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  1. If you play with airdrop markers, you can still head over to the drop. You won't find the box on the ground there, however as soon as you enter the area the airdrop will start coming down from the sky in its parachute. So you just have to wait a minute for it to land. Not sure if this system is intended, but it's at least still possible to get the drops.
  2. Alright, thanks muchly for the answer, Sphereii.
  3. I'm also wondering if we can now use the mod launcher to install A18? There are two entries for "latest_experimental", one that says just that, and one that says "latest_experimental_u52". Which one, if any, should be used for A18?
  4. Hey there, I was wondering if I could get a little help. I have installed Sorcery, together with a bunch of other modlets (no overhaul mods, just lots of small mods). My problem is twofold: 1) I don't seem to be getting any essences at all while chopping trees or mining surface blocks in the burnt biome. Do I need some skill in sorcery/channeling/essence stuff first? I've mined quite a bit and still nothing. I've been wondering if this may have to do with that I run the HDHQ textures. Maybe the blocks that are supposed to give essences have been renamed or something? 2) All the text files for sorcery seems to be placeholder. Is this a localization thing? Thanks in advance for any help. Looking forward to cast some fireballs!
  5. Thanks again for your help! It turned out the mod launcher had never properly installed the HDHQPlantsWind. First I thought it was just me who had forgotten to install it, so I checked the modlet again and clicked "install and close" and the launcher ran through its script and closed the modlet window. But when I checked the "installed modlets" and the file structure, HDHQPlantsWind had never gotten installed! All the other modlets in your collection installed fine, so it seems to be just something with the plants file. EDIT: I just grabbed the Plant-Wind file from the Nexus and now everything works! Thank you for this beautiful mod!
  6. Thanks for such a quick reply and, sorry, I should have provided some more info. Here goes: It's on a new install, new seed, new everything. I basically just installed 17.2 with a bunch of modlets, including yours, through the mod launcher. The vanilla plants I see are in the wild as I literally just started my world. I'm having no NRE or crashes or any such problems, so this is really not a huge deal, except it would have been nice to see your beautiful flower models. I'm completely new to installing modlets, but everything else seems to work just fine. I'm surprised at how easy it was to get all these mods to work together! Still, I wonder if maybe the plant models are getting overwritten by some other mod? Could I alter the load order somehow?
  7. Hey there, loving the mod! I also have some problems with the Chrysathemum, Golderod and Cotton flowers however, specifically that they appear as in vanilla. I do have the farming mods installed (both of them!), so was wondering if that might affect it, or if there's some other issue? Could it be a load order thing? I did see the posts on the last page talking about the flowers and wind, etc, but i'm not sure what to make of it. I'm using the wind flowers modlet, and I can't pick them up with E, and I'm not getting the updated models.
  8. lol we use that seed too and settled smack in the middle of those 9 traders. :D
  9. How much farmland does a water block cover? Just curious so I know how to lay out my farm. Also, the gf and I have been enjoying the heck out of the mod. Thank you!
  10. Air conditioners are the best source I know of. High ratio of mechanical parts, but also all the electrical parts that are also needed in large numbers.
  11. Seconded!! And in general, I love the mod so far! We survived our first night. Some whistling dude who liked fresh air kept watching over our base during the wee hours, kept our entrance free of zombies. Shame he was all pissy when we came out to thank him in the morning, lol.
  12. Are you sure about that? I thought composter worked like the raincatcher and the chicken coops? I.e. they are basically plants?
  13. Can heartily recommend this channel to anyone who is curious about this mod. People are really amazing there, both with being friendly, answering questions about the mod or just goofing around.
  14. Those car-bushes are delicate. Wish you could turn them into car-seeds, lol.
  15. They definately still exist. Just not in every city.
  16. I think he wants to actually disassemble them, as in scrap them, and get something useful back.
  17. Thank you Jax, and team Ravenhearst! You have made this game so enjoyable and full of epic 7d2d moments for me and my girlfriend. Can't wait to get home from work and sink my teeth into this!
  18. Even with this supposedly bugged version 3.0, me and the gf have just had the best 7dtd gaming weekend ever. We LOVE the challenge and the gritty feeling of this mod. It's so nice to be able to get excited for the small victories, and it promises an epic experience in the long run. Again, thank you! :)
  19. You need the green thumb perk as well. Only farmers can invest in it.
  20. +1 on this. Harvested my wheat yesterday and my goodness was that frustrating. Tried crouching while harvesting but that didn't help either. I didn't have any problems planting it though.
  21. This feels like one of the biggest improvements any mod could make. Great news!
  22. Not sure, but I think this one might be done in the "Decorating station". Only did it once and it's a while ago.
  23. You need to craft one. One of the ingredients is a baseball bat, which afaik can only be looted or bought at the trader.
  24. The guy in the plane is getting frustrated with your efforts. Nah sorry, I don't know. I have heard of this problem before, but never had it myself.
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