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Tin's Modlet Tweaks


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Hey Ragsy! Do you have a working boat mod we don't know about? Share the love! :smile-new:


More correctly somewhere to sink my boat lol


No not at present i have been tied up with other stuff :smile-new: ... I have looked at it in the past to be honest as I am a big fan of manux's A16 work , and have again looked but my idea's sank ;) .... I think we all would love to get boats/rafts working so we can sail away across Tin's new worlds.


Maybe I will look again soon real life permitting that is .



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Well, after a long time away (its a long story) from gaming/modding, I'm back and where is the first place I come to? Why... Tin of course.

I always learned a lot from your RWG tweaks and mods and, now that I'm back in the saddle, I've had a look at A17 and boy oh boy do I need to get caught up on all the new RWG Moduals and their effects on the world. So I will probably be downloading a tonne of mods and modlets from all the gang (Tin, Guppy, Jax, Royale, etc, etc... there are so many that helped me in my A15 mod days... many thanks) just to try/play with things and study cause and effect before I get back into prefabs and RWG modding.


A few of my A15 prefabs (mainly show'n'shine and underground) are first and foremost to be converted/populated to the A17 format and play-tested. I love how they turned out and had a fun time making them as well as the learning experience (I was noob to 7d2d modding) and I got lot of good feedback towards them.


Ive always been a bit behind the eight ball when it comes to my PC upgrades (mine is eFFing old as dust) so a17 is not running that great for me (i really gotta dumb it down in the graphics just to play) but I usually make a custom 1Kx1K,flat,blank world in which I make my prefabs for export. That said, after I get a feel for the game again (A17) I'm gonna hammer down and get back into prefabbing for the community.


Contributing to this bunch of great people always made me happy, and who doesn't like to be happy.

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