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  1. Uhs you get 3x the zombies on horde night. 8zs PER PLAYER, menas 1 player gets 8, 3 get 24.... maths. The only time MP becomes an advantage in that regard is if the 300 limit is still in place and you "finish" a horde night early, which only happens the first couple if any. Sorry we are partied, we are allied. We've NEVER, not once gotten a trader reward for another player's quest. Are you using a mod? Yes it is, because you actually get less food available in range the more people join. This is a prefect illustration as to why you don't get 3x the loot. You get the same mount "less" ammo and other things because of the 30 day respawn loot radius. to triple the looting done, you have loot outside the SP loot radius, which is a very much larger circle and far more travel time. yes you do. I guess we'll have to disagree on that one since you don't explain. What I said was correct. If you are single player and get 8 zombies attacking and can handle 7 and you let one through to beat on your wall, then 3 players get 24, if you can each handle 7 before getting to your wall, you get 3 beating on your wall, but because of gamestage those three are stronger, and they get the bonus. Don't get this. *zombies per player means 8 active zombies per player playing. there is no "reaching the Zs per player limit on a horde night". *sigh* Yes, just as I have read your nonsense above. No idea what you mean by playing as an egoist, or how that would apply. Perhaps actually saying what you mean. You do have to loot more loot drops get a full set of L6 armor for each player. I can play in a group. I just don't think that you can possibly loot 3x the "stuff" with 3 players. You can't. Fact. Just fact. Since that was the premise of the argument it seems like you are just being a douche and looking to be condescending. There are losses to playing with other people unless you are a hive mind, there are losses due to loot distance from base, there are losses. So it's still my opinion that horde night is good enough
  2. He meant at the stage the game is at... 18.4, the stage of development. It wasn't that hard to figure out.
  3. Can someone who edits their spawning Xml outline what they change that they have been found to be good settings?
  4. The perks tell you what you can build. For axes, shovels and pickaxe it is miner. Wrenches I believe is salvage expert. Forget what auger is. Might be miner as well.
  5. Sure... using a mod that makes the backpack larger is absolutely cheating. it's not in the game. Turrets are in the game... yet you think using Junk turrets is cheating... please.
  6. Clearly cheating, no question. The game intention is not to endlessly reset quests by logging in and out. Just use creative mode to cheat in the books you want. It's no different than resetting the quest to get the books you want.
  7. I eat up at base You can eat + 50 over your stomach, so I don' t carry food with me. If i get food poisoning at base, i just eat to recover before leaving. In the wild it's just cans to eat for the tin can.
  8. Uh yeah. Don't be a tool. Using a weapon as it is intended by the game is not "cheating". Even using that word makes your post ridiculous. Turrets for someone without firearms (all intelligence for the science skills) are necessary. Stun batons are not great weapons. Sure, turrets are cheese, but no running zombies is not at all cheese.
  9. Thanks. I looked on Nexus but didn't find it except coupled with a bigger backpack which is just cheating. Can't wait to try it.
  10. No... you deal with THREE demolishers together.... not 1, 3.You already get 3X the ZOMBIES in a blood moon. Now you get 3 time the zombies PLUS they are stronger, and now if two people EVER shoot the same zombie when one bullet would do you have just LOST ground on horde night. PLUS you can't build a base with 3x the traps or 3x as big, you just can't, assuming you want to play together and not in three separate horde bases.. Other posts here have used similar faulty math. Quests? Quests are SLOWER in MP than in single. In single you go do you do a quest. In multiplayer you only get 3x the quests if you do them all alone. If you do them to gather and EACH drive to EACH quest to help each other out and actually play together it takes longer. It's less efficient to play together, but that's why we play together... to actually play together. Someone mentioned stacking your stackables in a chest to synergize and carry more home... but somehow forgot the time invovled to do that. If you want to loot the surrounding area for food you have to loot an area 5 or 6 times the size to get triple the food and gear. not 3x the size, 5 or 6x the size. People don't seem to get how to calculate the area of a circle around your base. A base? If you use say a killing corridor in single player you can't make one 3x as long in multiplayer as the entrance would be too far away. So your base is necessarily smaller with less traps. You do get 3x the weapons shooting at 3x the zombies, so that's a wash, but any time a zombie beats on your wall THREE stronger zombies will now beat on your wall, and 3 zombies do MORE than triple the damage of one zombie because the adjacent zombie bonus (plus being irradiated due to higher game-stage).. Want to surround you base with 5 deep wood spikes on day 7? With three people you have triple the zombies. That means you need 15 deep spikes (since the zombies will come down single file on the area that's been cleared). surround your base 15 deep is like 8 or 9 TIMES the spikes as 5 deep, not 3x as many. Someone said better gear? only slightly. You have to loot triple the places to get enough gear for all of you, especially good armor. One person in low armor is still a weakest link. You do get some synergy in that you have more weapon options when you have a lvl 6 weapon, but again, it takes much longer to loot triple the place with three people.Your duplicate books do go to another player so that's a slight advantage. You also loose a ton of loot time to talking. Unless you never do much together and never talk about base setup, storage, horde base design, who's doing what, and you are seemless, you have lost looting and quest time to that. So again, not triple the resources. The real advantage MP has over single really is you can split up SOME stats. Again not 100% unless there is NO overlap. So if everyone gets cardio and healing, and a couple get lucky looter, etc. Sure this is there are that is an advantage. You tend to get more science skills and that's not nothing, but even the extra forging savings doesn't boost you back up that high and better barter, while good early, well eventually you have more dukes than you need, still it helps early. But double the Gamestage and then some seems a bit high. I would think the default calculation would be less than that and then people could increase other game settings it if they thought it was too easy.
