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  1. In their previous post, "Hello" was bold while the rest of the text was normal. Turning a part of the text into bold format is easy. Sometimes it's as easy as clicking the B icon by accident. Removing the formatting to bring everything back to default settings is a bit harder and not quite as intuitive as changing the format for the first time. It took me a while to figure out that the icon which looks kinda like an eraser is there actually to remove formatting. And even that function works on selected text only which is not explained anywhere and so it is quite possible that less experienceed users may have difficulties using formatting functions correctly. Ultimately, for regular posts such as this one, it's best to leave formatting in its default settings, but there's always a chance that users could accidentally change formatting of their posts and then have a hard time trying to fix it. Similar thing happened to Guppy in previous forum system that we had before this new one. A part of his post was in bold just because it was affected by @ tag used to mention someone's user name which made that username bold...
  2. Maybe post that video you mentioned so that we can understand better. I guess you're using google translator? Google translator is not doing a good job as of late. What's your native language? Perhaps some of us speak that language and could communicate with you through private messages in your native language and then translate here to let the others know what's actually happening.
  3. They should make it so that you first have to learn how to read and write, then learn how to draw, in order to learn how to read books that will teach you how to draw maps, then you will need tons of papers and coal for a 0.0000000000000001% chance of successfully drawing your first crude maps and you will fail at doing so most of the time meaning you will need more paper and coal to try again and again until you get better at drawing maps in the first place instead of just wasting the paper and coal.
  4. Use admin smg to remove blocks under them. This will cause that they will lose stability and get destroyed. You can then fix the missing blocks of terrain or any other type of blocks that was removed in the process.
  5. I don't know, but I learned to never underestimate TFP's capabilities to come up with some surprises. 😉
  6. This is a cool idea, but please don't make it so that the current workstations - campfire, forge, etc. will actually be the new top tier. Make them new low tier and as top tier make something new and much cooler, so that we have something new and cool to work towards!
  7. Have you tried to verify the integrity of the game files? Try to do that when you get a chance. Before installing any mods, you need to make sure that your game copy is a clean copy with no errors in itself, meaning that it works properly as it should before any of those mods are installed and then try to add one mod by another to find which one is causing that issue, but since you're using War of Walkers mod which is really an overhaul and as such it's meant to be played alone as it does change a lot of stuff and may be in conflict with other mods that you may want to install along with it, I do suspect that might be the issue here. Sometimes, changing the mod load order makes difference too.
  8. I am all for mods that make this game feel more complete, even if the quality of the new features is limited by the current state of the modability of the game, so I'm always on the lookout for the mods that make sense for me to install.
  9. Um, this never happened to me. I do fall asleep in my chair sometimes, but usually not during playing the game lol
  10. Plot twist: After playing for 1000+ hours, we all became zombies in real life, we just aren't aware of it...
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