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  1. If you play with airdrop markers, you can still head over to the drop. You won't find the box on the ground there, however as soon as you enter the area the airdrop will start coming down from the sky in its parachute. So you just have to wait a minute for it to land. Not sure if this system is intended, but it's at least still possible to get the drops.
  2. Fingers crossed for Jax. May it all go well and may you recover well and speedily.
  3. I love those turret ideas. All of them! <3
  4. Just to play the devil's advocate here. Technically you're not getting the nag at the same rate. With 75 out of 100, you have 25 thirst "points" where you're not getting a nag. With 150 out of 200, you have 50 points before you get the nag. That's 50 vs 25 points where you're not getting a nag, all the while thirst increase rate remains the same throughout the game, or perhaps even decreases with certain perks. Not saying the system isn't confusing, but I just wanted to point this out.
  5. I've come across this too, several times, since A18 and it's god awful annoying and something which should really get prioritized for fixing.
  6. Can someone just please answer his question properly?
  7. Great news! Thanks for sharing that, Madmole.
  8. I think it's quite good that they multiplied both harvests and recipe costs for meat by 5. It gives them the ability to put in perks like Master Chef 2, which makes a recipe cost 4 instead of 5. Huntsman perk shows a difference in harvest yield, instead of being rounded down into nothing (as is still pretty much the case with rotten flesh). So no, please don't change meat harvests/recipes back down to 1.
  9. Unless you have random stats on crafting too, of course. Also, I really like the idea of the best items in the game needing BOTH looting and crafting. Loot that legendary component and hand it over to your crafter (or yourself if you're speced as such), and reap the rewards.
  10. I would like for schematics to be scrapped into something much more useful than paper. Say for example each schematic scraps into 1/4 fragment of a book that, if crafted and then read, gives the player 1 skill point. This would make it feel a lot better to find a schematic that you already knew from perking into, and would make looting and finding schematics in general a lot more fun.
  11. I think one aspect that is easy to forget is how a game like this has some responsibility in explaining why you get a certain resource. For sure, that is what the thought was from the beginning? You didn't loot brass. You looted a doorknob - i.e. the game explains to the player that in a post apocalyptic world, door knobs would be a good source of brass. It explains that nice drinkable water comes from something that used to be more disgusting - this explaining the nice water's existance in the world. For iron, the ore was the explanation as to why you would find iron in the wild. It put things in context, in a way that I'd say feels pretty unique for survival games. Lose these aspects, and you start losing the grounding in "realism". And yes, before you say "but zombies!", survival games are based on a certain degree of reality, just with a twist. Zombies, war, aliens, whatever, to spice it up. It doesn't mean the foundation of realism shouldn't be there to anchor it all into something easier for the player to immerse themselves in. Sorry, just some rambling thoughts I needed to get out. Probably doesn't make sense to anyone.
  12. I came here ready to say things, but you said them all here, so thank you. This is such a dumb change, all in the name of "streamlining". I'm getting Diablo 3 vs Diablo 2 vibes.
  13. Yes, getting this bug ever since yesterday. That's when we switched over from A18 stable directly to 18.1 b5. Didn't they mention trying to fix the forge bug, where it crafts less than possible everytime? Maybe that bug fix (which, if it actually was attempted, didn't actually fix anything) also caused a regression error with crafting in your hands?
  14. Ever heard that phrase "This game checks all my boxes"? I really don't understand why a game containing an element you don't enjoy bothers you as long as it contains the elements you DO enjoy.
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