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  1. More XP means more perk points means I can actually spend perks points on things for fun rather than required QoL stuff (required QoL stuff for me means at least 7 levels in every single attribute, more in some. Anything that makes harvesting and movement more efficient is required as far as I'm concerned.)
  2. I always build from wood (though I really miss rebar frames.) And my last base I built got me more like 40 levels as opposed to a couple. But it also took me 18 in game days of doing nothing but harvesting and building (along with 2 horde nights). I didn't end up finishing it (I wanted to go higher), but I got kind of bored with that world a week or so after that, since I was basically invulnerable.
  3. I usually run 8, 4 for stone, 2 for iron, 1 for lead, 1 for brass. But I go through lots of cement. In previous alphas I may have dropped some spikes for screamers (solar powered turrets later game), but I haven't had enough time in A20 to know what's really needed for that (though I have found annoyingly frequent screamers while mining...like 5 a night.)
  4. Good to know. Really looking forward to the Lightning release,
  5. I've seen lootable trees, and once a tree that claimed it was cotton.
  6. You did forget their most important acquisitions, though. They bought InXile and (more importantly) Obsidian.
  7. I'd hate having to spend time in the wasteland. It's not that it's hard (it isn't when you're decently geared) but just that's it so ugly. I've admittedly gone there to farm zombie bears (I needed rotten flesh for my farm) but I only spent an hour or so (found 2 Q6 Chainsaws and a Q6 Auger from cars while there. Sadly, I don't use either.)
  8. Hi, still really loving the mod, but there's one thing that sort of bugs me. I don't know what the overhead of adding new recipes is, but it would be really nice to be able to craft class runes for a pretty high price. I'm thinking being able to scrap class runes, and then needing like 5 runes worth of whatever they'd scrap into and 10 omni blood plus whatever else might be appropriate. This is pretty much because I have probably a couple dozen duplicate (beyond the 3 needed to complete the class) class runes, but I've only found one Spell Knight rune (which is one of the classes I was really hoping to use.) Anyway, just a thought. Love the mod, and really appreciate all the work. Edit: Clearly, the game is powered by irony. 2 of the next 3 runes I picked up were not only Spell Knight runes, but were the correct two so I didn't even need to change them.
  9. I know at least in Alpha 19 (I haven't tried in A20) the surface nodes on a map would be different every new game you started on a map (I had a map that I really liked that I used 4-5 times.) Not sure if the underground resources were the same (never bothered to check.)
  10. You forgot coyotes. Which, admittedly, is pretty easy as they're fairly rare. Except the coyote pack I got attacked by today. In the snow biome. Wandering coyote horde, I assume. Wasn't a big deal, but was kind of surprising as I was at least 1 km from the desert. Anyway, I'm on Day 24 (2 hour days) and I've got over 4k meat. Granted, I've been spending basically all my time in the winter biome and keep killing bears/dire wolves/mountain lions so they don't end up chasing me since they're pretty trivial at this point. So yeah, there are lots of animals, but it doesn't bother me. Food isn't really an interesting challenge in any game I've ever encountered. It's usually hard at the start, then either mostly forgettable or just plain tedious (and I'll take forgettable over tedious any day of the week.)
  11. If you'll recall, that's how A16 worked. It kinda sucked for me because in hundreds of hours of A16, I only found the sniper schematic once, and snipers are my favorite weapon in games (I usually roll sniper/assault rifle combo in most games where it's an option.) Anyway...I never really found this to be a horror game, and honestly, I don't really want it to be. I wouldn't have bought it if it were actually a horror game, as I don't care for horror (movies or games). Yeah, the first in game week was a bit spooky/tense, but not really horror. Then again, I can't help but think that I'm a bit of an oddball on this forum, in that I don't even care that this is a zombie game (I've never seen The Walking Dead and have only seen 2 zombie movies - Night of the Living Dead and Zombieland), and truth be told would probably prefer something else (I've been dreaming about a 7DTD-like set in the Remnant: From The Ashes setting on Earth, where you're the head of a Ward and have to collect people with useful skills as well as materials/recipes/etc., build out your base, protect it from Root attacks, etc.) So yeah...no need for more horror. I am a bit annoyed at the nerfed book cases, which is kind of forcing me to do more looting than I really want to (though I haven't been in a POI in about 9 days in my current playthrough...been mining and working on my new base) but other than that I don't feel forced to play a certain way. Granted, I'm not one who ever really used any of the things that have been nerfed over the years (I did do a bedrock base once, but not for horde night, just so I didn't have to deal with screamers.)
