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  1. Uhhhh, looks like a mole rat to me... 👍 Outstanding stuff here!
  2. I figured. The Capitol Wasteland will have to be a Nitro or KG map, then. 👍
  3. I have an 8k height map (16 bit greyscale) of the Washington, DC area. But my Google-fu has failed me! All of my searches for importing a height map in 7DtD take me to stuff about Nitrogen and KingGen. I've already used both of those to generate maps based on that DC height map. I'd like to see what the RWG does with populating the map. Is there a way to import the height map to use with the RWG? (And yes, I know about importing CompoPack and other prefabs into the RWG list...) And if so, how? Thanks!
  4. Two words: Hobo Stew. 'Nuff said.
  5. looks over at Nexus Mods at the games with the most mods... 7D2D is in the top 25 games sorted by number of mod files. Even if it isn't the 100k+ mods between Oldrim and Skyrim: The Next Generation (that's Special Edition for anyone who doesn't hold a legit nerd card), that 1.2K is a HEALTHY, happy customer base for a game that is still in Alpha for what? Almost eight years now. Mods aren't taking anything away from Bethesda, or their money stream. Another Bethesda monster game series that was healthy and happy is the Fallout franchise, with something approaching 75k mods between FO3, New Vegas, and FO4. We won't count the less than 1k mods for that abomination that is F76, it hasn't cracked the top 30 mod count on Nexus... We have gotten a "sequel" to 7 Days every 6 - 8 - 12 months when a new alpha drops and breaks all our save games! 🤣 When I consider the cost of the game, and that I've got almost 5k hours logged in this game, it's the best bang for my gaming dollar I have ever spent. Once the game goes gold? You can bet I'll be lined up to see if they give us Dragonborn, or Nuka-World quality DLC. And I look forward to getting modding tools like LOOT, Wrye Bash, TESVEdit and more. Because yeah, I love the game that much. I'm learning how to mod the game myself. Sequels? Abso-fraggin-lutely! I started with Morrowind. Got Oblivion. Then Skyrim. Fallout 3, New Vegas, Fallout 4. Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2, and if Gabe Newell wasn't flat out phobic about putting out a third in a series, I'd have Half-Life 3. (edit to add: I'm scared that Bethesda is going to do to TES 6 what they did to F76... Gawd what a FUBAR!) 7D2D? Hell yeah, I'll get a sequel game too!
  6. I think I have the XML code here... <property name="cognitaveDissonance" value="true"/> <effect_group> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="PlugEars" target="self"/> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="ImNotListening" target="self"/> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="RefuseToResearchWhatHappenedWithTelltale" target="self" /> </effect_group> Does that look right to y'all?
  7. I was experiencing a similar issue with random CTDs (Crash To Desktop) in Alpha 18. Running an Alienware with a GTX 1070 GPU no less. Finally eliminated everything else - I had GeForce Experience running, and it would auto-update drivers and FUBAR my game settings. Uninstalled GeForce experience, reset my settings, no more CTDs. I hope you got things squared away. 👍
  8. ^ THIS ^ Many overhauls incorporate major changes when they update versions, so it is rather common to require a new game. For example, since the first time I played the ZombieDayz overhaul it has undergone 3 updates. And I think I started playing it on a19.3. And each update has required a new game. Fortunately I use Mod Launcher, so I have my earlier alphas available if I want to play the earlier games.
