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  1. I hope it'll be on their YouTube channel the following day.
  2. Will he have a mouth keyboard and monitor like Steven Hawking, and possibly a rocket-powered wheelchair with a missile turret?
  3. Are those ADA (American With Disabilities Act) compliant sidewalk ramps? Looks like we gotta worry about zombies in wheelchairs now.
  4. There's a probability between 0 and 1 that the delay is due to them adding Dam, Facility, and Runway from Goldeneye.
  5. He threatened to follow me home and kill my dog. So I just put a fake name. Then he peed on me.
  6. Quite frankly, I'd be happy with neutral traders like in MineCraft. The traders will have items you can only get through trading, and even Traitor Joel won't have, and they wonder around slightly. I'd just put a trader in some of the houses and pretend I'm mayor of the town, as if I were playing MineCraft. The all-female stripper bandits sounds like a good idea though. Put them on an island. It'll be the all-female Lord of the Flies movie we never got.
  7. That'll probably be a low-priority item. But I'm sure it bothers the hell out of us OCD people that have a chest for nearly every item and similar chests have to be grouped together.
  8. Guess that's where I went wrong. I thought since the wood pillar was "grounded" the pillar material didn't matter.
  9. I wish metal trusses had greater structural integrity. I wanted I build road signs that you typically see on highways, but you can't cantilever more than 3 blocks. The signs in Navezgane don't look anything like what a real sign would look like.
  10. I guess to avoid the invincible base problem, maybe a mission where you defend a trader in a POI tower-defense style, and then escort him to his invincible base Counter-Strike style? And at the completion of that mission, that trader base is unlocked. And if the mission has already been done once, the game could just have you rescue an NPC instead who isn't the trader if you ever want to repeat the quest.
  11. Passenger should also be able to shoot.
  12. Here is the output file from the day I noticed all the trees in my map were gone. https://pastebin.com/XYtrc2MQ
  13. I have no idea where the game folder is. I found the AppData folder and looked around in the 7DTD folder, but wasn't able to find an output log. I checked good ol' C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86), and it's not in there either.
  14. Does TFP ever take fan-made POIs and add it to their RWG? I imagine the answer is no due to potential frivolous lawsuits.
  15. I logged on today and noticed all the trees in the map are gone. I'm sure other things are missing too. Guess I'll play again when A20 comes out.
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