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    Finishing a degree in Game Design and a gamer since I was 3 starting on the Atari 2600. :3
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    Gaming, Anime, sleep, Anime, Gaming, and a bit of coding.
  1. I get the Hand Sanitizer though it would need to be buffed a bit more and add water but imo I don't think shields would work in 7DtD current state. Besides it would require them to change combat again which I'm not sure they'd want to do again to soon. Not a terrible idea though I think they'd be better off adding an off hand system to fully implement it realistically. 🙂
  2. Now I really want this to be a thing. Personally I really LOVED the hornets and thought they were well done and a good idea. Plus with the new buff system would make them more acceptable for "treating" infections from imo.
  3. So...I MAY or May not have found some mods that might be incredibly similar or ripoffs of a few of your mods via the Nexus. I'll try to add the links here for you Stallion... NOTE: Both of these are Alpha 18 with only one being Alpha 19 Experimental right now A18 Lootable Store Shelving ModLet Lootable Pallets (A19)
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