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7 days to die VR is posible

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Hello. I just bought a Playstation VR glasses and I'm amazed about it. I thought that virtual reality was other thing but now I tried I see that VR can be the future of the videogames.


My question for The fun pimps for the PC version is. Can you enable a VR option or an stereoscopic mode in 7 days to die? I explain my experience. I used two different software to play Playstation VR in computer and it works perfect. I do not have oculus rift or htc vive but if you add and stereoscopic option (double image side by side) everybody can play 7 days to die in VR.


With the software Trinux driver it's possible use the PSVR in PC, the head movement is emulated as the mouse movement and when I move my head the character turns looking around, up and down like an VR mode. It's perfect to play 7 days to die as if you are there, inside the game. I can play with keyboard or joystick without problems. It's not necessary see the keyboard to play the game, everybody knows where are the most important keys and it's possible play with glasses.


What is the problem? I can play with glasses but without depth because the game is not in VR mode. I use another software to get the depth, Vorpx in Geometry mode, and it gives me a little depth, but it's a very little experience compared with any game in 3D stereocopic mode.


I know that the Unity game engine and Directx allow the VR mode, so, can The fun pimps enable an VR option to do it possible? It's not necesary that the head and torso turns independently, if you turn the head it's fine that character turns because this is perfect to aim and run. And it's possible too turn more with the manual mouse movement, because if you want look backwards it's better do the 180° with mouse and continue playing with the head movement.


Thanks for reading.

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Yes. With Vorpx is possible, I said it. But the depth with Vorpx is very very very low. Vorpx has 3 levels of Depth, the most inmersive level of depth is called "Geometry" and costs much cpu/gpu resources. Unfortunately, although some depth is achieved, the immersion is minimal.

I hope this feature arrives early. Until then, we have to conform with practically flat graphics.


If someone wants help for setting Trinux (PS VR users) or Vorpx, don't doubt to contact me.

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The Depth3d shader or SuperDepth3d with Reshade works with a bit(or bunch) or tweaking for stereoscopic, thought no head tracking or anything. Maybe you could combine them? I wouldn't mind some mod that adds a depth map for increased stereoscopic function. If any modders know of such things....I admittedly am not very savvy with the coding aspects or know if it's even possible.

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VR developer for 25+ years chiming in. I also develop with Unity and understand something of what the Pimps are dealing with. (Bad news first. We are post-apocalyptic zombie hunters, and want the bad stuff first.)



  • VR performance will suck - gets better over next 3 years, as we can "throw better video cards at the problem" - expensive for players tho'
  • Combat, inventory mgmt, all menus will have to be re-done (a thousand hours easy @ $100/hr including bennies, taxes, etc. = $100k)
  • Not a very large target market. Maybe 100,000 copies sold for 24 month period, 2021-2023. Basically, a labor of love.


  • Will become "halo product" - the only game of its type until at least 2023 - captive audience of VR users
  • Incredibly atmospheric - the immersion will be terrifying and will get 1) word of mouth and 2) reinforce halo status
  • Potential for weaving more interconnected multiplayer a la DayZ - VR play is slower, with more reliance on other people
  • Potential for very slick combat system, which, unfortunately, would be VR-only...

It's all Unity, so I get it. Biggest challenge is technical; it's just a lot of overhead to support something like this in VR. It is possible but besides being a lot of work, would also be a terrible user experience, unless the Pimps spend hundreds of hours to optimize the UI. Remember the console port? That is what could happen, leading to pissed-off gamers.


On the other hand: If they went nuts on the VR side, totally committed, and brought out a new harvesting + combat + damage system which would take your actual hit placement into account... it would be industry-leading. I would pay crazy money for this. But, they would "split" from the regular user base and be forced to support a niche within a niche (survivalist players who are also VR users).


I get they are trying to polish what already exists. Adding VR would be similar to the console port. It would distract them from the core game. Remember they designed this game before VR was a thing.

I would respect the decision for a VR-only fork, alpha of an alpha. But they would not make money on it in its current ambitious state. Maybe they could do it by simulating a single town on the Oculus Quest, with 1/30th the land area. I'd buy it!

Though, I will put this out there: the most terrified I've been has been in The Forest (---VR version---). There is something about VR survival games that is incredibly primal, and this is where the Pimps would dance that artistic line: being able to pay rent vs. something that will make players literally deucedrop at 22:00 as the zombos decide to horde up.

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On 10/27/2019 at 12:42 AM, JayBiggS said:


I don't think that is true. Madmole has basically poo-poo'd the idea whenever I've seen him address it and unfortunately it doesn't appear that it can be added by modders either

It was one of the kickstarter goals. If they don't implement it, I personally wouldn't care much, but it wouldn't look good.

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Ever since I got VR, I want every game I have to be VR, sadly they are not.  VR is by far the best experience I have ever had for shooter games.  If you guys end up doing it, that would be awesome, if not, I'll still mash this game just because I love it that much.  Please do make it VR though lol, my god, just thinking of it makes me excited for the future of games.


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if they teamed up with Arizona Sunshine makers............................
on occasions its like being in 7dtd vr when playing AS

don't know what platform AS is on or if its adaptable?

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I will never do anything with VR until it’s worth doing as it seems most people I know that have gotten the headsets have gone “meh” likely due to the games being bad/cheesy or it’s just not up to snuff yet.


I had a lot of hope when Microsoft had that Minecraft thing where you could “see” your game on a tabletop or through a tablet/layered In The real world. And then you could “make it bigger” via using the tablet as a “window” or put on a VR headset and walk around.  I saw that and went “yes! It’s happening!”.  I read Microsoft is killing the product. I hope it will be rebranded or resold as it looked amazing, even if it was all lies and smoke those “project onto a table or go full VR” were great ideas for 3D games. 


Having said all of that...I would very likely go out today and buy VR headset/equipment for this game if it existed. even if it looked “bad” I would probably play it in VR anyway :). Even if the controls were difficult I would probably just consider it “part of the challenge”.

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The game will probably have 3D support sometime after release. Release is at least 2 years away though, so any details are surely not even known by the developers at the moment.



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