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  1. can you add an m60 machine gun to that 4x4 truck that has been added to the game
  2. An animal trap would be a good addition to the game as well
  3. i find problems and problem is eyewear items.
  4. you or friend can stand to back and shooting animals.zombies,something else. you can build 4x4 truck different variants and it would be an accessory
  5. you or friend stand to back and shoot animal,zombie,something else similar to that picture
  6. i have tracker icon green and 20s but i look map and here is not animal to map you see chicken icon in the map
  7. i put the block on top of the sledgeturret and now it's disappeared
  8. which tier opens mo electronics store. i want know this.
  9. So many game doesnt used gpu 100%.
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