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  1. Even if you have a complete bridge, if the area you dug the moat around is too big and they come from the wrong side, they'll completely ignore the bridge and just pile into the moat and start beating on the walls. So no large moats, even with bridges, assuming we're talking about horde bases. Big moats work fine for a living base, though it makes repairing the stuff the inevitable screamers/wandering hordes damage a pain.
  2. Pretty sure that it's a vanilla bug. I had it happen to me playing a mostly vanilla game. A search suggested trying to place the block while in Debug Mode, which I tried, but it didn't really work. Eventually it just placed (despite showing up as red) after I tried like 15 or so times to place the block (it was part of my foundation, so it was a pretty important block.). So if you haven't tried to place the block a bunch of times (despite it showing red) try doing that (in Debug Mode if that's an option for you) and hopefully it eventually places.
  3. I gotta be honest, I really, really dislike that dog model, and if/when it's implemented I hope I can find a mod that replaces it. It's not because it's scary or bad or something, it's because it's just depressing. It looks like a burned dog, and just conjures up all kind of images of animal cruelty. I'd much rather have something like the picture Blake_ posted, because that at least looks like natural decay, as opposed to a dog being burned alive.
  4. Dumb question, but since the options for the toolbar and weight aren't available in the menu any longer, is there somewhere in the xml or something that they can be changed? I just really, really find the disappearing toolbar annoying.
  5. Advanced Engineering gives you 50% of the xp from any electric trap kills, including turrets, dart traps, and blade traps.
  6. Yeah, I kinda figured that, was just curious. Your mod sounds really interesting, by the way. Looking forward to seeing it when it's done.
  7. Honestly, I've been thinking of a game that took some elements of Factorio (the pollution/biter system in particular, instead of just timed attacks like 7 Days) combined with the city raiding of 7 Days and it's something I'd really like to play. I'd want to add in recruitable NPCs to help run your base, and it wouldn't have to have anything to do with zombies (honestly, I'd prefer a crash on an alien planet scenario or maybe a Remnant: From The Ashes style post-Apocalypse.)
  8. Just out of curiosity, does this require a custom map, or is it something that can be integrated into RWG?
  9. Actually, since it was in a POI, it was probably a predetermined placement of a cop. There are a couple of the newer POIs that always have cops in them regardless of when you go there. That said, zombie bears, dogs and cops do spawn on day 1 in the Wasteland, from what I've observed, and have since at least alpha 16. It's why I avoid that place like the plague (and generally make maps that don't even have wasteland, because it's just wasted space as far as I'm concerned.)
  10. At 25 seconds or so, a dead chicken goes sliding by. So there is at least one video record of it.
  11. Until you hit level 100. Health and stamina max out at 200.
  12. Just so you know, I'm playing modded 19.1 so it's possible it's just an old bug or caused by a mod. Nothing I have as a mod should effect that interaction as far as I know, but I don't want you to waste a bunch of time looking for some sort of edge case or something if you works as expected in whatever version you're testing on.
  13. That's the one I made. Driving my 4X4 over it didn't open the drawbridge, but walking across it did. Didn't test the motorcycle...saw something on Reddit after the fact about the 4X4 not working with them because the player sits up high enough that they don't trigger plates or tripwires...maybe that's what happened? Anyway, switched it over to just using motion sensors on both sides, so it works now. Was just really surprised I could drive across trigger plates with the 4X4 without triggering them.
  14. So, it's possible I'm just an idiot, but do vehicles actually not set off trigger plates? I just set up a powered drawbridge with a motion sensor outside and a trigger plate inside, and driving the vehicle across the trigger plate doesn't seem to activate it. It works if I walk across it, so it seems to be working, but driving my 4X4 across it causes no reaction. Are these supposed to work like this, and if so...why?
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