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  1. Great! You mean for Alpha 20? The one after the soon to be released Alpha 19? It will be awesome, because I find it so annoying to get mistaken with the wrong vehicule.
  2. Hey I just wanted to suggest that you could introduce color tinctures modifiers for vehicules in the game. How often I have been mistaken and thus entered my friend's vehicule instead of mine because they look the same since we have both the crafted the same type. If you could put different colors for these it would prevent this to happen.
  3. Well then simply put darker radioactive zombies but a tier above.
  4. Please fix these annoying things in the game: - When manually dropping Molotov Cocktails and Timed Charges, instead of dropping as the common brown bag as it should be, they drop as their 3d model and explode themselves in front of us automatically after falling on the ground. This is really annoying when you want to trade them to another player but you cannot without having to bypass this with a coffer deposit and withdrawal. It would be convenient especially when in the middle of action you want to quickly pass them to your ally and must hurry. - When torches and candles are set on a block, if you ever break that block (such as when you are mining for instance), they fall in their 3d model and instantly break and disappear after falling on the ground. They should drop as the common brown bag like most items so that you can grab it back into your inventory instead of wasting them everytime.
  5. Here is a short list of suggestions for things to be added and modified in the game to make it even better: - More tool belt slots for the bottom screen action bar. One or two more slots would more convenient for the general purpose of having so many tools and weapons necessary to be used. - Another tier for zombies. After feral zombies and green zombies, there comes a time in the game where it seems to become too easy when fighting after a certain player level. There should be another tier after green zombies that you could meet after having reach a certain level threshold. The game should keep increasing in difficulty as the game progresses and not stagnate, which otherwise makes it tend towards boredom. ''Red zombies harder than green ones for instance!'' - Prevent the use of vehicules during blood moons (except maybe the motorless bicycle). For some blood moons where you are not properly prepared or simply don't feel like doing it, players should be forced to face it and survive while fighting instead of simply driving the whole night in motor vehicules, thus avoiding everything and not fighting any zombie at all, which kills the purpose of blood moon and a big part of the game itself. ''A strange mist appears during every blood moon, rendering the vehicule motors unable to run on fuel.''
  6. ''7 yards to hit you'' It's my suggestion I give for a most precise title for the game since that's the range zombies reach you when they swing a hit then still hit you even though you ran away before they touch you and although you saw the hit did not reach you at all on your screen. Gives you the feeling they got 7 yards to hit you on melee. Right? Please fix this annoying game mechanic
  7. You can craft up to tier 5, which makes you force searching and looting to find tier 6, which is a good thing for the game to explore the world more than in alpha 17.
  8. I've been playing Alpha 18 for a while and still there is that little annoying thing that my friends and I find again: With less than 15 ping while playing, using the spear weapon at max range, we still from time to time receive zombie melee hits. Thus, this makes it seem like they have arms as long as the spear weapon, which makes it totally ridiculous and frustrating. More over, whenever I fight with fists I sometimes punch them and I don't hit them since I'm too far and they however can reach me with their fists. Non sense. Now could you reduce the zombie melee hit range by one block. We think it would fix the matter. Thanks.
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