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  1. Game settings to look at: #1 - Difficulty level #2 - Your Game Stage #3 - Loot percentage #4 - Max Zombie spawns And in the game code itself: How long the loot bags persist. With the vanilla settings, loot bags can (and often do, especially for the first wave or two) despawn before the end of the horde. There are mods that can adjust the despawn time so that dropped loot bags will stay longer, or you can write your own simple mod to do that.
  2. The modding community for 7DtD is robust, and creative, rather like the modding communities for Bethesda's The Elder Scroll and Fallout games. There are mods that add all sorts of weapons, overhauls (like Asia mod) that replace almost everything in the game, mods that add vehicles, mods that add zombies, mods that change the appearance of the vanilla zombies so there is more variety, mods that change the HUD/UI, mods that add new places to explore. If you want something, do a web search. You will probably find a mod for it already, because (and trust me on this), you are almost certainly not the only person with an interest in it, and someone has probably already found a way to add it to the game. If you don't find exactly what you are looking for? Find a mod that comes close and use it. Or, you might think about doing what I did. Take some time and put in just a little bit of effort to learn about XML and XPath modding. Want your M60 to come with a bigger magazine? Open up the items.xml file and look at the M60 to see what you need to change! Want vehicles to go faster? Open up the vehicles.xml file to see how the base and turbo speeds are set up. Make a mod that tweaks the values to what you want. A while back I noticed that the Traders weren't selling 7.62HP ammo, so I made a mod that added those HP rounds into the trader ammo inventory to fix something I felt needed fixing. And from there, I took off with making my own mods... Jeebus, I'm 60 years old, and I just started learning this stuff a year or so ago. If this old dinosaur can figure out how to do stuff like that, I'm reasonably certain that you youngsters can.
  3. 👆 👆 👆 So much THIS! I ❤️ what Bdub has done with The Wasteland to give us Fallout (at least 3, NV & 4) fans a great experience. But we don't necessarily think alike on how the game should handle certain things. Real examples - #1 - Bdub uses Khaine's 60 slot backpack in The Wasteland. I (and the folks I play with) like to use a 90 slot backpack. #2 - I like harvestable and lootable zombie, mutant, and raider corpses. Bdubyah? Not so much. #3 - Bdub wants vehicles to use more fuel, and for fuel to be more scarce, whereas I think a 4x4, even with stupid gas consumption rates, should still be able to make multiple trips back and forth across an 8k map before running out of gas. After all 8k is only about 5 miles. Even at a ridiculously low 10 miles per gallon, a 15 gallon (US) gas tank should get you 150 miles of range. That's 30 trips from one edge of the map to the other. Solution? I have made my own mod collection of tweaks and stuff that I call "Xtended Wasteland" (so it loads after The Wasteland does). It makes my game fit more into my idea of a proper 7 Days to Fallout. Now that The Wasteland has been updated for A20, rather than bug him to make changes I'd like, I'm updating Xtended Wasteland to do it. If this 60 year old dinosaur can teach himself how to do XML/Xpath modding, I think most folks can. And I have found that Bdubyah (and most of the rest of the modding community like KhaineGB, Guppycur, magejosh, et al) to have been incredibly helpful at pointing to where I should be looking for errors in my code, with advice on how to make changes and tweaks, and answering questions. If you want to make the effort to do your own edits, I think you will get the same kind of encouragement and support I have received. 👍 🖖 😊
  4. We all get to have our pet peeves. I won't make fun of your peeve about the shotgun reloading. And you won't make fun of my pet peeve that in a city or town full of zombies, there should be bicycles just laying around to pick up and use. In garages. On sidewalks. Parked all over schools and in front of libraries...
  5. Uhhhh, looks like a mole rat to me... 👍 Outstanding stuff here!
  6. I figured. The Capitol Wasteland will have to be a Nitro or KG map, then. 👍
  7. I have an 8k height map (16 bit greyscale) of the Washington, DC area. But my Google-fu has failed me! All of my searches for importing a height map in 7DtD take me to stuff about Nitrogen and KingGen. I've already used both of those to generate maps based on that DC height map. I'd like to see what the RWG does with populating the map. Is there a way to import the height map to use with the RWG? (And yes, I know about importing CompoPack and other prefabs into the RWG list...) And if so, how? Thanks!