  12. I wouldn't necessarily say I want slower loot progression, it was just an idea that popped into my head. Seeing the thread complaining about finding a Q6 steel tool on day 1 and another thread complaining about crafting being pointless, and so on just made me wonder if it was possible to add as an option. I do think it would be interesting to play a game where instead of having Q6 steel tools on Day 20, you wouldn't even see steel tools until Day 100 or something. You'd still be getting schematics and parts, though, so you could make steel tools well before Day 100, hence crafting being "worthwhile" again. I don't know exactly how parts and schematics are tied to loot stage, so you'd probably need to have them uncoupled, or have parts/schematics potentially appearing at lower loot stages if they require higher ones now. Heck, I can even imagine someone wanting to change the modifiers per biome, such that you got loot stage penalties in the forest and had to go to harder biomes to even be at baseline. Just wondered if it was something anyone would be interested in, and if it was possible to maybe do it as a slider (like Khaine's mod that lets you change number of land claim blocks, etc.)
  13. I'm aware of that, but if you read my post, I meant an option similar to XP multiplier and Loot Abundance (hmm...maybe I didn't make that entirely clear.) Basically a multiplier similar to those two that you would set when starting a game (say anywhere from 10% to 500%) so that your loot stage would either be decreased or increased everywhere based on that multiplier.
  14. So, I had this pop into my head tonight, and I'm curious what people would think of this idea. We have multipliers for XP and Loot Abundance, but now that Game Stage and Loot Stage are no longer tied together, we could have a multiplier for Loot Stage. Edit for clarification: What I mean by this is a setting before starting a game similar to the XP and Loot multipliers, such that your Loot Stage would be decreased/increased by the multiplier everywhere. This would help with the complaints I've seen about people getting quality 6 steel tools in the first week, and it could potentially help out with people who think crafting is pointless (when you're not seeing a q6 steel tool until day 150 instead of day 15...that makes crafting your own much more tempting...I'd probably want a q6 crafting mod with this, but that's neither here nor there.) You could also have positive multipliers for people who want to be able to find really good stuff right from the beginning. Obviously, there might have to be some balancing to get this to work decently (parts maybe available earlier? I'm not sure when you start finding them) and something would need to be done about the trader (trader stock/quest rewards dependent on loot stage would be a nice, I think) but I think this would be an interesting and fun option to add into the game. Possibly this could be done through a mod, though I'm not sure if the loot stage calculations are exposed. Anyway, I was just curious what people thought of this. I don't know how much I'd use it personally (though I kind of like the idea of setting the multiplier to something like .1x so that crafting was much better) but I thought it was something that some people would enjoy, and would help with some of the complaints people have had about loot and crafting.
  15. God I loved that game. 43 for 24 more days for me. \ Having started a second playthrough on A20 (stable now versus the initial experimental release) and it really feels like loot has gotten nerfed in the interim. Obviously not a large enough sample size to really know for sure, but I feel like the loot I've gotten so far has been..really bad. Heck, I can't even find a decent number of eggs...I've been living on grilled meat.
  16. This is the one thing that's really bugging me about A20. Finding schematics is such a pain now with every bookshelf (even the old, "good" ones) mostly just giving paper. Yes, I know there are books/schematics in crates now, but they tend to repeat quite often and rarely do I find the ones I'd actually like.
  17. Valmod Overhaul (+ Compo Pack) A16 is my favorite 7D2D ever. I change lots of things, but kind of different every time. I've got over 1000 hours of 7D2D and probably less than 50 of it is vanilla.