  9. The Traders do NOT sell 7.62mm HP ammo. At all. Ever. Soooo, I looked in the traders.xml file, and found : <trader_item_group name="ammo"> <item name="ammo9mmBulletBall" count="40,150"/> <item name="ammo9mmBulletAP" count="40,150"/> <item name="ammo762mmBulletBall" count="20,100"/> <item name="ammo762mmBulletAP" count="20,100"/> <item name="ammo44MagnumBulletBall" count="15,60" prob="0.5"/> <item name="ammo44MagnumBulletAP" count="15,60" prob="0.5"/> <item name="ammoShotgunShell" count="15,100"/> <item name="ammoShotgunSlug" count="6,25" prob="0.2"/> <item name="ammoRocketHE" count="1,4"/> <item name="ammoRocketFrag" count="1,4"/> <item name="ammoArrowIron" count="20,60"/> <item name="ammoArrowSteelAP" count="20,60"/> <item name="ammoCrossbowBoltIron" count="20,60"/> <item name="ammoCrossbowBoltSteelAP" count="20,60"/> </trader_item_group> There is no line for <item name="ammo762mmBulletHP" count="20,100"/> anywhere in the trader.xml, so the 7.62 hollow point ammo will never appear in their inventory. If this is intentional on the part of TFP, that's fine, but if it was just something missed in the jumble, then here's a chance to correct that. I've already done a mod for my game to put it in the mix of trader ammo.
  10. You can also experience that issue if he has the server visibility set to "Friends Only". A "friend" has to be logged on it for the server to show up on the list.
  11. @bdubyah - If you want/need more play testers for feedback, I'm gamey. Game. GAME! I took a shower this morning... *wanders off muttering something about "Damned typos"*
  12. Please don't tell the modding community that having variety in zombies is too difficult. I don't want to see them stop making them... Just sayin'.
  13. Hmmmm, I was inside a POI house that I had cleared to stay the night in. A little after 2200, got hit with a radiation warning. Assuming it was a radiated ghoul, I beat feet up the stairs and hopped on the roof to provide some distance. He wandered on across the street where I had fun watching him tangle with a few zombies all night. I've also had radiated ghouls show up on a couple of horde nights. The way I have my horde base set up I don't think they can get close enough to hit lethal rad levels. But that server game is still on 2.1. I haven't done a horde night on 2.27 yet.
  14. I just compile my own Prefabs folder = vanilla + CompoPack 47 + the prefabs for The Wasteland. KingGen pulls the list. 👍
  15. AVG just popped up - Good news from Threat Labs! We didn't find any threats in that KingGen.exe file you sent us...
  16. Just a heads up, but AVG alerted on my 0.9.1 install as a "suspicious" file. First time that AVG has done that (Windows does every time, I know I can ignore that one!).
  17. I haven't seen this addressed in the previous posts - can the radiation.png be painted with green in areas that secondary radiation zones are desired? Rather like the radzones in Darkness Falls or Ravenhearst.
  18. I have ModLauncher ver installed and checked the Available Mods. The Wasteland is not listed, nor is the UH-60 standalone. Might be others not showing up but I noticed those right away as they are among my favorites. 👍
  19. Can this be used with NitroGen, or do we have to use the in-game RWG?
  20. I was inspired by the ZombieDayz overhaul by seeing what you can do by compiling mods to create a different world experience. So I'm teaching myself how to create mods and have had some small success (like adding StimPacks and a Lead Lining mod to add radiation resistance to the Power Armor) that work with bdubyah's The Wasteland mod. Because I want a multiplayer game that is more Fallout-ish than that abomination that is FO76. But making a working turret that uses Frag Rockets for ammo is proving to be a helluva problem Just changing the ammo type from 9mmBall to the 9mmHP rounds borks the animations for the auto turret, and don't get me started here on what happens when I tried to change the shotgun turret ammo to using the frag rockets... I asked here in the 7D2D forums in the Discussion and Requests for suggestions/help but got nada response. So bdubyah and stallionsden suggested I join your Discord channel so I can pick the brains of modders who might be more familiar with this kind of issue. So, I humbly request an invite to join that. 🙂
