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  1. I find it that OP is offended only with the Boobie trap, but is perfectly find with Munchie Carpet (Not straight bar for women) and Dicks bar (Not Straight bar for men) that are also in the game ? I guess his Daughters would be fine with those two bars ? Again TFP game is Mature and all tongue and cheek adult humor. Oh wait Humor is offensive now, I keep forgetting... hard to keep track of these things.
  2. Leave it in... Tired of games being Homogenized and sterile of any identity. This is the Fun Pimps, things are going to be tongue and cheek funny, with belches and farts and tropes. Stick to your guns TFP. And if that offends someone reading this, you have a right to be offended. Thank you.
  3. Stream Twitch, delete VOD, is what most do these days. I dunno if that works, or that if you are live on twitch and a sensitive viewer reports them still get you in trouble. Even legit ingame music can get you in trouble these days.
  4. It was Telltales games that did the Console version of 7 Days to die, and they went bankrupt. TFP can't do anything about it unless they buy the rights ? Good to check out the facts.
  5. Try turning off OCCLUSION in Video settings and report back if it fixed anything. It was the cause of objects popping in and out of existence for me ?
  6. After a half dozen builds they still haven't fixed the broken texture on the letterman jacket... the little things, you know.
  7. Looks vomit inducing to me. But grats on the ultra wides.
  8. I had two of these computers, 1 floppy, 1 SFD1001 and 2 D9090 hard drives, ran a BBS for 5 years Played games on the other. The best IBM clone out there was a XT with no color and no sound. errr, what was the topic again ? 😛
  9. So, with feral sense the instant spawning in front of you zeds do not automatically "see" you and you don't need to fart around waiting for the 20 seconds to lose your "scent" provided you maxed out your stealth ? If that's the case, I might try it with it on.
  10. I love the story... As for feral sense, it makes my stealth build pointless. But I play at warrior with Jog a run settings, no horde night no air drops in Solo. Just feel alone and wandering like most B rated zombie horror where the protagonist starts off alone and somber... Until I meet trader Jen, and then there's hope in the zombie infested world ....
  11. The obvious tweak is the Spear, I think it clunky and weak, a bit of a novelty early game and I never seen anyone of my mates "stick" to it up to Steel spear. Another one is the Shotgun, the range is too short, and the excessive block damage to wood and other weaker materials make swiss cheese out of building clears and damages base defences. IRL a Combat Shotgun effective range is approx 30 meters with buckshot, not 5 blocks (5 meters).
  12. Well, before they removed the tool to test if your computer allowed to run windows 11, I tested my BRAND new computer and it didn't pass. Sooo F Microsoft, I'll stick to Windows 10. Windows 10 good for 2025 I believe, I MIGHT afford a new computer with Win 11 installed then. With the chip shortage and High prices on computer components, seems a bad time to introduce an OS with stark high system requirements ? Am I missing something here ?
  13. In my Solo game I always picked the Fire Station because of the second floor and 2 Garages where I place garage doors there for my Vehicles. I wonder if you can power up the Fire Station to ?
  14. I have 2 stories ... In one early alpha my character spawned in a deep hole, and starved to death punching my way out. Another recent story I just spawned and barely finished my tutorial and dogs got me day 1.
  15. If you are a veteran in this game, then I am an Undead god (5000+ hours). I have Zero issues with stamina. The game makes Stanima in early game an ISSUE for a reason, to make you THINK of ways to deal with it efficiently and find ways to reduced the stamina loss with specific tasks you do. Stamina draining while wearing armor... rank up light or heavy armor perk and add custom fittings; stamina draining using tools... rank up Sexy Tyrannosaurus and add ergonomic handle mod; Running a lot like you are in DayZ... stop sprinting 24/7 pace yourself or rank up Cardio. And a beginner player should always get 1 rank in Master Chef so you can gather Chrysanthemums, eggs and hunt for meat, find a pot then you can make Bacon and eggs and red tea to give you the best eatin' results early on. As for not defending yourself on default game settings in 7 days to die and getting your veteran made defendable base up on day 7, I just don't know what to say to that to be honest ...
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