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  1. Thank you so much And that would be awesome, the compo pack is so much fun and I totally planned to try and submit as soon as it is perfect (currently in last phase of testing) - I haven't come across anything like my prefab in the game so far so would love for people to play it!
  2. (ALL CODING FOR THIS IS IN THE ATTACHED DOC FOR CONVENIENCE) Hi there I'd like to politely request that the below sleeper groups be added into the next update of the game. I have been building a T5 quest building for weeks (it's rather large and fiddly) and it's finally done! I'd love to be able to share so that others can play my dungeon and experience the 3 sleeper zones that I have created. My prefab is based on the storyline of a survivor taking in other survivors under false pretences of a safe place to live with plenty of rations to survive on - when in reality they are imprisoning these survivors in order to feed his lab experiments. I have created a group for animals (they are enjoying themselves in a giant cave at bedrock), a group for women only (as there are currently plenty of men-only to choose from and my cells in the prefab are separated into men and women) and a group for demolition zombies (there are a handful of them in a trap room). The sleeper groups that I would love for you to consider are: - Animals: chicken, rabbit, coyote, snake, wolf, stag, doe, dire wolf, boar, mountain lion & bear - Women group: Arlene, Marlene, Darlene & Stripper (other women zombies were left out intentionally to set the scene for my prefab's story) - Demolition zombies (why should we only get to fight these fun fellas on a blood moon? ) I really hope you consider including these groups, many thanks in advance - Jessyi @TribeofEnigma If anyone else reading this has suggestions for new sleeper groups feel free to just add in a comment below Entitygroups Extract.txt Gamestages Extract.txt
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