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  1. fixed that for ya. Also if you've never been Rick-Grohled, here's a preview of Alpha 20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5oeWHngDS4
  2. Also, not sure why (false sense of security?), but I have had more jump scares in this alpha than the entire 2 years or so I've been playing this game. I kinda wish there was some reverb added to zombie sounds when they are farther away for a more realistic representation of audio cues (and more footsteps), so I don't have to do laundry so often. Neebs adds reverb for a nice theatrical effect. I think the added audio space would be nice, but it's also kind of awesome the way it is, if you ignore the heart attacks. But it does sound like they are right behind me when they are yards away....then they are right behind me at other times with no notice, no telegraph. Sneaky bastards.
  3. Happy Turkey Holocaust! I know it's not, but A18 kinda feels like Beta 1.0. Now we need to get to page 2000 on this dev diary so they will release Beta 2.0.....cause everyone knows that's what releases depend upon...
  4. yeah hopefully there will be at least a ui option for it in the future....along with a fov slider
  5. I don't know the name of the mod, but there is one that adds food and water bars to the ui
  6. Hey guys, does anyone know if the iron breaker and bunker buster mods apply to other ores but they just don't say so in the description? It would make sense to me for the bunker buster to work for stone, nitrate, coal, and oil shale, and the iron breaker to work for iron and lead. I assumed they didn't but it would be logical to have one work for stonelike ores and one for metals.
  7. Been on keto for over a year...no cheat days. Erythritol, stevia, and xylitol are great for sweetening without the carbs. Been making keto pizza, bread, and desserts that are not a compromise, they are really good (with the right recipe). The hardest thing for me is potatoes...there is no substitute that I've found. Caulliflower is not potatoes, don't listen to anyone who says it is just like it, they lie. I've also been vegetarian for 20 years so potatoes are my meat in a way. Fries, hash browns, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes.....mmm. Keto is way easier for carnivores I think.
  8. Does anyone have any advice for getting the best quality vs performance settings? Trying to get it to look nice and be smooth and it seems the FPS I'm getting doesn't really coincide with smoothness as much as I expect. I can get a nice decent FPS but still have it look a bit jittery when turning/panning, while it might be smoother at a lower fps with different settings, but I feel like I'm randomly changing things without a full grasp on what it's affecting...Also the lighting can be too washed out or too dark depending on the shadows/reflections, and I'm trying to find a good balance, but that affects the smoothness too. I had most settings turned fairly low before upgrading to an rtx 2060, now I'm trying to dial it in but I'm not totally sure what's going to make the most difference. For example, I'm not sure the difference between SS Reflections and regular reflections, reflected shadows, SSAO and if they affect each other or how. The descriptions when you hover over don't really go into detail. Wondering what other people are using for their settings. What's a good compromise? Also, is there a comprehensive guide on the settings somewhere that explains it all including the new options in A18?
  9. So I'm upgrading from my gtx 1050 2GB card to an Rtx 2060 6gb, and it just arrived yesterday so I'm stoked. Unfortunately the power has been preemptively off since Saturday during these dry windstorms to prevent fires (though there seem to be a lot anyways because half of all the people are idiots), and probably won't be turned on again until this saturday, so I'm trying to make the time pass faster so I can finally play 7dtd in its full glory. Anyways I'm living vicariously through you guys, so thank you for taking the edge off this boredom....seriously the scariest Halloween ever. It's like a mini apocalypse here.🤐
  10. I'll have several a day sometimes. Filed a bug report so hopefully it's being addressed. Restarting steam might help a bit.
  11. @Devs, Will there be indicators in the future of which weapons and tools mods can be placed on? right now it's trial and error and errors are expensive. most shotgun mods are only for the pump shotgun for example. I didn't know that until wasting the resources to make them for the double barrel. a simple explanation in the description would be enough.
  12. was I imagining a mention of being able to hide wires? Is there a console command or was that just talk or a coming feature or a hallucination?
  13. Would it be possible to add random buried treasure in the game just scattered around the map? I was thinking it'd be cool to randomly come across buried treasure while mining outside of a quest.
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