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  1. We've noticed my friends and I, that there comes a time in the games which I host when they (who join my game) always end having the same mission rewards later in the progression. (from level 40+ and on). They always get an steel spear level 6, every single time as their reward for completing a Tier 5 mission. We can see this happen for like 15 missions in a row. Is anyone also aware of this buggy issue?
  2. My friend and I were discussing about what seriously could be added to the game: - Color tinctures for vehicules (how annoying it is to get mistaken taking your friend's vehicule instead) - Tier 3 Spikes: Steel Spikes (would require steel bars to craft/upgrade) - Tier 3 Bars: Steel Bars (would require steel bars to craft/upgrade) - Tier 4 Zombies: Mutated Zombies (after regular/tier 1 zombies, then feral/tier 2 zombies, then green-radiated/tier 3 zombies) *Those mutated zombies would have another flashy distinct color, would have a lot more health and would hit a little bit harder than green-radiated zombies) *Around player-level 60-70, green-radiated zombies becomes way easier to kill even at extreme difficulty and then the game get to lacks challenge at this point when it comes to fighting.
  3. For the Alpha 20, please make it so that already learned magazines, books and recipes are displayed on the item icon in the inventory window.
  4. Hey guy, for several maps I've been hosting for playing with friends, I've noticed that other players than me were always getting the same mission rewards items, mission after mission. I'm hosting the map and always get different mission rewards items, but not those who join my map. Howcome is that? Is this a bug or a known issue?
  5. Nope but it could become a little more balanced if they nerf building a bit. Not a big deal but hey, small improvements lead to a better overall balanced gameplay.
  6. My friend and I are late in the game, gear is kind of maxed out and we've got tons of ressources ahead. He's leveling now faster as he's only building stuff and I've got hard time to catch him up in levels since I'm only doing missions and killings. So what's the point now? Should I stop and only build stuff to catch him up since missions and killing gain slower experience than only building. In a varied leveling-styles given map, I still believe building-exp should be nerfed a bit compared to killing zombies.
  7. I find that building in general gives way too much experience points compared to killing zombies. For instance, upgrading a cement block from a frame gives you 480 exp, as much as a zombie kill. My friend and I did a test just to proove the ridiculeness of this, and we found out that we we leveling way faster to only set tons of frames and upgrading them into cement without any specific purpose than going for missions and killing. In this test we only leveled from upgrading cement blocks; no need to kill zombies or do missions. Conclusion: it is killing the purpose of the zombie killing game if you exploit that thing in the game by being selective on what you do in terms of exp gains focused. Now could you please reduce the experience gain from upgrading stuff like that, split 70% at least of the ammount gained.
  8. My friend and I started a game and we play in it together. When he reached around level 69-70, he has been given the special mission that enables Tier 5 missions. I'm currently level 76 and no trader yet has given me that special mission. Thus, I still cannot obtain Tier 5 missions and the higher ones I can get are Tier 4 ones. So what is the problem?
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