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  1. Until you hit level 100. Health and stamina max out at 200.
  2. Just so you know, I'm playing modded 19.1 so it's possible it's just an old bug or caused by a mod. Nothing I have as a mod should effect that interaction as far as I know, but I don't want you to waste a bunch of time looking for some sort of edge case or something if you works as expected in whatever version you're testing on.
  3. That's the one I made. Driving my 4X4 over it didn't open the drawbridge, but walking across it did. Didn't test the motorcycle...saw something on Reddit after the fact about the 4X4 not working with them because the player sits up high enough that they don't trigger plates or tripwires...maybe that's what happened? Anyway, switched it over to just using motion sensors on both sides, so it works now. Was just really surprised I could drive across trigger plates with the 4X4 without triggering them.
  4. So, it's possible I'm just an idiot, but do vehicles actually not set off trigger plates? I just set up a powered drawbridge with a motion sensor outside and a trigger plate inside, and driving the vehicle across the trigger plate doesn't seem to activate it. It works if I walk across it, so it seems to be working, but driving my 4X4 across it causes no reaction. Are these supposed to work like this, and if so...why?
  5. Really? It would make more sense if the last in line was sending the power, and then the previous banks were replenishing it. Oh well, hopefully I don't need more than one. If it proves to be a problem, I guess I'll just split it up into separate lines.
  6. Hey, my corridor is only 13 blocks long, I don't have room for more...though I guess I could have put another 26 in the ceiling... I just like blade traps and a couple of the blade traps are just set up to keep them away from the sides of the stairs. My gamestage 178 horde barely made it past the first set of dart traps outside of the occasional dog or spider zombie, so it's not like I really need more.
  7. Just curious if it causes issues having multiple battery banks (in series or parallel...if that's possible in game...honestly not sure on that one) in the same circuit. I recall in the old days that having multiple battery banks caused serious lag issues (or at least so I read, I've never actually used one before) and I was wondering if that was still an issue. I'm not even sure if I'll need multiple, but I wanted to set up some solar for my main base, and I'm not sure about the power lasting through the night (I play with 2 hour days, so my nights are 30 minutes.) All I'm lookin
  8. What are you basing this on? I've seen (admittedly in modded POIs) zombies that were in a "sleeping" state suddenly get up and auto-aggro (and I know they auto-aggroed because they were like 30 blocks away and I had max From The Shadows, all the stealth books and was sneaking.) It's not really a big deal as I don't mind auto-aggro rooms so much (though in late game they make me want to carry a firearm which I don't normally do outside of horde night.)
  9. Yeah, I know you can do something like that, I was hoping there was something I was unaware of that would let the bags fall through, but not the zombies. As to the iron...let's just say I'm on my third iron vein and I'm only on day 40 or so....
  10. So, I just massively upgraded my base (from 2 blade traps, 1 electric fence and 4 dart traps to 12 blade traps, 13 electric fences and 52 dart traps) and the only real problem I found on horde night was that I ended up with a massive pile of loot bags between me and the horde, such that I could barely see the shorter zombies, and couldn't see dogs and spider zombies because of the pile. Is there any sort of floor set up I can use (in the future...it would require drilling out way too much steel to reasonable do that this point) such that the loot bags would fall through and the zombies couldn
  11. So...do runes reduce your max spirit even if they're in an item that is in a chest? I stuck a couple Starcaller Runes into a couple turrets, and my max spirit has gone from 784 to 585, but the turrets are in a chest (I'm just planning on using them for horde night.) If that is what is happening, it'd be nice to be able to remove runes or somehow mitigate that (I also have a bunch of runes in a sorcerer armor set in a chest, while I switched to a fire armor set.)
  12. It was a lot of work. You had to dig a trench to bedrock all the way around your base, then line the edges of it several blocks deep with something to slow the zombies down (barbed wire, or, my preference, water) because otherwise they'd run off the edge before figuring out it was an edge. You also needed to have corridors in at least the 4 cardinal directions, since they wouldn't path all the way around. There were still a few that would fling themselves into the depths, but the vast majority of them would cross the bridges you built into your base. Here's one of my bases from
  13. Tower Defense existed at least as early as A16 (and arguably before that.) I made corridor bases almost exclusively in A16, they just required a lot more work to get the zombies to path how you wanted them to.
  14. Ah hah! I saw they could be looted while still alive, but I assumed it was a bug or something that you just couldn't change for some reason. Hmm...gonna have to start carrying a club again (I've been using a blade because clubs didn't seem very appropriate for a mage-type.) Thanks.
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