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    Finishing a degree in Game Design and a gamer since I was 3 starting on the Atari 2600. :3
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    Gaming, Anime, sleep, Anime, Gaming, and a bit of coding.

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  1. I get the Hand Sanitizer though it would need to be buffed a bit more and add water but imo I don't think shields would work in 7DtD current state. Besides it would require them to change combat again which I'm not sure they'd want to do again to soon. Not a terrible idea though I think they'd be better off adding an off hand system to fully implement it realistically. 🙂
  2. Now I really want this to be a thing. Personally I really LOVED the hornets and thought they were well done and a good idea. Plus with the new buff system would make them more acceptable for "treating" infections from imo.
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