  8. Two words: Hobo Stew. 'Nuff said.
  9. looks over at Nexus Mods at the games with the most mods... 7D2D is in the top 25 games sorted by number of mod files. Even if it isn't the 100k+ mods between Oldrim and Skyrim: The Next Generation (that's Special Edition for anyone who doesn't hold a legit nerd card), that 1.2K is a HEALTHY, happy customer base for a game that is still in Alpha for what? Almost eight years now. Mods aren't taking anything away from Bethesda, or their money stream. Another Bethesda monster game series that was healthy and happy is the Fallout franchise, with something approaching 75k mods between FO3, New Vegas, and FO4. We won't count the less than 1k mods for that abomination that is F76, it hasn't cracked the top 30 mod count on Nexus... We have gotten a "sequel" to 7 Days every 6 - 8 - 12 months when a new alpha drops and breaks all our save games! 🤣 When I consider the cost of the game, and that I've got almost 5k hours logged in this game, it's the best bang for my gaming dollar I have ever spent. Once the game goes gold? You can bet I'll be lined up to see if they give us Dragonborn, or Nuka-World quality DLC. And I look forward to getting modding tools like LOOT, Wrye Bash, TESVEdit and more. Because yeah, I love the game that much. I'm learning how to mod the game myself. Sequels? Abso-fraggin-lutely! I started with Morrowind. Got Oblivion. Then Skyrim. Fallout 3, New Vegas, Fallout 4. Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2, and if Gabe Newell wasn't flat out phobic about putting out a third in a series, I'd have Half-Life 3. (edit to add: I'm scared that Bethesda is going to do to TES 6 what they did to F76... Gawd what a FUBAR!) 7D2D? Hell yeah, I'll get a sequel game too!
  10. I think I have the XML code here... <property name="cognitaveDissonance" value="true"/> <effect_group> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="PlugEars" target="self"/> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="ImNotListening" target="self"/> <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="RefuseToResearchWhatHappenedWithTelltale" target="self" /> </effect_group> Does that look right to y'all?
  11. I was experiencing a similar issue with random CTDs (Crash To Desktop) in Alpha 18. Running an Alienware with a GTX 1070 GPU no less. Finally eliminated everything else - I had GeForce Experience running, and it would auto-update drivers and FUBAR my game settings. Uninstalled GeForce experience, reset my settings, no more CTDs. I hope you got things squared away. 👍
  12. ^ THIS ^ Many overhauls incorporate major changes when they update versions, so it is rather common to require a new game. For example, since the first time I played the ZombieDayz overhaul it has undergone 3 updates. And I think I started playing it on a19.3. And each update has required a new game. Fortunately I use Mod Launcher, so I have my earlier alphas available if I want to play the earlier games.
  13. The Traders do NOT sell 7.62mm HP ammo. At all. Ever. Soooo, I looked in the traders.xml file, and found : <trader_item_group name="ammo"> <item name="ammo9mmBulletBall" count="40,150"/> <item name="ammo9mmBulletAP" count="40,150"/> <item name="ammo762mmBulletBall" count="20,100"/> <item name="ammo762mmBulletAP" count="20,100"/> <item name="ammo44MagnumBulletBall" count="15,60" prob="0.5"/> <item name="ammo44MagnumBulletAP" count="15,60" prob="0.5"/> <item name="ammoShotgunShell" count="15,100"/> <item name="ammoShotgunSlug" count="6,25" prob="0.2"/> <item name="ammoRocketHE" count="1,4"/> <item name="ammoRocketFrag" count="1,4"/> <item name="ammoArrowIron" count="20,60"/> <item name="ammoArrowSteelAP" count="20,60"/> <item name="ammoCrossbowBoltIron" count="20,60"/> <item name="ammoCrossbowBoltSteelAP" count="20,60"/> </trader_item_group> There is no line for <item name="ammo762mmBulletHP" count="20,100"/> anywhere in the trader.xml, so the 7.62 hollow point ammo will never appear in their inventory. If this is intentional on the part of TFP, that's fine, but if it was just something missed in the jumble, then here's a chance to correct that. I've already done a mod for my game to put it in the mix of trader ammo.
  14. You can also experience that issue if he has the server visibility set to "Friends Only". A "friend" has to be logged on it for the server to show up on the list.
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