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  1. Dude, what kind of advice is this? You're telling him to feed them using a pitchfork, but he said, he can't even place them down in the first place...
  2. You are most likely using newer version of Unity than the game itself, so you might want to check out the output.log to see the exact version. Alternatively check out this guide. It may not point you to the most current version, but at the very least, it's one that was already tested and accepted by the game.
  3. Actually, when you think about it, it's actually a pretty simplistic UI. I kinda like it lol
  4. I love the old UI, but the skill book UI is clearly new and fits very well, good job on that!
  5. Yeah, I guess we are not really going anywhere in this craziness all over the world, so no need to rush, we will be here when it's done. I will certainly avoid cheating. I know it required insane amount of work and effort to make it happen, so I want to enjoy every last bit of it properly.
  6. I was frustrated when I was looking for it, BUT then I realized I could look it up in cheat menu - NOT TO CHEAT, just to see what does it look like, so that I would know what am I supposed to be looking for. It really helped me and then I found it in the farm the proper way. It wasn't easy, but it was fun and I was glad that I resisted and didn't cheat, because I do believe that the point of these quests is to have fun in the first place. Just be patient and pay attention to every detail, examine everything, you will eventually find it.
  7. The spawn system you're working with is pretty tricky and less than ideal. If you're trying to decrease the overall amount of zombies during the day, it doesn't make much sense to have only 1 enemy to spawn with decreased delay between spawns anyway. Instead of that, try to increase the maxcount, but significantly increase spawndelay as well. As a result, you should get higher amount of zombies in one spawn, but overall they will take longer to respawn which will result in much lower amount of spawned zombies during day overall = much easier gameplay during the day, if that's what you're looking for. The line of code does not overwrite anything, it's just there to adjust the settings. ZombiesAll and ZombiesNight are just two separate entity groups that are defined there so that the game can pull random zombies from them at the time it decides which zombies to spawn.
  8. mr.devolver

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Then I guess there is also absolutely no way to limit how many hairs are there on the baker's head?
  9. This is possible on items with <property name="Class" value="OpenBundle"/>, but not with <property name="Class" value="Eat"/>.
  10. An excellent suggestion with just one minor drawback. Bundle itself cannot be eaten.
  11. Well, the item itself does have perkArchery among its tags as well, I just don't think that's really what governs the quality of the item when you craft it, I guess it's there because as a player, you also want to be able to handle the weapon better as you level up the skill that governs it, right? So that tag is in the item itself to make sure the player will handle the weapon better as they level up Archery. In general, working with these values is a lot of guess work and unfortunately, there isn't any real guide book which would explain all the connections, so your guess is as good as mine, it's all just a trial and error. I just know that if you create a new item based on the existing vanilla item, you can't really go wrong as long as you keep the predefined connections like in this case with perkArchery, so you will get some working results fast and you can always experiment with it further once the basic functionality is there and works as expected.
  12. If you're using a custom crafting workstation for this, you may want to replace that in the recipe too like so: <recipe name="gunBowT1IronCrossbow" count="1" craft_area="customCraftingWorkstation" tags="learnable,perkArchery"> <ingredient name="gunBowT1WoodenBowParts" count="4"/> <ingredient name="resourceForgedIron" count="15"/> <ingredient name="resourceDuctTape" count="3"/> <ingredient name="resourceLeather" count="3"/> <ingredient name="resourceWood" count="20"/> <effect_group> <passive_effect name="CraftingIngredientCount" level="2,6" operation="perc_add" value=".5,2.5" tags="gunBowT1WoodenBowParts,resourceForgedIron,resourceDuctTape,resourceLeather,resourceWood"/> </effect_group> </recipe> This is just the original code with only one change: In fact, you could just remove the whole craft_area to make it so that it would be craftable anywhere. Also, see the ? That's where it's connected with the perk Archery which will define the quality of the crafted weapon.
  13. That's still weird though. I mean, the quality of this particular weapon should be affected by perkArchery in progression.xml, that should work regardless of where you actually craft it. If you have perkArchery in the tags of this crossbow in items.xml as well as in the recipes.xml, it should let you craft a higher quality when you level up archery. If it doesn't, chances are that something else is broken.
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