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  1. Just bad luck. 1st workbench I found was working , or maybe i was just super lucky?
  2. If your into Xcom type play you might like https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tresebrothers/cyber-knights its a by the Trese brothers who have a pretty good Dev rep. I have most of their other games and they are all good
  3. If I'm not mining at night I'll usually be crafting mods for my armor and weapons . Then I'll spend some time making ammo and cement. Doing repairs to my base. Cooking up some food for the next day .
  4. Yeah IMO farming was a bit too easy in A17. Im on day 8, and have 10 farm plots going and can build 4 more. Plus you can set up farms at multiple POIs if you want .The real problem is shortage of seed recipes drops if anything.
  5. Yeah the tier 1 POIs usually have some good loot in them. Do the tier 1 trader fetch or clear missions and you'l be swimming in ammo and weapons. I'll usually do them twice. Go to the marker and clear it then reset the POI and do it again. By day 7 I had over 400 9mm , and 200 of Shotgun and 7.62mm.
  6. Don't know why maybe rng but I was having a tough time finding that wrench in my current play through. I spent about 2 days looking for it and finally found it as a quest reward. I even unlocked salvage operations so I could craft it but never had any mechanical parts to build it and the trader wasn't selling any. Its day 7 in my game now and I've found a total of 1 wrench so far from looting multiple kitchens.
  7. Funny cause I feel the same way about A18. I just hated A16 for it grindy, boring game play. I've played more hours into A18 now then all of A16
  8. Also the AC units now drop a radiator also. There is a large chandelier that when harvested with wrench will get you forged steel. Also the non functioning vendor machines will also get you some steel.
  9. We went from level gates to you can have everything by day 7. It's day 7 and I have a forge, cement mixer, workbench and science station in my base . I don't know if that's good or bad?
  10. You can change what drops when you die in settings. You can have nothing, everything, backpack,toolbelt drop settings. So you can set it to what you like. I usually do backpack, but had a couple disappear when dropped so until they fix that I'm sticking to nothing
  11. I've always done 90 min days since I never seem to have enough time to do anything before it turns to night. Usually I'll explore, do quests during the day. At night I will craft, or mine or reorganize my resources, depending on my needs.
  12. You can use 6 engines per generator bank. So if your running a large base you might need 2 or 3 generators banks or more. Still engine drops are a lot higher then I've seen in any alpha
  13. It shoots from the hip. If you right click you get to place it out into the world as a stationary turret. I\m using mag extender and the rad debuff mod in it atm at level 5 it gives me about 200 rounds
  14. Did a basic small bunker for Day 28. I stuck 4 blade traps and 8 electric fences between two concrete walls. Electrocuted myself but otherwise was pretty good. Managed to live without taking too much damage
  15. Yes, totally agree with you. There were so many skills in LBD that you could never raise easily. So it lead to spam craft or doing the things you say. I remember running around slashing the ground constantly to raise raise my blade skill. The only ones that really felt okay were construction and gun/blunt weapon types since you used them a lot. I'm so glad TFP got rid of that system it just felt grindy to me. Now I just do what I want in the game.
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