  18. It wouldn't be if they were more common and dropped earlier. But I almost never seem to get one before I find a compound bow, and bow parts are so rare that making one is pretty much out of the question. Granted, if I specced into archery earlier, that might be a thing. But Mining/Farming/Stamina come first, always.
  19. The Pill Factory was the first T5 POI I did in A20, and while the loot definitely wasn't worth it, it is a really cool POI. I especially liked that it had a built-in exit in the middle so that you could dump stuff off part way through without having to make your own exit or backtrack. I do think the number of zombies in the last room was a bit excessive, though. I wouldn't have wanted to try it without stealth killing most of them.
  20. When you get down to an elevation of (I think) 3, you can't go any deeper. The stone just makes a chiming sound when you hit it and doesn't take any damage. That's bedrock.
  21. It's certainly frustrating, not only because of blocks that can't be picked up, but also because of all the experience you miss out on. Technically it's cheaper in terms of stone to do wood->cobble->concrete now (because it's only 10 concrete mix per block instead of 20) but you need the extra clay and wood (which admittedly, usually aren't a problem for me) but the time crafting the cobble is kind of nuts. If I look at my last big build in A19, it started with a 65X65 concrete slab as a base. That took 4225 rebar frames and 84,500 concrete mix and I got ~2,000,000 experience from doing all the upgrading. Were I to do that now, I'd need 33,800 wood, 42250 cobblestone and 42250 concrete mix if I wanted to do it from removable blocks. This wouldn't really be a huge problem because I often end up with 100,000+ wood and tons of clay shoved in a box somewhere (one playthrough I had over a million clay stashed in a box from digging sand in the desert) but I feel like I'd need 2-3 workbenches churning out cobblestone 24/7 to actually end up with a usable amount. The rest of the build took a lot more materials (it was ~75 blocks tall) so...I don't know how long it would take to craft all the cobblestone I would need now, but I'm thinking it wouldn't be a short time. I wouldn't want to miss out on all that experience from doing it from straight concrete now, though.
  22. Yeah...I'm using a 120 slot backpack mod (the one I normally use is 78, but it's not updated for A20 yet), and I still had to make a couple trips out of a new T5 (the Pop 'N' Pills Factory) to get everything out. But I admittedly refuse to throw anything away or scrap things that can be smelted directly. Sure I may end up with thousands of things that just sit in a box forever...but you never know when I'll need 1000 empty cans. (And yes, I'm also one of those people who finishes RPGs with an inventory full of consumables because I never use them because I might need them later.)
  23. Actually, for my reward for completing tier 3 of quests, I got a Farm Bundle 03 (or Seed Bundle or whatever it's called) and got 3 plots and 3 seeds out of it, one of which was super corn. Now obviously I'd never harvest that seed before having LotL 3, which to me seems like not great design. Admittedly, I did later find Bob's Boars (haven't raided it yet) but getting to run it repeatedly due to quests seems fairly unlikely, as I don't think I've been sent to the same POI twice for a quest yet and I'm midway through tier 4 and live in a medium sized town (not skyscrapers or anything, but a relatively built up town center.) I guess my real issue is that if you find few of a seed/vegetable (in my case mushrooms and pumpkins) without at least LotL 3, RNG can screw you if you only have a single seed (or even 2) to start with.
  24. This is a particular issue with rare seeds. I've found mushrooms and pumpkins to be pretty rare so far (cotton, goldenrod, chrysanthemum, corn, potatoes, blueberries, aloe and yucca have been plentiful from the wilds/farms/gardens, and obviously coffee is plentiful in POIs), but super corn in particular is in very limited supply, and unless something has changed, you can't find it in loot. If you happen to stumble upon the Boar/Corn POI you can get some there, but unless you're lucky to get a quest there, it's not much and is non-renewable. I'm dealing with it fine, but I specced LotL 3 long before I normally would have because of it. Relying on luck to get your farm to a sustainable size isn't much fun, and the decent recipes all seem to use at least one of corn/mushrooms/potatoes, so if one of those is what you're having problems with, you're kind of in trouble.
  25. There is a trench coat, but honestly, I just ignore it. It doesn't really matter if you get wet unless you're in the snow biome.
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