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  1. I'm In a pvp realm with friends right now and I keep thinking god I need a garden. Wish I could make an underground garden with UV lights.
  2. Ever since I got VR, I want every game I have to be VR, sadly they are not. VR is by far the best experience I have ever had for shooter games. If you guys end up doing it, that would be awesome, if not, I'll still mash this game just because I love it that much. Please do make it VR though lol, my god, just thinking of it makes me excited for the future of games.
  3. Would be nice if Electrical wire was craftable, and you could run your wires as long as you wanted. Then have it so that when you have your rebar or wood blocks, you have to click on the blocks you want your wire to run through, but only able to do so before you upgrade the block( So that the wires are hidden for a cleaner look). If you need to replace the blocks after a blood moon, put the starter blocks back in, then reconnect from the last whole block, and click on the starter blocks to reconnect the circuit. That way I can put all my switches in one spot for horde nights, and have things a lot more organized, just have a lot more grinding to be able to create the wire. A lot more foresight would have to be had by players on how you make your base, but that is half the fun in making a base from scratch or upgrading a preexisting building. Probably would be a programing nightmare, maybe have a specialized conduit rebar block for running your wire (with different shape options), and keep the regular blocks so as not to mess with the original code. Except that the blocks wouldn't put a wire distance limiter on it, as long as those blocks were used.
  4. Fog in certain biomes and low laying ravine like areas would be cool, based off of the topography of the map. Really like that last update for the sky, looks just incredible.
  5. I would love to be able to drive and look at the map, or run while sorting my inventory. I have also not been able to find anything on Pool Tables/Billards Table or Open signs. Think it would be great to add those to the traders as collectable items for your base, and any other cool looking things that are in the world. Or even better, make them collectable like the office chairs, but I prefer the trader, work for the good stuff, make it rare. Also saw it in another thread, steel bars, or just the ability to encase everything in steel or make it out of steel. Love the bunkers you guys have made, alot of time must have went into the design of alot of these buildings. Thanks for all of your hard work, you guys rock. Going to link a video of the base my friends and I have been working on, love this game for the base building aspects of it, can spend days just building stuff out.
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