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  1. Hi stallionsden, Thanks for all your efforts in making the game so so sweet to play.
  2. Hi stallionsden, just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying all your work on these prefabs! Just arsing around on several worlds waiting for things to go stable/compo update and it occurred to me I don't wanna play in a world without your 'Theme Park' in. Found it once and it was fantastic! Question from a dullard - is there a way to check a new save has certain poi's generated? Have attempted to find out myself but drawn a wee bit of a blank. Soz if this has been covered elsewhere but if you've the time could you point me in the right direction. Ta v.much
  3. All of these are fantastic - any chance though you could make them scrappable as I've found yards of them! Lol
  4. OMG! It works like a charm! Thanks so much - can't believe a true 'legend' has just made lil ol'me's day! Cheers
  5. Hi Sphereii, loving all your work and use 'em all. It's only a small matter but I also love upping Zed spawns plus Barrio's headshot modlet and going on a noggin poppin lark - sadly I think that the transmogrifier negates the modlet. How difficult would it be (if at all) to make them play nice? Cheers
  6. Err...I'd of thought people would have bitten yer hand off for the Quality Effectiveness doohickey! May I place an order please...sounds fab.
  7. Any news on how things are going? Super stoked to give this a spin! Cheers
  8. Still enjoying the mod immensely guys - Great work on updating! Cheers
  9. Upgrading the Advanced Crossbow I think you'll find that the Weapons Bench is what you need for assembling the advanced crossbow including all fire arms. Good luck finding the tool and die set needed for the recipe! So far the gods of RNG have been cruel to me on Day 28!!
  10. Having a blast playing your mod guys. Still on 'brown trouser' alert after 9 days in and run out of fingers counting my ascents to heaven! Just a question regarding the advanced crossbow - is it intentional that it doesn't shoot through metal trussing, wood/scrap frames?
  11. Absolutely loving this mod - it has breathed new life into the game for me. With all the new goodies to collect have you any thoughts on matching the great backpack/mini-bike expansions with a general storage upgrade? Many thanks for all your hard work - Cheers
  12. Oh my Lord, you are a genuine star!! Being a classic hoarder I have tried and tried to get other backpack expansions to work with Valmod to no avail...until now! Many thanks indeed.
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