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  1. I'll chime in on my views of stealth, how it was when I built a character 100% on nightly stealth runs, and now. I think around alpha 16 - 18 I occasionally will build a stealth character when I was a bit late joining my group and their roles (farmer, cook, builder and looter) were assigned - so I made my Stealthy night looter with nightvision goggles, light armoured with bow, knife and silenced pistol. Back then I can solo at night and do melee takedowns and silenced ranged killing with most the zeds in sleep mode. It took a little longer but I wasn't being rushed, hurt and making a lot of noise. Was it OP, I didn't think so - it was simply a different playing method that few players like to play - I would consider it OP if EVERYONE played the meta - but they didn't. Now, stealth doesn't work as well at a point not worth it even if you adapt and memorize the Spawn triggers and back peddle and hide to shake off the zeds hunting you. If that's a balanced way of stealth, wouldn't it be a cheaper investment to go heavy armor and heavy guns - walk in room fire a shot and go to a kill zone and kill the Zeds running in a straight line to you - it's faster. It reminds me the method the people in the Walking Dead do after a year surviving the Zombie Apocalyspe, they just get bored, walk in a house yell and bang on the door and kill whatever zombie pokes it's head out ?
  2. New engineers coming, that's sounds great. I'm happy to describe 50 players online. First I play on SDGamers and their servers are set on 64, although usually 24 - 32 or so play concurrently. And it's vanilla with only an automated server reboot every 6 hours. Why the reboot is mainly the Client to server Desyncing gets bad, and guessing memory leaking (almost like the old ARMA 2 Dayz MOD days kinda desyncs). The servers are Co-OP and players usually set up vending spots and trade openly as well helping out new players. The Admins jump on and play and often build a free-for-all Horde night base out of DEV blocks I assume. If you guys were able to just get 7 days to die running 24 player stable, it would be a huge boon. You be surprised how many players love playing together.
  3. The new changes didn't make farming fun or challenging, just tedious. Just build 10 farm plots per crop, and with 3/3 Living off the Land you can always have a net gain per yield. This is more two steps forward and one step back approach. And are the people complaining that growing crops are OP, the same people actually like growing the crops ? I prefer needing to fertilize every few yields, watering stardew valley style and throw in bug infestation or a drought / disease randomness when you do not attend to fields frequently enough. These suggestions are coming from a player that loves farming in any game. Make farming an important role for a group to respect and rely on the farming player. When I said I was not farming this new run (When a20 went stable and restarted a new world), they gave up trying and ate boiled meat and quested tier2 farm runs for potatoes and corn instead and killed the ever spawning boars.
  4. Both sides of this conversation have valid points; some the Zombie AI pathing was flawed and exploited and some of the blocks also confused zombie AI and was exploiyed. But also smart strategic base and trap building were also negatively affected. If you had a few blades where zed can avoid they just did, metal spike here and not there, they ignored it, demolishers plow through most mid game traps as if they were not there, electrical fences are very effective unless a zed sneezed on it and is goes down. Now you can say, well you build your defenses wrong, sure I'll give you that might be the case for some... but when I jumped on a few Public servers and the majority of bases are large cubes build from a large rock formation with very few traps, you start to wonder...
  5. I stopped placing traps down with zombies avoiding them most of the time and electrical traps are too fragile and don't forget demolishers just F up your spikes like they are not there. It's pretty much a few turrets for things getting too overwhelming and a tower of steel and just shoot a lot of bullets. And the fact if you actually exploit the Zombie AI and have traps actually kill most of them, you have your player friends complain they are not getting their XP... Traps really need an overhaul IMO. Oh, don't forget the zombies serpentine around your mines sometimes and jukes your grenade throws ... at least I swear they do ;(
  6. Finally got onto an Alpha 20 server and rolling with my friends... I make a stealth build to get them mad 1 - 2 kills and .... Zeds notice me most the time, feral sense ... and them scripted always sense you you encounters. It just seems stealth didn't get a pass to adjust to the new scripted encounters and feral sense stuff added ? So I drank a forgettin elixir and made a Heavy armor - Sledgehammering - Machine Gunner and start kicking down doors and screaming my war cry "ZCOM !!". It seems to be the META ?
  7. I find it that OP is offended only with the Boobie trap, but is perfectly find with Munchie Carpet (Not straight bar for women) and Dicks bar (Not Straight bar for men) that are also in the game ? I guess his Daughters would be fine with those two bars ? Again TFP game is Mature and all tongue and cheek adult humor. Oh wait Humor is offensive now, I keep forgetting... hard to keep track of these things.
  8. Leave it in... Tired of games being Homogenized and sterile of any identity. This is the Fun Pimps, things are going to be tongue and cheek funny, with belches and farts and tropes. Stick to your guns TFP. And if that offends someone reading this, you have a right to be offended. Thank you.
  9. Stream Twitch, delete VOD, is what most do these days. I dunno if that works, or that if you are live on twitch and a sensitive viewer reports them still get you in trouble. Even legit ingame music can get you in trouble these days.
  10. It was Telltales games that did the Console version of 7 Days to die, and they went bankrupt. TFP can't do anything about it unless they buy the rights ? Good to check out the facts.
  11. Try turning off OCCLUSION in Video settings and report back if it fixed anything. It was the cause of objects popping in and out of existence for me ?
  12. After a half dozen builds they still haven't fixed the broken texture on the letterman jacket... the little things, you know.
  13. Looks vomit inducing to me. But grats on the ultra wides.
  14. I had two of these computers, 1 floppy, 1 SFD1001 and 2 D9090 hard drives, ran a BBS for 5 years Played games on the other. The best IBM clone out there was a XT with no color and no sound. errr, what was the topic again ? 😛
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