  11. I would kill for the dump all to container and dump matching to container... I've looked everywhere. Where are those mods?
  12. Ouch. That's terrible 3 people is not that large an advantage over one. There are triple the baddies already and you are all in the same base. The game stage should be averaged and maybe bumped a tiny bit... That would mean my Party game stage on Day 63 is 682 and solo at day 100 is 297. No wonder the game got so much harder by adding people. I can't believe being in a party makes it harder than not being in a party. That means if we don't party up for horde night the game stage would calculate separately for each us so we'd have 8 zombies coming at me at gamestage 176, 8 at 140 and 6 more at 140? Why does partying pump the game stage so much? Solo day 100 I can take 24 zombies MUCH easier than 3 of us can take 24 zombies at day 63. 3 players gives you not even twice the "stuff" as 1 player. Having twice the stuff doesn't let you make a base that kills twice the zombies, yet you have triple the zombies, and they are much stronger than if you were alone. I don't understand that at all.
  13. 1) Color your cars. I play MP only and coloring our bikes would be great. 2) Blade traps more durable. I don't mind repairing them after every horde but they can't survive even one cop burst so they are always all dead, every horde. It's not like you can protect them and have them damage the bad guys the same time. way more HP and more steel to repair is no problem, i just hate having to rewire every single horde. 3) Mining density. I posted his over on Steam but figured I'd include it. I think there should be a lot less ore in the world. It's everywhere, i mean you can't walk 20 feet without bumping into an ore stone. I think there should be 1/3 the ore but each ore block should take 3x as long to destroy and yield 3x the resources. So just smaller areas and denser. Digging massive canyons in the ground in a single night and having it everywhere seems like overkill. Much rather have smaller lodes you have to discover, but spend just as long to harvest. 3a) Toggle for pick swing. Holding that key down all night is tiring. Probably could do it with a macro but I have an old keyboard. 4) Wish wires only appeared when the wiring tool was active. they kinda look ugly wired around the base and using nodes to "clean them up" is such a disadvantage as the nodes use power and can be destroyed really easily. 5) Right angle Iron bars, so you can really build a cage of bars or a decent railing. Catwalks have corners but not Iron or wood bars. 5) Less loot. I know you can turn down the loot percentage but I feel like that would turn down your chances of getting level 6 gear. I like the rate of level 6 gear, but by the time you get the level six gear you want your main problem is where to store all the crap you have. I guess you can sell it all to the trader, but it just seems like there is so much stuff in the world (and we play with no loot re-spawn ever). 6) more books from the trader. Again we play with no re-spawn , so only one shot at crack a books. It's really hard to complete the set of books you want. while getting 3 or 4 sets of the ones you don't. I think books should be way more expensive then they are, but have much more choice so if you are earning a ton of dukes you can pick and choose to some extent. Or perhaps T5 quests could include crack a book. Which seem to be off limits for trader quests. 7) Decorative pieces store as much as secure chests. I'd love to have the beverage coolers for my food and munitions boxes for ammo and such, but they all store so much less than chests. Not sure why. If they were as large as the chests I would use the different peaceable for different storage which would be great. 8) a pick-axe, that does as well against wood as it does iron. I still carry my stone axe around all game because picking through any door is wood and iron and even a level 6 pick does pathetically little damage to wood. I'd prefer one item to bash through most doors. 9) more quest variety at T5. Only 3 locations in the whole default map you do over and over. Even a normal house would be fine if you pumped in a ton of zombies and placed a "quest chest" somewhere in the POI with good loot. That way any house could be a T5 quest.
  14. I'm confused about how game state works in single and multi. I have a SP game example with game state 297. Hordes are relatively light with half irradiated guys and ZERO demo guys. In my MP game with 3 people, the gamestages of the players are 176, 140, 140. Every horde for the last few hordes (4 or so so that's 4 weeks now) the hordes have included multiple demo guys, more than half a dozen in our last horde. They are mostly irradiated guys as well. I thought MP averaged the Gamestage of players. the 3 player hordes are massively harder than the single player horde even if that is upped to 24 active zombies (since it is 8 a piece in MP). The difference is stark. MP with 3 people is nowhere near 3 times as easy as SP, but it almost seems like MP is ADDING the game-stages together instead of averaging them.
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