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  1. mr.devolver

    NPCs DMT Mod

    When YOU start talking about issues that might be hard to solve, I'm getting worried. What are the issues about?
  2. mr.devolver

    NPCs DMT Mod

    @xyth, since you're here, I'd like to ask you how soon do you think we can expect a new version of NPCs DMT mod updated for Alpha 19 after Alpha 19 release?
  3. For some people this is practically saying they will get it on tuesday lol
  4. 1. General consensus is that you shouldn't complain about this or that feature if it can be disabled or modded out. Hey, I don't make the rules lol 2. Since this thread is about people's personal preference, I can share mine regarding XP popups. I simply don't care what shows at the bottom-right corner, because I am focused on the gameplay itself rather than on things that only distract me from whatever I was doing in game. I prefer there to be always an option for everything, but hey that's just me.
  5. First of all, I was not trying to insult in any way, I have no idea where did you get that impression from. Also, I appreciate that you took time to explain thoroughly what this poll isn't about even though that was not the question, neither was it any mystery, but I still haven't found an answer to my question which was: What is the point of such a poll, if all the features are optional?
  6. I can't see how this could be OP in the slightest. OP means that you don't need to do anything and this feature alone can save your @%$*#!. If you by any miracle get this to work in 360 mode, try it with a regular horde with your arms crossed and see if it's really OP or not. I think you would be a little bit more than just frustrated...
  7. This thread is a little bit misleading and a little bit pointless and here's why: 1. Dynamic music can be simply turned off by dragging the music slider all the way down which IS by the way my prefered way most of the time as I am usually listening to political talks in the background as I play, but at the same time, I know that some people do like and do prefer to have dynamic music on in this game. If there was no dynamic music at all, one could hardly enable it, but if it's already in game, disabling it is easy, so even though I would most likely have it turned off myself, I totally support those who wish to have that option on, because I know that their preference doesn't affect mine in this case. With that being said, dynamic music is not forced on everyone despite their personal preference, so what's the point of asking people whether they like that feature or not in the poll? 2. Zombie death clue - XP This is NOT a new feature of Alpha 19, so what's the point of asking people whether they like it or not in the poll? Also, there's a mod that allows you to disable this. While it's not an official feature, it's also not a big deal for those who usually focus more on the gameplay itself rather than how many XP points they earn. Honestly, I always found it ridiculous that some people prefer to hide the amount of XP they earn, but at the same time, they want to see how much more they need to earn to level up their character - kinda defeats the purpose of hiding the XP counter, doesn't it? To each their own I guess, but still, this can be easily disabled with a mod. 3. Zombie death animation Since we're talking about Alpha 19, the way I understood the info disclosed in the dev streams, death animation will be different in Alpha 19 and future versions of the game and possibly they will not always be the same, but more dynamic and I guess that's what everyone would like to see - unless DYNAMIC factor is really what you want developers to remove from this game...
  8. Theoretically, for some people tomorrow could mean couple of hours from now. If you're one of them, realistically, you could consider yourself lucky if they release it couple of hours before the day after tomorrow.
  9. What's the hurry? Alpha 19 will be out tomorrow, Subquake may as well wait for Alpha 20 if it needs to be that way, because everyone will be busy playing Alpha 19 anyway - vanilla or with their favorite mods from Alpha 18.
  10. I suddenly felt like sharing this with you all... 😀
  11. @Fitchkrause Hey dude, if you wanted to post something funny for everyone, including developers to laugh at, you've certainly done a good job, but if you wanted to get some serious point across, you probably shouldn't have made it so funny lol
  12. Devs... Devs never change...
  13. Hey everyone, do you guys remember this famous photo of 3D Realms team with Duke Nukem that was used in the actual Duke Nukem 3D game back in 1996? I would like to see something like that in 7 Days to Die. How about a photo with all TFP members with a zombie sitting there with them somewhere in the middle (maybe the new HD fat momma zombie eating something delicious only a zombie would eat lol), that would be fun!
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