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  1. Unless I am blind, which is fully possible , I don't see anything about you updating the SMXhudBBM. Are you planning to update that? Or should it work as is?
  2. @JaxTeller718 Just wanted to give you a great big thank you... especially for the JaxTeller718_AllZombiesWalk modlet
  3. Did you mean to make it so that it requires Forged Iron to upgrade Iron Bars to Steel Bars? I would have expected it to require Forged Steel to do so... Just a thought after looking at the code you've provided - haven't actually played with it yet.
  4. Looking at the stuff you work on for your mod makes vanilla... lackluster... Great stuff! Hope you the best of luck getting things together and working enough to upload an A17 version as soon as, or shortly after, A17 goes stable (whenever that might be...)
  5. Could you change multiple recipes with one line of code? I want to remove the RNG of needing to find a schematic every time I want to make a mod for my items and was wondering if it is easily done... maybe something like: <remove xpath="/recipes/*/ingredient[contains(@name, 'Schematic')]"/>
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