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  1. Thanks for that,downloaded ok,think I'll wait to see if you update for A18...........
  2. download link is dead will it work in 18?
  3. I hear ya but I'm playing dead is dead. I know it's only day 21 but that's 3 solid days I won't get back. yay I found it,gamestage converted to ac and only 1 instance of ac in the file. Changed the only '1' in the line of code which was '10' and no more deaths. Feels a tad like cheating but it wasn't me that caused the death so I'm ok with it.
  4. Needed toilet,hit esc to pause it......... 6yr old thought he'd have a little play..........♥♥♥♥ himself and ran away so I died...........aaaarrrrgghhhh Trying to research how to do it and can be done by hex editor. got my kill count 635,1 death and not sure what my score is or where to find it? same as game stage or maybe level? 635 converts to 27B but no where to be found with hex editor,converted ok? probably not using the hex editor properly or not set the right values? using portable HxD. Could do with some help trying top find the right line etc etc Thanks
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