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  1. fixed that for ya. Also if you've never been Rick-Grohled, here's a preview of Alpha 20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5oeWHngDS4
  2. Also, not sure why (false sense of security?), but I have had more jump scares in this alpha than the entire 2 years or so I've been playing this game. I kinda wish there was some reverb added to zombie sounds when they are farther away for a more realistic representation of audio cues (and more footsteps), so I don't have to do laundry so often. Neebs adds reverb for a nice theatrical effect. I think the added audio space would be nice, but it's also kind of awesome the way it is, if you ignore the heart attacks. But it does sound like they are right behind me when they are yards away....then they are right behind me at other times with no notice, no telegraph. Sneaky bastards.
  3. Happy Turkey Holocaust! I know it's not, but A18 kinda feels like Beta 1.0. Now we need to get to page 2000 on this dev diary so they will release Beta 2.0.....cause everyone knows that's what releases depend upon...
  4. The Depth3d shader or SuperDepth3d with Reshade works with a bit(or bunch) or tweaking for stereoscopic, thought no head tracking or anything. Maybe you could combine them? I wouldn't mind some mod that adds a depth map for increased stereoscopic function. If any modders know of such things....I admittedly am not very savvy with the coding aspects or know if it's even possible.
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