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    Mod List

    Hi, first i can only many thnx, for all the ppols work here, the 2th, is, will this the place to look for te A19 section to?
  2. Con Agni


    Thnx for your feedback, i surly will try this out =)
  3. Con Agni

    Farming Expansion 1.1

    Cant wait to be updated, to a18 =)
  4. Con Agni

    Mod List

    cant w8 to see the a 18 updated mods =)
  5. I do totaly undestand, i got the same, and i can only say, i do thank you, for your hard work!
  6. Con Agni

    Car Respawning

    IM glad for your work!
  7. Thnx for the info, the updete!
  8. I humbly ask, will this mod pack updated for a18?
  9. Con Agni


    Hi! 1st of all, thank you good sir, for your hard work! 2th. Its is possible to only get the blueprint somehow? it seems realy nice, but atm i realy try to "play with vanila", but this seems realy realy nice, i hope it is "just" a new block, and easy to get it. I wait for your reply Dear Sir, and again, thank you!
  10. Sad, but can undestand. It is possible to ask something as a door to shoot out? (sorry 4 my eng)
  11. Good Sir, i gladly thank ur work!
  12. Thnx, i think i pass - - - Updated - - - So we lost it then, and only the mining remained?
  13. Hi! Maybe tis was asked before, then sorry, but we lost the ability to make gas from the "classic way" (corn+fat+water)?
  14. Hi! I like to ask then, now we got only 1kind of "ground" texture, or this is "just" a hervest effect? The removed soil parts? And the "universal" soil is now used at farming to?
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