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  1. I love turrets for base defense, I even love the junk turrets... buuuut why must they set of the Landclaim DING noises if they clip any part of your base ?? Can you just remove that and infact remove the block damage from turrets and eveyone be happy ?
  2. I don't have too much problem harvesting crops, and if I damage the farm plot you can just repair it. TFP should revert back to pressing the activate key "E" to harvest the crops as before and have your land claim block prevent from others not in your group to harvest. MUST we always have to use PUNCH mechanics in these survival games.... I always find that mechanic silly. (ARK, RUST, FOREST etc ...)
  3. I haven't tried the brawler build, but I did notice a Perk Book for brawling added that may give back the effectiveness and then some. Plus I've noticed the importance of Beer being a brawler now. Most players ignore the drinks and the new candies and thought they were just ineffective bonuses and never bothered using them. Now if you don't have blackstrap coffee while mining, say good buy to your stanima if you are using Steel tools (If you use an Auger, say hello to a lot of zombie interuptions and goodbye to your hearing).
  4. OP. you have to realize, most people in a group didn't like staying at base and build. And way back when building and upgrading gave next to no XP - the builders were way behind in levels and ruined Horde night for the others that took off murder hoboing Zombies. Now that decent XP is given building that our builders stayed and build and build and enjoyed what they liked doing - you want it taken away. I litterally quit building back a few Alphas... actually refused - there was no XP in it. It's now just where it needs to be.
  5. I voted NO simply because the new loot system takes the LUCK out of it. I know what to expect at level 20,40, and 60 now; and looting at low levels is directed at getting mostly raw resources, ammo and books. If that's what their goalwas , then TFP achieved it ? I really just skipped all the bantering responses here, kind of derailed.
  6. In A20 you will be teleported Naked in the center of the map on all horde nights ! -just wait for it. Or you can get naked and eat glass on horde night and it'll end.
  7. Oddly, 7dtd use to run better for me if I play on a remote server than if I plyed it in SP. Now it's the complete opposite, so I now play SP exclusively until TFP dig a ibt deeper for tweaks to better Multiplayer experience. I find the best comprimise is a low player vanilla servers atm. Now with my new computer, I thought it'll be better maybe in Multiplayer... nope. I still went back to SP and enjoying 144 fps and smooth gameplay on Ultra .... *shrug*
  8. The choice that The Fun Pimps chose for color palette, just doesn't match the theme for a Zombie Post Apocalypse in my OPINION, and it's just an opinion. If anyone can think way back in the early alphas like 5, the grainy, misty and eeriness (chime in echoing zombie baby crying :P) really made it tense and hopeless... and I loved it. Now, it seems like a colorful whimsychire woodland (D3 reference) and the rest with a vibrant bright funland. And I think the Brightness and contrast a bit off enough I think I need to adjust my color temps on my monitor when I start this game, unlike other ga
  9. I have 5000+ hours, it's like 1000 hours per year; what's the big deal, I believe COD players play that at least a year if you add each installment of COD together. Just look at the thousands of hours them SKYRIM players, esp the ones that MOD the crap out of it... just take a look. And don't even get me started of the players that play Minecraft or WOW; probably be exceedingly more hours... If a game goes for years adding more content, it's not surprising. As for this topic, I not much to add other than I hope TFP don't keep "simplifying" the game; I e
  10. Instead of stone age weapons and tools, why not make them Scrap Age ! Yes, make the lowest levels stuff repurposed scrap equivanced weapons and tools ? This way it makes more sense finding around everywhere. The stone axe and wooden club fine for the start but then players need to scrap metal stuff and mine a few iron nodes to move up from there ? This would make more sense than finding stone tech everywhere, but repurposed scrap tools and weapons (melee)... Just a thought.
  11. Plus, when they do show up they are bright unshadowed models as in when I'm in a dark indoors the bolt/arrow is very brightly textured. Now they are indivisible !! 😛
  12. You can't blame TFP for this; they are trying something MOST developers avoid with a ten foot pole. Only a few games to date have successfully attempted it, Rimworld decent, No man sky ... not too many. I'm sure it'll get better as they make more passes at the code ? Most developers just handcraft maps or do a static world with "Tiled" randomness here and there... pretty basic stuff.
  13. This is a nice feature but... The sort button is in 2 different spots between inventory and storage box, needs fix. Plus, it would be nice to add a tag to not move certain things from your inventory so you can move all but "These things". I miss the Inventory bag icon on the left to auto sort... didn't need to disable that. Oh BTW people who have OCD that played with me; yeaaa I was the one that auto sorted your crates. >:)
  14. Sound Volume of Traitor Joels Com announcements closing and opening must be at 200% volume, my eardrums actually popped with my earphones on (Dangerous). Please tone it down. I understand that Augers and Chainsaws are loud IRL, but again these are at 200% volume, it's irritating especially streaming. I get it, the noise suppose to attract zombies, they don't have to attract my neighbours to ! (joke). Vehicle noise also annoyingling loud, and the Jeep cruise speed repeatively loops gratingly like nails on a chalk board. I just wish there was a seperate Volume control
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