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  1. No, I just didn't agree with your statement that all bases in A16 were the same, and that they all took forever to repair. Honestly, in A16 I was usually done with cleanup and repair by noon on the day after horde night, so I just feel like you overstated how things were.
  2. That base I posted on the last page was from A16. It had a single shotgun turret on each lane and spikes in the lanes, and could take on horde nights with full rad zombies without needing more than minimal repair (some of the poles on the inside end sometimes took some damage, and obviously the spikes.) So no, it didn't require all that farming of materials and days to repair. It did, admittedly, take about 3 in game weeks to dig out and build (with an augur), but that shouldn't be unheard of for having an essentially unassailable base.
  3. Actually, with 3 (if we assume that A16 was basically 3) it was entirely possible to build a killing corridor base (I know, I did it several times) it was just a lot more work. You basically had to make a 5 wide gap all the way down to bedrock, then line the outside with something to slow the zombies down so they didn't fling themselves off the edge before they realized there was a big hole. You'd still end up with the random zombie down at bedrock, but the vast majority of them would cross bridges you built across the gap. Like so: (Obviously that's not completely finished, btw.) My biggest problem with the AI now is that it's almost impossible not to break it (in the killing corridor sense) unless you just build a boring on the ground, no kill zone type of base (which is hugely inefficient, and nothing to do with tower defense.) I'd like to have to work for my easy kill base again, or go back to those chaotic nights when I'd have to shoot at zombies coming from multiple directions while standing on top of my base (I'd make a game of trying to shoot them all before they got to my walls, but I wasn't always successful...vultures have kind of killed this in the current iteration as it's not longer safe to hang out on top of a base and the zombies seem to spawn closer to the player than they used to.)
  4. I kinda figured that, but you said something to a guy in the Darkness Falls thread asking about a vanilla version of the Anytime, Anywhere mod that he'd be best off playing Romero and disabling the headshots (which is what sent me here in the first place.) I could do something similar, couldn't I?
  5. Just out of curiosity, how likely is it that this is compatible with sorcery? I like the idea of more wandering hordes instead of blood moon (it's just a little tired after 1000 hours), but I really like the stuff from sorcery as well. Thanks in advance for any info.
  6. Steam does nothing with this. In my experience, usually mod authors will list things there mod isn't compatible with (or what files it modifies so you can see if another mod also modifies those same files) but it's far from being an exhaustive list. Dependencies are also up to the mod author to list, and Steam doesn't even bother to force download them, you have to subscribe to them individually and manually. Honestly, Steam Workshop is likely to cause a headache for mod authors because more people who don't have a clue what they're doing will try to combine mods that just aren't compatible and then complain to the mod authors about it. Now it at least requires a minimal level of computer know how to mod, and that weeds out most of the truly stupid people, but make it easy with workshop, and the morons will come out of the woodwork. That's part of the reason things like the Alternate Mod Launcher exists for XCom 2, as it will show dependencies and incompatibilities (though things that it shows as incompatible aren't always actually incompatible.)
  7. I usually land on a flat area or road at the edge of town. I've never landed on a rooftop. And no, having to schlep across terrain that the vehicles can't really deal with in order to get where I'd want to build a runway doesn't sound particularly fun to me. Maybe if there were boats and rivers like you find in Minecraft, where you can get all kinds of places by following rivers or going along the shoreline of the ocean it'd be okay. Basically, to me, not being able to pick up a vehicle (though before I ever set it down I guess it's okay for me to carry it in my pocket?) would just be an annoyance. I'd just make a bunch of extra ones and keep them in the gyrocopter for whenever I wanted to explore a new part of the map.
  8. Honestly, I'd hate that. I often gyrocopter across the map (I use nitrogen/king gen, so I usually have a decent amount of water and mountains to cross between cities), drop my 4X4 to explore a city (since exploring a city in a gyrocopter is awful), and then pick up the 4X4 and gyrocopter back to base when I'm done. I'd have to either make a bunch of 4X4's and drop them in every city, or try to explore from the ground in the gyrocopter. That said, I do build a garage for my 4X4 (well, usually it's more like a tunnel so I don't have to turn around or back it, I can just drive straight through) with drawbridges and automated cameras/pressure plates.
  9. Hello. Since in my last long-term world I ended up with somewhere north of 1 million clay I had no use for from digging up sand in the desert, I was wondering how hard it would be to make the desert ground (not sure what the block is actually called) drop sand and stone like gravel, or possibly just sand (more than it does now, similar to the sand blocks that are piled around some POIs.) Having looked through some modding stuff, I don't think it should be too hard, but I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing. It would be easy enough just to change the blocks.xml, but if I want to make it a modlet, I'm not sure how to tell it via xpath that the drop event I want to change is the one for resourceClayLump.
  10. Hate to tell you this, Roland, but since A17 the always walk does make everything except zombie dogs, zombie bears and living animals always walk, including ferals, radiated, cops (until they reach the charge and explode trigger), and demolishers. It was a change I much appreciated, because I hate running zombies (I'm terrible at FPS games, and am pretty much completely incapable of hitting running enemies unless they are running straight at me.) Honestly, I'd tend to quit A16 games when all the horde night zombies were running, because it made horde night boring for me since all I could do was sit around and let traps kill them. Granted, vultures have made horde night less fun for me from A17 on, because the most fun I'd have on horde nights was sitting on top of my base trying to pick off all the zombies before they got to the walls, but that's neither here nor there.
  11. Yes, but it's not common. Also, there are ways to detect caves that don't involve tremendous amounts of digging to see if caves exist. I just don't think it would be fun to be forced to dig out pillars to bedrock (not that I haven't done that before, but it was by choice, not necessity) on the off chance there might be caves under part of where you want to build your base.
  12. Which is great until people have seemingly randomly collapses of bases they've built. Or we bring back the old issue where blocks would randomly break in 1 specific spot with no apparent reason. Super annoying to place a block on the ground and have it break when you can place blocks for 100 meters in any direction and they're fine. I'd love to have caves back (and the old massive orbs of resources) but if they can't make them somehow stable or not interact with surface SI (as obviously in the real world things are built on top of caves and don't just randomly collapse) they're probably more trouble than they're worth.
  13. Even if you have a complete bridge, if the area you dug the moat around is too big and they come from the wrong side, they'll completely ignore the bridge and just pile into the moat and start beating on the walls. So no large moats, even with bridges, assuming we're talking about horde bases. Big moats work fine for a living base, though it makes repairing the stuff the inevitable screamers/wandering hordes damage a pain.
  14. Pretty sure that it's a vanilla bug. I had it happen to me playing a mostly vanilla game. A search suggested trying to place the block while in Debug Mode, which I tried, but it didn't really work. Eventually it just placed (despite showing up as red) after I tried like 15 or so times to place the block (it was part of my foundation, so it was a pretty important block.). So if you haven't tried to place the block a bunch of times (despite it showing red) try doing that (in Debug Mode if that's an option for you) and hopefully it eventually places.
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