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  1. I knew it there must be some sort of relation to Londo Mollari!
  2. I captured the best moment from the A20 stream for you. You're welcome.
  3. The so called "Console version re-release" is most likely a scam, probably started by one of many unfortunate individuals who got sick of waiting for a miracle regarding the consolve version update and decided to re-sell used copies of the same old console version game claiming it's an updated version to generate some profit for himself at expense of those other unfortunate console version owners who still may not be aware that there will be no more official updates and there's no official re-release at this point in time either.
  4. Well, I'm not an expert, so I have nothing to add there I'm afraid, but I'd always agree that Kukri is one terrifying weapon, that's for sure and I'm glad they chose that design out of all designs that exist for the purpose of this single machete that is available in the game.
  5. Honestly, just what is Kukri? Don't get me wrong, I already know the answer thanks to playing a lot of different survival games (lol, I know), but I asked intentionally, because I believe that there are still many people who know a machete when they see one, but they don't necessarily know what is Kukri. So I believe that if TFP named the item Kukri instead of Machete, those people who don't know what Kukri is wouldn't bother to craft it. Sure, curiosity and game progress would eventually hand it to them anyway, but for sake of simplicity, it's called by the universal name known to most people, well at least that's my guess which could be wrong.
  6. I believe one year old dev diary thread wouldn't surprise anyone (we had dev diary thread of similar age in the past), so now to make it stand out, more interesting, a whole new record, a whole new game, we need at least two years old dev diary thread with a whole new Alpha, skipping A20 and going directly for A21, because that one will be more interesting anyway and because why not...
  7. Are you sure? Have you checked your closet?
  8. Interesting. Are you one of those who don't want a faster development cycle, by any chance? I mean, no one's putting anyone under pressure here, so we might as well reveal our true feelings, I dare say despite the opposite being usually more popular course of action.
  9. One would think that by now, we all should be reading stories about A21, but I know that one would be probably unpopular in the community for that kind of thinking. 🎶
  10. I was awarded the title "conspiracy theorist" by meganoth just yesterday and you're already trying to steal that title from me? Stop! Clothes have nothing to do with the future implementation of bandits, even though the op states something different. PERIOD.
  11. Stop teasing, and finally tell us which sequel!
  12. You don't understand, probably because you joined in 2020, that's fine, you will eventually find out what does "it feels like a whole new game" mean around these parts.
  13. Here's to 5 more delays. 🥂 😃
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