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  1. Hey all. I've been away for months. Before I left, it was said that "details about new features are coming". I see I didn't miss anything - details are still coming... lol
  2. This is an understatement of the vanilla format of localization.txt file. This is the same as if you said that you don't need a manual to assemble a chair from the parts, then you throw out some of the parts because you have no idea where they are supposed to go and as soon as you sit on it, it breaks. Going with the simple format is neither easier nor better. Just because it seems to work even if you throw out some part of it doesn't mean that it's better, it just means that you don't understand the purpose of the part that you just threw out and you still might need it later.
  3. It's already there in the rule number 1 with an example. I'm sorry, but I can't think of any better way how to explain it... ... I am aware of the flexibility of the format of this file, but this was meant to be a short guide for beginners to teach the players how to format their first basic localization.txt file and how to make one quickly with as few errors as possible. The reason why I'm encouraging them to stick with the vanilla format is simply that there's always an example in vanilla localization.txt file, so if they ever get stuck, they could simply chec
  4. You know, some of the properties are pretty tricky. This item is not added to the trader's stock, it's not set to be sellable to trader either which means there's no point for it to have any value in the first place. On the other hand, it's weird that vanilla game (assuming you have no other mods installed?) would complain about these values set to zero if it doesn't need to process them in the first place, so do you have any other mods installed by any chance? Maybe there's some sort of conflict there. I guess if I just removed these values altogether it should work, assuming the game doesn't
  5. Hey, thanks for report! I was unable to reproduce this problem on a clean game copy with only this mod installed. Could you please describe in detail how to reproduce this bug? Thanks in advance.
  6. This might be about a product called Boni-Whip. It's said that even on very low frequencies the Boni-Whip produces very good reception results... For anyone wondering, we're talking about active wideband antenna 20kHz - 300MHz...
  7. Wrong section. Don't know if this is intended.
  8. @Subquake, congrats on the release! Good job. This is the very first time I tried Undead Legacy (I never played it in previous Alphas). I've been playing it for hours now and it's cool. Kinda feels like old Alphas, except with some new, advanced features and modern look. The gameplay isn't as easy as vanilla, but I think it's reasonably challenging, not too challenging like some other overhauls with absurdly crazy difficulty lol. I feel like it's more or less what most of us average players expect from the game and I like it. If you ever added NPC survivors and some story, that wou
  9. Guys, we heard a man of his word. Roland is the first volunteer...
  10. This is explained in OP: Your original table didn't work, because the body of the table didn't match the header. It's really that simple, I can't really think of any other way to explain it to you... Again, it's a table with columns and rows, so naturally the body of the table must match the header, not only in sense of the meaning of individual entries, but also in number of entries. The latter is done using commas which are there to let the game know that it's a new entry in the table. If you need to use a comma inside the entry, you have to mark the start and end
  11. Dude, what kind of advice is this? You're telling him to feed them using a pitchfork, but he said, he can't even place them down in the first place...
  12. You are most likely using newer version of Unity than the game itself, so you might want to check out the output.log to see the exact version. Alternatively check out this guide. It may not point you to the most current version, but at the very least, it's one that was already tested and accepted by the game.
  13. Actually, when you think about it, it's actually a pretty simplistic UI. I kinda like it lol
  14. I love the old UI, but the skill book UI is clearly new and fits very well, good job on that!
  15. Yeah, I guess we are not really going anywhere in this craziness all over the world, so no need to rush, we will be here when it's done. I will certainly avoid cheating. I know it required insane amount of work and effort to make it happen, so I want to enjoy every last bit of it properly.
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