stories by people in regards to 7 days. And lived many such stories myself. And no other game besides Egosoft's X series has ever done that for me. We are blessed, in this day and age, with an abundance of games made with loving attention to detail by people passionate about their art. And some of those artists are writers who provid
  13. I wonder if anyone has extensively playtested making axes count as bladed weapons as well as mining weapons? I thought they did at one time, but maybe that was unbalanced because you could also use it instead of your hunting knife/machete etc. (edit: for harvesting) But yeah, the fire axe as melee weapon needs some kind of additional love.
  14. My assumption is that's the new high-level club, the steel mace.
  15. This is exactly correct. It also may help to bear in mind, however that even if/when Unity fixes it, such upgrades are not always trivial. Sometimes in order to upgrade Unity, you have to change many things in your program, like Kerbal Space Program did on one occcasion. So, depending on the details, it might come someday, or never. I too have wished for logic gates. Would enable all sorts of crazy youtube videos (just search for minecraft redstone videos for examples) which would help the game get more popular come the end of early access, I expect. It occurs to me that i
  16. Yes, I also felt that the movement was a little too smooth and perfect. For the traders, a big dose of random bobs and wavers would work. As for most of the zombies. I feel like there should be maybe one zed, just one, who retains the current A19 pre-experimental behaviour forever. Just because it IS a little weird. And zombies are weird, sometimes.
  17. Gotcha, thanks. At least in my social circumstances, same here. I imagine it's more a cultural thing that depends on a biology thing, than a directly biological thing, but it's pretty firmly ingrained in my culture.
  18. Thank you for that clear explanation, I will quote and reuse it when answering that question in the future!
  19. Oh sweet! I forgot about the PBR stuff and lighting stuff they described! Is that going to make shadows cheaper? Will it have any impact on light underground?
  20. Kind of makes brutal, obvious sense in hindsight.
  21. 1) While I hope that they do add more paint textures, and I think that they are aware of community desires for more more more of those, there are apparently some kind of engine or performance limitations that limit the number of textures they can have, or some such. I'm not super clear on the details, but for some reason it's not as easy as just making a texture and including it in the build. 2) Modders can make models, too. The fun pimps are focused on other things right now. 3) They mentioned almost every one of those quest types in the recent livestream with Prime an
  22. https://steamcommunity.com/app/251570/discussions/0/2444839901098741365/ I started a discussion over on the steam community about the upcoming analytics in A19, because I was worried that once news of that hit the general community of people who don't watch every livestream etc, things would turn into a garbage fire like with other games I have played. So I was trying to at least limit the garbage fire to one dumpster. And in that conversation, one thought that came up was, will it be opt-in, or opt-out? Because if it were opt-in, that would be SO MUCH BETTER for commu
  23. Agreed, and "good enough" is sometimes better than perfect, when you can spend the saved time or thought processes on more interesting things.
  24. HOLY FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER, do you know what this means, good sir?? You have found a way to travel back in time! We can go back, and prevent ALL of this! On the other hand, please don't. I like this game.
  25. Final blow, or shall the impact driver accomplish the entire task?
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