  21. Word on the street is that Damocles is working on other stuff now, not 7 Days and Nitrogen.
  22. I am new to creating mods for my own use, but have been inspired by some of the best and most useful mods (in my opinion, anyway *LOL*). Working with bdubyah's The Wasteland, I have made tweaks and additions that work fine, like craftable Lead Lining mods for the power armor, StimPacks, schematics for crafting those things... But how to make a Rocket Turret is eluding me. Created the schematic - Check. Made a custom icon for inventory - Check. Created the recipe to craft the turret - Check. Made the append xpath to point to the blocks.xml file - Check. Copied the shotgun turret code block, changed the name to rocketTurret, change the ammo type to ammoRocketFrag, changed the muzzle smoke and fire sound to match the Rocket Launcher in the items.xml, etc. - Check Open creative, the Rocket Turret is there! YAY! The schematic is there. YAY! In crafting, it shows up as a craftable item. YAY! 3 for 3, right? Place the block, slap some frag rockets in it, hook up power, and.... The muzzle flash is coming from the battery, and the rockets are launching 90 degrees to the right of the direction the turret is pointing. It was firing continuously even though there are no Zombies to target, and the shotgun turret is not turning back and forth. Here's the code I used: <block name="rocketTurret"> <property name="Extends" value="autoTurret"/> <property name="CreativeMode" value="Player"/> <property name="Model" value="Entities/Traps/AutoTurret/Auto_TurretShotgunPrefab"/> <property name="CustomIcon" value="rocketTurret"/> <property name="AmmoItem" value="ammoRocketFrag"/> <!-- does not use the damage value --> <!-- <property name="Magazine_items" value="ammoRocketHE,ammoRocketFrag"/> To be figured out --> <property name="MaxDistance" value="100"/> <property name="EntityDamage" value="100"/> <!-- does not use range falloff for damage --> <property name="BlockDamage" value="5"/> <property name="RaySpread" value="1.6"/> <!-- Spread 1.6deg: 1m cone(55% hit) @ 50m --> <!-- <property name="RayCount" value="8"/> --> <property name="BurstRoundCount" value="4"/> <property name="BurstFireRate" value="0.61"/> <property name="CooldownTime" value="2"/> <property name="OvershootTime" value="0.8"/> <property name="ParticlesMuzzleFire" value="rocketLauncherFire"/> <property name="ParticlesMuzzleSmoke" value="nozzlesmoke_m136"/> <!--<property name="Buff" value="buffShotgunWound01"/> <property name="BuffChance" value="0.8"/>--> <property name="FireSound" value="m136_fire"/> <property name="EconomicValue" value="3500"/> <property name="PickupJournalEntry" value="cameraTip"/> <property name="UnlockedBy" value="perkAdvancedEngineering,rocketTurretSchematic"/> </block> As a test, I did a copy/paste of the autoTurret block, and literally, the only things I changed in the block code were the block name (to autoTurretHP), and the AmmoItem (to ammo9mmHP). It shows up in creative, I can place it, load it, and it shoots when a zombie is in its active cone. But it doesn't swivel back and forth scanning, either. I'm missing something, and I am hoping someone experienced with modding blocks can help me out. Thanks in advance!
  23. Even though you were answering someone else, I am working on my Fallout based mod, and you just told me how to add a really nice touch to it. THANK YOU!
  24. I am working on creating a more Fallout like experience based around bdubyah's The Wasteland mod. But what Fallout experience would be complete without Deathclaws? Using P1ut0niumGames P1ut0_Radioactive(A19) from Nexus I can now create rad zones by painting the radiation.png map, and working anti-radiation suits. I figured out how to add a lead lining mod to the Power Armor and have added in StimPacks. I'm working on creating RadAway. etc. It's one thing to recolor an existing icon image and rename it to suit what you are making, or to write the xml code to add your <item name="medicalStimPack"/>... but animation is way over my technical ceiling. So, tossing this out to the Winds of Chance and Patron Saints of Luck. Would anyone be interested in tackling a mod that adds Deathclaws to 7 Days? Thanks in advance for any work done, or information pointing me towards a Fallout fan who can handle 7D2D animation! - Geoff
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