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  1. Decomposing workbench is a special type of zombie who was originally a genetically engineered hybrid between a human and a workbench. Before the apocalypse he founded a movement to support the rights of human workbenches, but when he found out about the affair between his wife who was a clamp and their neighbor, mr. Drill, he was completely devastated. He paid his sister saw to kill mr. Drill as well as his wife and after the deed was done, he had the last request for her and that was to put him out of his misery, so she severed him in two parts. Yes, it was tragic... There's a rumor that when you go around their neighbourhood, you can still hear the screaming sounds of saw and mr. Drill from the day of the murder...
  2. I don't know what being "an experienced player" means to you, but having almost 4000 hours in the game, I usually don't shoot bears with a gun when I absolutely DON'T have to, meaning when they are easily avoided and pose no threat to me. Also, while I usually don't go to face hordes of 15 zeds with 9mm pistol (because I chop them with my steel axe instead), as a long time player I know that restore power quest is a bit new, only introduced in A20 and as such, it will have to go through lots of balancing just like everything else that was once newly added into the game... I guess "fun" is a very subjective term that is interpreted differently by each person. I guess running around ferals with a steel axe during a blood moon horde in HIGASHI PHARMACEUTICAL is nothing for you, but I had a blast and I survived to tell you all about it...
  3. January 13, 2022: Added a new mod: Remove Early Quest Resource Indicators for those who want to experience the game as it once was before it started holding your hand through the early in-game days. Enjoy!
  4. Patience my friend, I said I haven't tested it, but that doesn't mean I can't make it work. I promise this one works! DOWNLOAD HERE.
  5. Lol, this is both funny and sad, sorry to hear that. It feels like the game is kinda trolling you, doesn't it?
  6. ReClass is broken, class descriptions are misleading as they are giving different items than what their description says!
  7. Xyth, I know you've been super busy, but popularity of this mod is through the roof and so is the demand for expansions, just saying... lol
  8. A live companion is a live companion. On the other hand, losing drone wouldn't feel so bad, personal, but if anything bad happened to your dog as your only alive and true loyal friend in the apocalypse, wouldn't it hurt more than losing your own arm?
  9. I haven't tested this, but feel free to try, just to avoid modifying vanilla game files. This should be quests.xml file of your mod: <configs> <remove xpath="/quests/quest/objective/modifier/property[@name='nav_object' and @value='quest_resource']"/> </configs> This will remove the nav_object properties with quest_resource value from all quests, but it looks like it's a part of its own modifier node, so it may require a different treatment, perhaps removal of the whole modifier node if it contains this particular nav_object, we will see, but feel free to test this for now, and let me know how it goes, I can walk you through additional changes when needed.
  10. Omg, I totally forgot about this concept art dog Joel showed us many millennias ago. It's such a cool piece of art! I wonder where did the whole companion plan go. I guess they settled down for drone in the end, but you know, as much as I like robots (especially funny ones such as Codsworth and cute ones such as Curie from Fallout 4), a live companion is a live companion, that can't be replaced by robot. Thankfully, we have NPCMod now. Apparently I am best known as an advocate for this mod but yeah, Xyth DOES plan to bring in some dog pack. I AM personally looking forward to his german shepherd puppy he created for me in previous version and that puppy just may make a return in A20, at least I hope so, because the model exists, but it needs to be updated first, so with that said, I'd like to encourage you to mention this particular topic in the official NPCMod forum page as a little reminder that there is in fact still a big interest in dog companions in the community, thanks!
  11. January 10, 2022: I fixed a problem in Radioharm Hyluck mod due to which the product would never show up in the store. The chance was meant to be small, but not 0% lol. Please reinstall the mod. Added couple of new mods
  12. There is some basic feature for that which seems to be a work in progress feature which may or may not improve in the future. In the meantime, I'm working on a mod that would further enhance your NPCs and really let them stand out from the others in different ways depending on their type, skills, etc. It just takes time and lot of testing and balancing, so stay tuned is all I can tell you at the moment.
  13. Why don't you ask the original author on Nexus though? It clearly wasn't made by Bdubyah, so why are you asking Bdubyah when you should be asking the original author if they would be so kind to update their mod for A20?
  14. Hello community, I'd like to share my first small add-on for this awesome mod. I apologize for delay, the mod and its download link were ready 2 days ago, but if and when it gets published on the main page here is not in my control, so while we wait for it to be added there, here's the basic info and download link. 2-RaiderGurlzPack_Friendly This is an add-on for awesome RaiderGurlzPack from DarkStarDragon. This mod adds friendly versions of Raider Gurlz that are normally hostile, so that when you meet one of the friendly ones, you can hire them to work for you or to be your followers. Please note that for this mod to work, you absolutely NEED to have the base 1-RaiderGurlzPack from DarkStarDragon installed, because my mod relies on its resources, thanks for understanding! Download here.
  15. Instructions unclear joke #956123: Instructions unclear, my game turned into Cyberpunk 2077 clone.
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